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How to register with a forex broker

If you have already chosen a reliable and profitable forex broker, then you will need to register. As a result, a personal account will be created that allows you to set up work with the market, conduct transactions, start and withdraw funds.


The registration process for different brokers may be slightly different, but in general it is built according to the same algorithm.

On the official website, you will need to find the button "Open an account" or "Register". You can also choose a real or demo account.

калькулятор ордеров и позиций

Next, you need to enter your personal data in special forms.

Providing personal information

Here you will need to enter the basic data:

  • surname;
  • name;
  • phone number;
  • email.

You also need to check the consent to the terms of cooperation box at the bottom of the page.

калькулятор ордеров и позиций

Next, specify the country and city of residence.

For some brokers, you also need to immediately choose the MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading platform. You can change this setting in the future.

It is always better to enter your real full name, phone number, and email address. Even on a demo account. A verified account may be needed in the future to show trading statistics to potential investors. On a live account, the company will ask you to confirm the specified data for a free withdrawal of funds.

If the broker identifies false information, it can block your account.

Email and phone confirmation

After you enter your basic data, the system will ask you to confirm it with a code in an SMS or email. The resulting code will need to be entered in a special field. If you want, you can check the box that you agree to receive newsletters from the company.

After completing the registration, you will receive an automatic email with your username, password, and personal account details. You can use them to log in.

Sometimes, at the registration stage, the broker offers to choose a tariff plan. Keep in mind that it depends on the amount of your deposit. It is better to decide on the appropriate trading conditions before filling out the form, then you do not have to study the information on the go.

Identity verification

This procedure is necessary for the broker to confirm the identity of the client. By law, it should be mandatory for every organization that provides such services.

For successful verification, you need to upload at least 2 scans to the system:

  • passport, for proof of identity;
  • a utility bill to confirm the address.

Some companies can also request a selfie with a passport, a photo of a payment card, and other confirmations. If the broker cooperates with foreign banks, a certified copy of the passport may be required.

калькулятор ордеров и позиций

These measures are necessary to improve the security of your account. In most cases, the information can be checked from one day to a week. We do not recommend that you top up your account before your account is fully approved.

Topping up your account

After verification, you will need to transfer the required amount for trading. If you have doubts about the broker, you can test its terminal on a demo account.

Almost all brokers provide several options for adding funds to your balance. Among them, there will definitely be bank cards, and there may also be electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency.

калькулятор ордеров и позиций

You need to choose the appropriate method of entering money and fill out the forms that will appear in a new window. Usually the money is on the balance instantly, sometimes you need to wait up to several hours.

Some brokers allow you to top up your account with cash right in their office.

As you can see, the procedure is generally quite standard, and if you know how to use a computer and the Internet, then you will not have any difficulties.

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