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What is MQL 5 Market?

Working with the Forex market is becoming more and more automated. Traders connect trading robots to the terminal and get good results, while simultaneously reducing the number of routine actions. You can find such software in the specialized MQL5 Market. The site has a large selection of products, an intuitive clear interface, and customers are guaranteed a high level of security and safety.

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Features of the Market mql5

Market MQL5 is a software store designed for trading on the Forex market. It resembles such well-known platforms as Aliexpress, Google Play, App Store and others.

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You can visit the Market at It is a virtual space uniting thousands of buyers, sellers, professional traders and experienced developers from all over the world. After registering on this platform, you will be able to buy and sell digital products that are designed for working in the financial market.

All software published here is developed specifically for MetaTrader 4 and 5 terminals, which are the most popular Forex trading platform. Approximately 20,000 users download it every month. Using this terminal you can also access the Market and make purchases there. 

In addition, you become a member of a community of people involved in trading and investment. For convenient communication, there is a specialized forum on the site. Everyone here can ask questions or discuss any topics related to financial markets.

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What products are available in the Market

The MQL5 market was originally designed as an international platform where sellers from different countries can offer their products. This approach to project development has provided a huge influx of professional developers. When customers visit the MQL5 website, they get access to a wide range of high quality products. This system allows traders from Russia to quickly find and buy in the Market software created by developers from Poland, Canada, Japan, Turkey, etc.

In Market mql5 you can buy the following types of digital products:

  • Experts. Programs that function as trading advisors. They are able to independently analyze the movement of currency pairs and open/close transactions in the financial market.
  • Indicators. The main function of these programs is to generate a forecast for currency pairs. In order to do this, an indicator analyzes trading volumes and price movements.
  • Tools. Programs that simplify various tasks in the Forex trading process. These are scripts that provide remote copying of transactions between several accounts, graphical strategy builders, which are programs that perform automatic scaling of the chart, etc.
  • Libraries. Libraries allow you to speed up the development of trading applications for the MT4 and MT5 terminals.

Considering that Market mql5 has a large number of offers from sellers from different countries, they can be sorted for the convenience of users. On the left of the screen, there are sections of programs for two separate versions of the terminal. It is also possible to select software for MT4 or MT5 using the central search bar. This interface allows you not to get lost among thousands of offers with different characteristics and prices.

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In all sections you can sort digital products by groups. For example, if you choose "Experts", you will see various options for trading advisors and menus with additional filters.

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In each section, you can select products by category: popular, new, free, paid.

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Products also can be selected by the type of trading strategy:

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Some traders prefer to automate their personal trading flow instead of using ready-made solutions. You can order the development of a program from scratch in the "Freelance" section.

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Here you can place a technical assignment for developers and wait for a reply from a contractor. If there is someone who is ready to accept your order, you can obtain a custom-tailored indicator.

Today Market mql5 is the largest and most reliable platform with proven software for automating Forex trading.

Key advantages

Each user of the MQL5 Market receives the following benefits:

  1. Convenient personal space. Market users have personal spaces, where all the information about your purchases, messages with counterparties, important updates and other data related to transactions is displayed.
  2. Safety. All your payments and funds are protected. The protection is guaranteed by the Market administration.
  3. Synchronization with MetaTrader. The application market is built into the MetaTrader terminal. That is, you can select, install and test the program even before purchasing it.
  4. Large community. Buyers get access to a wide variety of software from top developers. Sellers can simply offer their products to the target audience.
  5. Market mql5 has a lot of free applications, which you can try without charge. But in any case, our moderators do their best so that buyers receive quality products: all software is checked before being published.

Free software

Such software is available in all groups of digital products (advisors, indicators, libraries and utilities). When it comes to Market mql5, “free software” does not necessarily mean "poor quality". You can actually get a good robot or indicator without spending a dime for it. The choice of such programs is also quite large and many of them are available without restrictions on use.

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There are more than 3000 free applications for both versions of the terminal. They are also published after careful check.

Below you can see an example of a free indicator.

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All you need to get it is to click the "Download" button. You also can find feedback about this program, and, if necessary, to discuss it with other users.

