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VR Order History

Published: 25.08.2014

Updated: 22.12.2017

Version: 17.120

Downloaded: 494

Views: 3346

Size: 0.15Mb

The script loads all orders, including positions related to deposits and withdrawals from the trading account.

License: Free

Price: 0 $

VR Small Chart a mini chart of a financial instrument

Published: 28.10.2015

Updated: 19.01.2016

Version: 17.100

Downloaded: 151

Views: 1218

Size: 0.18Mb

The indicator for charts of The MetaTrader terminal allows the trader to open charts of any other trading instruments in the main working window.

License: Paid-Free

Price: 0$/10$/30$

VR Atr Pro - determining target levels

Published: 10.02.2014

Updated: 16.09.2020

Version: 20.091

Downloaded: 8569

Views: 20568

Size: 1Mb

The VR ATR Pro indicator is a powerful professional tool for determining target levels on a particular financial instrument. The indicator effectiveness has been proven by thousands of tests on both real and demo accounts. VR ATR Pro is an indicator that works on real data using live real statistics.

License: Paid-Free

Price: 0$/10$/30$

VR Connect

Published: 23.11.2015

Updated: 14.12.2015

Version: 17.100

Downloaded: 617

Views: 2721

Size: 0.18Mb

The VR Connect indicator monitors the connection to the broker if there is no connection, the indicator will notify the trader by email or push message to the smartphone, as well as the indicator can record in a CSV file the time when the connection was interrupted and when the connection was restored

License: Free

Price: 0 $

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