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Training - how to become a successful trader

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Currently, no one can be surprised by buying and renting a program in the Mql5 market. the number of sold and rented programs increases every day and more and more affordable programs appear on the market. In this manual, we will take a step-by-step look at two ways to purchase programs and errors that may occur during the purchase process.
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Have you ever thought about how often you, without realizing it, are engaged in advertising? How much do you talk good and bad about products and things, how much do you show your car, jacket and shoes on the street.
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Why investors on the Forex market trust millions of dollars to martingale strategies? The strategy does not bring losses and draws a "beautiful" equity curve. Instead of a stop-losses, trader adds new orders, "increasing" the deposit by hundreds of thousands of percent.
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Any trader who uses indicators, scripts, expert advisors in his trading sooner or later asks a question: How do I save settings for programs installed? How not to lose a set of settings? How to transfer settings to another terminal or to the terminal installed on the VPS server?
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Optimization is a search for a set of the trading system parameters, embedded in the  Expert Advisor automated algorithm, which allows the trader to receive maximum profit and minimum risk.  Search is carried out with the help of computer algorithms as accurately and efficiently as possible.
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Pareto principle is one of the most important discoveries for the financial sector. The principle is based on the so called "80/20 rule": 20% of the effort brings 80% of the result and 80% of the effort brings only 20% of the result. Pareto principle is used to assess the effectiveness of a particular activity. If you use it in practice, it becomes clear which resources provide the best result, and which bring virtually no return. It is this principle that brought rich people much of their success.
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Modern trading leans toward complicated market analysis, using nonlinear technical indicators based complex mathematical formulas, elements of econometrics and relying on artificial intelligence.

However, despite the constant expansion of the indicators package pre-installed in  trading terminals, moving averages and other elements of technical analysis, opened a century ago are still out there. The secret of "longevity" is simple – century old tools continue to bring traders money.
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One of the main advantages of MetaTrader 4, the leader among similar platforms used by traders for trading on the Forex market, is the ability to program strategies. Any user who has learned the basics of the mql language can code the system by creating an algorithm for signals issuing or for fully automatic trading (algotrading).
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You probably have already stumbled upon the word FOREX (or Forex) on the Web and heard that one can somehow earn on it. Let's see what the hell is this thing - Forex - and why there is so much fuss about it.
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Lot of manual strategies require analysis of several timeframes before entering a trade: for example daily, 4 hour and hour charts.  If you trade more than one pair, it is simply annoying to change the instrument each time, or tons of charts.
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When trading in the Forex market, there is the issue of protection of their capital from all sorts of risks. In order to reduce the risks of used diversification of the investment portfolio in various financial fields, businesses, assets, etc. Weltrade is one of the companies that offer their services.
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The global crisis of 2020 was quite predictable. And virtually every state has already developed mechanisms to "soften the fall". But the coronavirus had its own way: it forced us to stay at home, closed businesses and borders, brought thousands of businesses to the brink of bankruptcy, and created soaring unemployment around the world.
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In this article, we will consider in detail all the options for obtaining advisers and other programs on the Internet. These methods are very few, but they are very different from each other and in the future will be useful to you. All of us are with you people and came to forex to improve their welfare. We not only trade hands, but also use programs that facilitate our daily monotonous work. Advisers, indicators, scripts - these are the programs that help us in the terminal MetaTrader to profit from financial markets. The main ways to get programs into your trader's hands are just two: paid and free.
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The order network is the principle of trading, in which you prepare to open several orders in advance. Orders can be opened both against a trend, and on a trend, as well as in lateral movement. The volume of orders can go on increase, decrease or can remain invariable for each warrant. The purpose of such a trade can be different, it can be a reduction of losses, it can be building up a position on the trend to extract the maximum profit.

Profitable trading is impossible without a knowledge base. It is important not only to take into account previous experience, but also to constantly follow current trends. Financial markets are rapidly changing, there is more and more information, and new tools for trading and methods of analysis appear.

The list of programs is constantly expanding, and the tools are adapting to the modern market. New knowledge greatly increases the chances of successful trading. What worked well yesterday may be useless today. And without knowledge of current trends and new tools, it is impossible to build a long-term profitable trading system in the financial market. “The one who owns the information owns the world."

Currently, it is very easy to learn to trade, a huge number of Internet resources provide free and paid training in trading on financial markets. It is important not only to learn but also to get up-to-date knowledge and reliable information.

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