Description of conditions for obtaining activation and programs from the site

For educational, demonstration, and test accounts, activation is not required.

What is activation?

Activation is the permission for the program to work on a real trading account for which the program is installed. Activation is inherently a license. For educational, demonstration, and test accounts, activation is not required. Activation includes and activates the programs downloaded from the site The activation request occurs once when the program starts requiring activation. Activation is periodically rechecked.

Activation from the site has nothing to do with the activation issued in the market Mql5.

We use the storage of activations in a special database. 

This method of storage helps:


How does the activation work?

When you first start the program that requires activation, the program automatically accesses a special database and requests activation for trading on the real account for which the program is installed.


How to get activation for free?

Activation is possible to get free of charge by trading with our partners of brokers. Activation is issued only for real accounts. Working with brokers on the affiliate program is beneficial both to the software developer and the trader. The trader does not spend money on the purchase of the activation license. For the trader, the activation fee is made by the broker partner.

The payment scheme for activation is very simple, the trader makes a deal and pays the spread or commission according to the trading account of the selected broker. The broker pays for the activation part of the spread. The more income a trader has the more income from a developer.

The developer is directly interested in the success of the trader using the program.
The more the trader earns, the more the developer earns.


How to buy activation?

We strongly recommend using the method of free reception described above. Despite the availability of a free activation opportunity, we leave the opportunity to buy activation.

2 Accounts 4 Accounts 6 Accounts

1 month


Saving 2$

Saving 6$

1 year

Saving 20$

Saving 36$

Saving 200$

2 years

Saving 60$

Saving 132$

Saving 320$

10 years

Экономия 100$

Saving 180$

Saving 440$

The minimum order period is 1 year.
Tariff for 1 month is indicated for demonstration purposes

When ordering activations for more than 10 accounts, individual conditions apply. Details when requesting


Market Mql5

Some programs can be purchased in the Mql5 market directly in the MetaTrader terminal. Before buying the program in the market, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the option of obtaining the activation for free as described above. By purchasing programs through the market you pay one copy of the program according to the rules of market MQL5.

Activation from the site has nothing to do with the activation issued in the market Mql5

The cost of one copy of the program in the Mql5 market can be more than several times the cost of paid activation. Before buying a copy of the program in the Mql5 market, we recommend comparing the cost of activation on our Internet resource.

Why is our paid activation more profitable?


The concept of active and not active trading account ​

Software versions

Main versions of the programs:

Have a type name VR-Name-EN.ex4

Additional versions of the programs:

Version from market Mql5 has a type name VR Name.ex4

Version form CodeBase has a type name VR Name Lite.mq4

Software versions and updates

The product version is indicated by numbers 18.060
18 - Year of program update
06 - Month of program update
0 - Intermediate version of the program in a month 06
Example: Version 17.075 - The program is released-updated in 2017 in July 07 released 5 version.


General issues

Why do you work on the affiliate program?

Because this method allows you to distribute the program free of charge. For the use of programs, a broker-partner pays from a spread, which the trader pays to the broker. The trader does not need to buy anything, activation is paid by the broker himself. There is a direct correlation between the trader's income and the broker's payments for activation. The more the trader earns, the more the broker pays the developer.

I opened an account by instructions, what to do next?

Fill out the feedback form and within a few hours your account will be checked and recorded by the Administrator manually on the activation server. Feedback form.

How I can test the program I like?

All programs work on demo accounts and in the strategy tester without activation.

Do I need to update the program?

Yes, often users find minor flaws, mistakes or make valuable suggestions. Everything is taken into account, corrected, added. This is why you need to check and update the program at least once a month. Also we recommend to visit our forum, there can be useful settings and recommendations of experienced traders.

I have questions, where can I write?

Questions, requests, error messages need to be sent through feedback form or by In the letter, you must specify your account number and the broker's name.

What does the red smile on the right mean?

This means that something is wrong with the activation, try to completely delete the folder App Data Trading-Go and restart the program. In case the smiley remains red write to us through feedback form.


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