Developers allow downloading their product for free for several reasons:

  • Reputation building. To sell indicators and robots at a high price, it is necessary to attract the attention of potential buyers. That is, a developer shares a good product first, as they need to get positive feedback.
  • Demand making. A developer creates a highly-efficient program and makes it free of charge up to a certain number of downloads. When an Expert/Indicator becomes popular, the developer publishes an updated version of the software, but at a favorable price.
  • Testing. A developer needs statistics on the results of real users in order to quickly identify possible disadvantages of his product. They publish the program on the Market and allows downloading it for free. The application performs its basic function, otherwise it would not be allowed for sale. But there may be minor problems in it. Feedback allows to identify existing errors and fix them in a short time.
  • Loyalty to the trading business. There are developers who enjoy Forex trading and develop trading robots and advisors with great enthusiasm. They just like to develop foreign exchange trading segment.
  • Demo version. Demo versions of products are published in order to give traders a chance to try an indicator or advisor. If software has a good quality, users most likely would like to buy the full version. Usually a demo version allow working with only one chart or has a limited set of functions.

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There are reviews and discussions on the pages of free and demo versions of programs. That is, user can choose the best available option quickly enough.

Paid scripts, indicators and advisors

Some users may have questions about why Market mql5 offers programs which have a rather high cost. In fact, the explanation is simple: developers spend a lot of personal time and effort to create working indicators, advisors and various utilities.

The development requires to perform a number of time-consuming tasks, such as:

  • careful study of various trading systems;
  • selection of the most effective algorithm for working with the foreign exchange market;
  • development of a mathematical model to automate the chosen strategy, taking into account possible market changes;
  • testing and bugfixing.

If developers make no profit on their products, then the motivation for continuous improvement will quickly run out. This is also an important feature of Market mql5: it contains the best offers of paid software. Anything that doesn't work correctly or has a low level of efficiency just won't be accepted by the store.

For some programs, the cost can be quite high – $200 or more. Therefore, in many offers there is an opportunity to try a demo version or rent software for a convenient period. Thus, you can use the program for a limited period of time. The longer the service life, the cheaper.

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Not all sellers provide rental for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Sometimes there is a button for annual billing only. Some offers are hosted without a rental function. Therefore, you need to use the appropriate search filter.

Some traders need an expert or an indicator only for a few months of trading. In this case, rental is the perfect choice. Also, some players try an expensive program for a month, actively test it, and if the results are favorable, buy a full version without time limits (green price tag).

Quality of transactions

The market provides a high level of service in terms of purchasing software. On a special page, a maximum of information is published both about the product itself and about the seller.

The "Overview" section contains detailed characteristics of the program and recommendations for its use. On the "What's New' tab there is information about the latest product updates.

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In addition to a detailed description of the program, you can see the statistics, as well as the information about the developer on the left.

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Here you can see the number of demo version downloads. The number of activations indicates how many times the program can be reinstalled after purchase. For example, if this value is 30, then the trading robot can be reinstalled 30 times or installed on 30 different PCs. That is, you buy a copy of the program with the right to multiple activation. By clicking on the author's nickname you can access the developer's page and find their other products.

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As a result, before buying, you can get as much information as possible about the seller and their program.

Transaction security

In addition to checking trading robots before publishing, Market mql5 also allows to view seller's rating. If users are not satisfied with something about the purchased program, they can lower the developer's reputation.

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As you can see on the screenshot, the number of stars is 4.4 out of 5 possible. This indicates a high level of trust in the seller. It's recommended to choose high-rated options. The rating stars can be seen under the product logo.

After choosing the appropriate option, you can see how many times the program was purchased during the month. This figure is next to the rating.

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If there are few purchases, this may mean that the program is either too new or of poor quality. In this case, it is better to wait until more information appears, or simply look for another seller.

Unfair developers can indicate false trade statistics in the review, greatly exaggerating the results. But with a low level of effectiveness of the program, customers who bought it will leave negative feedback and give the minimum rating in the form of stars.

As a result, a bad indicator or script will quickly lose its rating and users will not buy it. Therefore, always pay attention to the feedback, the date of publication and the number of sales per month.

