VR News - trading on news

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Published: 06.02.2014

Updated: 06.02.2014

Version: 17.100

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VR News - trading on news

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VR News expert Advisor for trading on breakout or for trading on news. VR News allows you to simultaneously place two pending orders BuyStop and SellStop or BuyLimit and SellLimit. Orders placed by the expert Advisor are moved at the specified time interval by the specified number of points. For convenience, the VR News expert Advisor has a graphical control panel that allows you to quickly set pending orders in one click. The panel has additional features: creating a screenshot, going to the current news page, displaying the server time and local time of the Meta Trader terminal.


The program was written for the purpose of trading on the news, but it has proven itself well in tactics for a sharp breakout of the level, when trading on the news, there is a need to quickly place orders and then modify them, while modifying so that the orders would remain at an equal distance from each other. At the moment of a breakout or sharp movement, one of the deferrals is triggered and, if the event is successful, it is transferred to breakeven. If the market does not respond to the news, the expert Advisor will modify orders with the specified time interval at a specified distance from the price. The program works freely in the tester.

Adviser for trading on news

Trading on news Trading on news Trading on news

>Operation algorithm

15-30 minutes before the release of important news, the trader sets BuyStop and SellStop or BuyLimit and SellLimit for a breakout (BuyStop and SellStop) or for a breakout and rebound (BuyLimit and SellLimit), sets the time for changing the order. Orders will change their opening price according to the selected change time via the Av Step parameter. After a large price movement, the adviser will set the stop loss order to break even. It is possible to use other trading strategies.


The adviser does not conduct automatic trading, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


Use the EA when trading on news.


  • StartLot - the Initial lot is used if Risk=0;
  • * Breakeven-Transferring StopLoss to used
  • * BreakevenStep-Minimum profit when converting to used
  • * Distance-Distance for pending orders from the current price
  • LogChart-Displaying trader and adviser logs on the chart
  • Magic-individual adviser number
  • * Slip-Slip

* Dependence on the number of digits after the decimal point. In other words, if a 4-digit Take Profit broker specified 50 points, then a 5-digit broker will have 50*10=500 points
For a 5-digit broker, specify 500 in the settings for a 4-digit 50.



17.100 - First version


Rewrite the program, optimize the code, port it to MT 5

>What's in the archive

The archive contains a file:
VR-News.ex4 - file for MetaTrader 4


Without question.

>Reviews and discussions

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