5 reasons to become a Partner

09.04.2020 10:59:48 am
5 reasons to become a Partner

Have you ever thought about how often you, without realizing it, are engaged in advertising? How much do you talk good and bad about products and things, how much do you show your car, jacket and shoes on the street. If you are a trader, you probably share screenshots, indicators, your thoughts, analytics and forecasts every day. Every day we tell something new to each other, thereby attracting attention to different things, thus advertising them.

There are other types of advertising: on TV, in the Internet, etc. The effectiveness of these types of advertising decreases every day, the cost increases, and the result is a very irritated audience.

So one of the most effective methods of promotion is exactly what we do with you every day. It can be called “partnership", but much more common is the name “word of mouth".

This article describes the method of earning with zero investments, which does not require any fees, royalties, contributions, deposits, deposits and so on!

What is partnership

Partnership is a mutually beneficial cooperation with a service or enterprise to promote its products or services. Today, thousands of companies, including Amazon, EBay, Aliexpress, Oriflame and Avon promote their services and products via partnership or affiliate programs. Even in social networks there is an opportunity to earn on the affiliate program!

In trading, the affiliate program can be offered by a broker or a dealing center, and the partner is a trader who trades and talks about the broker's services. The affiliate receives a cash reward for attracting new traders, investors and managers. The reward is paid by the broker and it is calculated based on the spread or fees paid by invited traders.

For example: Trader Ivan entered into a partnership agreement with the broker and attracted five new traders to the broker. Each of the new traders in the process of trading placed 10 orders, with the total amount of spread and fees amounted to $100. According to the partnership agreement, Ivan's reward is 50% of the spread amount. Thus Ivan earned 50 dollars. It's very simple, the trader talks about the services of the broker, and the broker pays for the activity of attracted traders.

Who can become a partner

Anyone can earn money by attracting new traders - you do not even need your main occupation to be directly related to the financial markets.

There are, however, several categories of people for whom participation in such program will be particularly successful:

  • Blogers. If you have your own group in social networks or a blog dedicated to the topic of trading, then you can earn by posting information about the broker, trading methods, programs and so on. You can post a link to the broker, and all new traders who used will be affiliated with you.
  • Website and advertising platforms administrators. Your own online resource is a great tool for promoting the service and an effective way to find customers. A few articles reviews, a couple of screenshots from the MetaTrader terminal with programs will help your traders to trade in the financial markets, and you will receive financial rewards.
  • Ordinary traders. It is not necessary to have your own channel or website. You can attract customers in any way that does not contradict the laws and norms of ethics (spam, aggressive marketing, promise or guarantee of profit or fraud are not acceptable). Every trader has friends who trade in the financial market. Any method of receiving traffic can be used: forums, mailing lists, invites in chats and so on. You are not limited in any way.

What are the advantages of partnership

Affilliate activity has a number of important advantages. It does not require much effort, does not take too much time, does not require investments or deep knowledge. You are not doing anything new, you are doing the same things as always: share screenshots, analytics and your best practices. But now you will receive additional income for this.

Multi-level affiliate program

The partner can attract not only new traders, but also attract new affiliatess to work with the broker. They are called sub-partners. The partner who attracted them also receives a reward for the activity of traders invited by sub-partners. The reward is less, but it is the sub-partner who is occupied with attracting traders.

Such a system is nothing new and is very similar to the work of MLM marketing companies such as Oriflame, Avon or AmWay. Our resource - Trading-Go - is a major partner of several brokers, and helps its sub-partners in attracting new traders.

Unlimited income

There are no restrictions on the amount of income. It depends on how successfully you attract traders. One partner can bring in 10 people or less and the other - more than 100. Their income, respectively, will also differ by an order of magnitude. Therefore, it is beneficial to expand your client network as fast as possible.

Passive income

Partnership allows you to earn passively - after a certain stage, the affiliate network will generate income without requiring your participation. The more traders you invite, the higher the income will be in the future. In addition, thanks to the multi-level affiliate program, the network can scale independently, so the income will grow “on its own".

Opportunity to receive income without investments and risks

Affiliate activities do not require any investment at the initial stage. Over time, getting more income, you can investment parts of it in content, blog or website. As for the risks, the only thing you risk is to miss the opportunity to get additional income. Most partners attract only few traders and stick with it. Several referrals can give a monthly income of $ 10, and this is at least paying for the Internet. If there are not 10, but 100 invited traders, then the income can be many times more than your current salary.

How quickly can you make a profit

It all depends on how much effort you put into promoting. With the right approach, for the first month you can reach a passive income of $100 and above. As you gain experience, your income will only increase. The more effort you put in, the more income you will get. Fortunately, the Internet now has a lot of articles, lessons and other materials on working with affiliate programs. Everything can be learned in a short time.

Disadvantages of affiliate programs

The only downside is the opportunity to miss your chance. There are no risks, no great efforts either. You just have to do it.

Sub-partnership with Trading-Go

Our resource is a major partner of several brokers that allow us to attract new partners. That is, singing a partnership agreement with the broker, our sub-partner has full access to our programs, indicators, advisors, scripts. This is a powerful tool in attracting new traders, all traders who are part of the Trading-Go affiliate group, whether directly attracted or attracted by partners, all can use paid programs for free!

Reasons to become our partner

  • On our portal there are hundreds of high-quality programs, indicators, scripts, strategies. By posting reviews, articles and recommendations, you will easily find new traders. You do not need to create anything yourself, learn programming languages or create strategies. Everything is ready, so you can use all these resources in your work.

  • Our programs are expensive, we put a lot of effort and time in them, but for partners and clients of partners, all programs are free.

  • We constantly create new unique programs and updates to the already developed programs. We have our own view of the market, thanks to this, our programs have been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

  • Technical support. We have answers to all questions, we communicate with traders and take all the brunt of technical support on ourselves.

  • The main advantage: we are interested in the success of all traders. This is our main goal - the more a trader earns the more lots he will trade and the greater will be our income and the income of our partners.

How to become a Trading-Go sub-partner

It is enough to make three simple steps:

  • Request the affiliate code from the resource administrator and learn about the terms of the affiliate program.
  • Open a personal account with the broker you will work with.
  • Get started and develop your own affiliate network.
Request for instructions on cooperation to send to   trading-go@trading-go.ru


There are many ways to extract income from the Internet, we have considered one of the less risky and quite profitable. Think at your leisure, just three steps separates you from the first income.


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