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How to buy or rent a program for MetaTrader

If you are a forex trader, you may need various auxiliary tools. For example, indicators, trading robots, scripts, and so on. You can buy or rent them on the official MQL5 website, or directly in the MetaTrader terminal.

We can also recommend you to visit our store, where you will find many useful programs for forex trading.

Registration in MQL5

There is not much difference between buying and renting. In both cases, you pay money for the opportunity to use the program you need:

  • When you purchase the software, you get ownership for an unlimited period of time.
  • Renting allows you to download and fully use the trading program for a limited period of time.

To buy indicators, Expert Advisors, and scripts for MetaTrader quickly, you need to create an account on the MQL5 website.

To do this, go to, and in the upper-right part of the page, click the yellow "Create Account" button.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

In the next window, you need to come up with a username, specify your email address and click "Register".

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

You will receive an email containing your account details at the specified email address. Also there you will find the password generated by the system. You will need this data to log in to the created account on the official MQL5 website.

Also, in the email received during registration, there will be a green button "Activate account". You need to click on it to activate your account. After that, you can log in to the site using your username and password.

If necessary, you can go to the profile settings. To do this, click on the white icon in the upper-right corner from the main page.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

Here, the menu has a vertical view and is located on the left side.

How to search for applications for MetaTrader on MQL5

To open the app store on the MQL5 website, click the "Market" button in the top menu.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

In the window that opens, a menu will be displayed on the left side, which allows you to select programs by groups.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

There are two main sections in this menu:

  • MetaTrader 4;
  • MetaTrader 5.

Each of them contains the following tabs:

  • experts;
  • indicators;
  • libraries;
  • utilities.

If you click on any of these tabs, a page with the available programs will appear. Each offer has the form of an image with the price indicated below it. Also, under the pictures of the programs for sale, there is a rating in the form of stars. This allows you to quickly weed out the "weak" options.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

The top menu of this page allows you to sort programs by different characteristics:

  • popular;
  • new;
  • free;
  • paid services.

If necessary, you can enter the name of a specific trading application in the "Market Search" field.

If you need all the programs for MetaTrader 5 or 4, you need to click on the name of the section in the side menu of the site. After clicking on the page, all the software for the selected terminal will be displayed.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

Purchasing and renting a program

To buy a program, you need to click on its image. As a result, a page opens with a detailed description and buttons for buying and renting. The purchase button is highlighted in green, and the renting button is highlighted in orange. The rental period may vary in different applications (from 1 month to 1 year). You can also download the demo version here.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

If you click "Buy", a page opens where you can choose a payment method. The active option is surrounded by a blue border. To switch, just click on another payment system.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

At the bottom there will be lines of two functions that can be activated by checking the box:

  • Save the selected payment method for quick payments.
  • Enable autopayment.

After selecting the appropriate payment option, click "Next". As a result, the payment data entry page opens.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

After filling out the form, click on the " Pay " button. Next, you will need to confirm the action in the selected payment system. When the payment is completed, a message about the successful purchase of the program will be displayed in the working window.


To rent software on MQL5, click on the orange side button with the corresponding name. If you can take the program for different periods, then depending on the duration of the lease, you can get a discount.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

The screenshot shows that the annual rent of the Expert Advisor is 18% cheaper compared to the tariff for 3 months. Individual developers may have significantly different discounts.

Having decided on a suitable option, you need to click on it. As a result, the same page will open as in the case of the purchase, only the term and cost of the lease will be specified.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

Next, act according to the standard scheme:

  • choose a payment system;
  • fill out the payment form;
  • confirm the payment.

To download the purchased software to the terminal, you need to log in to MetaTrader and log in to

Next, you will need to select the "Market" section in the lower menu and click on the "Downloads" tab. There you can see a list of available applications.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

To activate the program, click the "Install" button next to it.

You can also visit our store of indicators, Expert Advisors and scripts. We offer only high-quality software for Forex trading at the best prices.

Purchase via MetaTrader

You can also access the software market directly from the terminal. To do this, open MetaTrader, click on the "Tools" tab and select "Settings".

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

In the window that appears, you will need to click on the "Community" tab, which will open a form for entering your username and password.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

Here you need to enter the registration data that you use to log in to your account on the MQL5 website. This is the authorization in

After logging in via the terminal, in the lower menu of MT4/5, click on the "Market" button. This way you can see the most popular offers from the store. This page can be scrolled down in the terminal.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

To view individual groups of robots, click on the appropriate sections. The names here are the same as in the Market on the official MQL5 website.

To sort programs by popularity, time of addition, or price, you need to hover the mouse over the side filter on the right side.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

If you click on a separate offer, the terminal will load the program page, exactly the same as on the MQL5 website, with the "Buy" and "Rent"buttons. In order not to be distracted by filling out the login form during the purchase of the robot, it is better to log in immediately. Then by clicking on the buy / rent button, you will immediately go to the payment system selection page.

Next, act according to the standard scheme:

  • choose a payment form;
  • fill in the payment data;
  • confirm the payment;
  • receive a message about a successful purchase.

Buy an Expert Advisor in the market

The advantage of purchasing trading robots via MetaTrader is their automatic installation in the "Navigator" section. That is, you will not have to perform any additional actions after the purchase.

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