The Market mql5 system imposes rather strict requirements for sellers:

  • Complex registration and verification. The seller must provide a real phone number, contact details and upload a copy of their identity document. All information provided is carefully checked.
  • The product must be safe. Market mql5 does not accept software that imports dll libraries, as such programs can be used by scammers to deceive users. A thorough check is also performed for the harmfulness of the code.

After installation, the purchased program is locked to the current PC with a unique installation code. This means that a scammer will not be able to use it even by obtaining remote access to the purchased trading robot/indicator.

To ensure the security of payments, Market mql5 uses transaction confirmation and a secure connection over SSL protocol.

How to protect yourself from scammers

In addition to unfair sellers, there are people who intend to receive money by deceiving users. Scammers use various platforms, such as AliExpress, Google Play, AppStore and other stores. Sometimes they use the mql5 Market too.

Today all major online stores use their own internal payment algorithms. This is done in order to protect both the seller and the buyer from unnecessary risks. That's why the main scamming method is taking the user out of the trading platform.

For example, scammers may send a link for payment. Such link leads to a fake copy of the store page with the same product description, screenshots and payment buttons. But the site address may contain one extra letter or number. Most likely the user will not pay attention to the additional letter and will proceed with the transaction. But given that the payment was made outside the original store, the database does not record the fact that funds were transferred from the buyer to the seller. As a result, the user loses their money.

To prevent such a situation, we strongly advise not to open any links. If you have been sent and address leading to an external site, you can skip the rest of the text and add the seller to the blacklist immediately. Also, never provide your debit or credit card details.

There are also other signs of scam on the mql5 Market:

  • Guarantee of super high profit. No honest seller will claim that their product will perform perfectly 100% of the time. Such promises and assertive persuasiveness should raise your suspicions. We recommend to ignore such offers.
  • hard selling additional programs. Too assertive persuasion to purchase a product is a sign of dishonesty. To persuade a buyer, scammers may offer additional software as a bonus upon purchase. These are all signs of attempts to cheat.
  • Invite to chat on external services. Conversation is a proof of agreements and promises. It should only be carried through market functions. Any external services are a way to lose money.

If there are signs of fraudulent behavior, moderators should pay attention to the seller.

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How to buy programs on Market mql5 cheaper

In the Market, you can get a program you are interested in at a lower price. The main way to do this is to properly test the application for any flaws.

When a beta (first) version of software is released, good developers aim to improve it as much as possible, in a shortest time possible. They are assisted by beta testers – users who get the program and perform a full test of its functions on a demo account or using a tester. In most cases, they get products from developers absolutely free.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to learn the principles of professional testing of trading robots and advisors for Forex. Experienced developers, focused on long-term cooperation with Market mql5, always want to quickly bring the program to high performance indicators. The better the product, the higher the price. That's why programmers are eager to partner with qualified beta testers.

Another way to get a discount is to rent a program and find a problem in it. A good seller is likely to appreciate such an initiative, because it helps to improve the product.  You can correctly write about the problem in the review and ask for the full version of the indicator or expert at a reduced price.

The mutual benefit principle applies there. If the seller does not agree to provide better conditions, it can be explained that the information about the problem will appear in an honest, but more detailed review. A developer in such a situation has a risk of being banned by the decision of the moderators for selling low-quality software. To avoid such a scenario, they will most likely agree to give a discount.

Since Market mql5 is built into MetaTrader, many programs can be tested in the terminal before purchasing. At this stage it is already possible to discover a problem. And if you failed to install and check the advisor, you can cancel the purchase and get your money back within 7 days.


Taking into account all the advantages of the service and the number of trading products, Market mql5 is rightfully considered the leader in its segment. Here you can find a huge number of programs to improve your trading. There is also an opportunity to examine, test, see and choose what you need. There are no other sites where you can find so many high-quality indicators, libraries, experts and scripts for the MetaTrader terminal.

We also recommend to have a look at our advisors, indicators and scripts. They are also available in the Market, and you can personally check all their statistics and read user reviews, as well as try the software on a demo account or rent it.

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