How much money you can make in the forex market, what factors affect it. And how can you increase your potential profit.

How much money you can make in Forex

Forex is – the largest global financial market. On the one hand, the dynamism of the developing industry attracts many investors, but on the other hand, – its uncertainty and complexity frightens novices. The main difficulty that a novice trader has to face is that no one can give accurate estimates and forecast the amount of expected income.   And this is worsen by the presence of significant risks of losing the deposit.

How much money you can make in Forex

Novices' illusions about the forex market

Illusions – are an indispensable attribute with which a novice trader comes to the stock exchange. Most often, after some time, they give way to disappointments. As a result, the bulk of novices exit the stock exchange, leaving a feeling of despondency and empty pockets. But if you take a look at it, with the proper approach, even novices can make money in Forex.

You should start by determining the purpose of entering the stock exchange, as well as understanding what outcome options are possible and in what cases. Having this knowledge will allow you not to waste time on dubious experiments and will help in the proper organization of the curriculum.

Almost all novices have the following misconceptions about the Forex market:

  • It is easy to become a successful trader.
  • For successful trading, you should start with a large sum of money.
  • Thanks to your own mind and resourcefulness, you can start trading guided solely by your intuition, and learning – is a big waste of time.
  • The belief that the completion of a training course guarantees success.
  • The market can generate momentary profits.
  • Using robots will help you make a lot of money quickly.
  • It will be very easy to achieve success, having a financial or economic education.

Experienced traders do not recommend investing significant sums when opening the first transactions, as they are almost guaranteed to merge. And here it does not matter whether 10$ or 1000$ is invested. The best option – is to use the minimum sums, and further analyse the reasons for their loss. Only after understanding this, you can gradually increase the size of deposits.

Inexperienced traders, unconditionally believing in their intuition, do not consider it necessary to learn and very soon join the army of spammers. Keeping silent about their mistakes, they can become active participants in various chats and forums, the main purpose of which – is to throw mud at Forex. And all because they forgot a simple folk wisdom: « No pain, no gain ». In the interpretation of trading, this means that it is impossible to consistently make a profit by opening transactions on pure intuition.

But the completion of the courses that allowed you to master the trader profession is not at all a guarantee of successful trading. Factors such as the character of the player, his mindset, and his chosen trading style play an important role here.

Of course, those who consider it an easy job to generate income through trading are mistaken. Only people who did not have to think a lot and hard when making this or that decision can say so. Moreover, professional trading is accompanied by side effects that can negatively affect the trader's health.

They arise for the following reasons:

  • Working with the market often has to be given all 24 hours a day.
  • Almost continuous monitoring of news changes is required.
  • The strategy requires constant reflection on the next steps.

So that time is not wasted, you must immediately tune in to constant learning and difficult work, which is always or almost always accompanied by considerable stress and mental strain. Therefore, entering on this path, you should not build castles in the air, but be realistic. 

On what factors income depends

There are several factors that determine the availability and size of income from forex trading.


Some traders name 3 main reasons why novices should start by opening a minimum deposit:

  • The less money is invested, the less risk of losing it is.
  • The lack of funds is compensated by bonuses from Forex brokers, which allow you to start making money without large investments.
  • It is possible to use significant leverage to help you trade large lots.

It would seem that everything is true here, but this is only at first glance. The broker both gives bonuses and can take them away without any warnings and explanations. As a result, the entire deposit cam be lost in a few transactions, especially if a large leverage is used. That is, only the first statement can be considered unconditionally fair. 

Therefore, many traders believe that having a larger deposit reduces the risks to some extent:

  1. There is no need to use a large leverage and there is a possibility of choosing its size, which contributes to a rational lot increase.
  2. There will be no strong dependence on the broker's actions with bonuses.
  3. There is a possibility of concluding more trade transactions, as a result of which the chances of profit rise.

The average trader's annual income can range from 20 to 100% of the investment (deposit) amount. An experienced trader considers a successful month, in which his income reached 10%.

The screenshot below shows a diagram that allows you to understand how the profit depends on the deposit size.

How much money you can make in forex

Leverage and margin (collateral)

In order for a trader to open and hold a position in the future, a collateral (margin) is reserved on his trading account. That is, part of the funds is temporarily blocked by the broker. This is a kind of insurance in case the transaction is unprofitable.

There is a direct relationship between the amount of the collateral and the chosen leverage. – The larger the collateral is, the more leverage a trader can afford.

How much money you can make in forex

Simply put, the use of leverage allows you to open large transactions if you have small sums on your account. If you do everything properly, then in this way you can significantly increase the income from operations. But at the same time, we must always remember the need to control risks, otherwise we will have to say goodbye to the deposit.

The right strategy

Currently, the network is literally flooded with various strategies, the total number of which has long been estimated in thousands.

To arrange all these trading algorithms, they are usually divided into three main categories:

  • aggressive, generating income over 15% per month;
  • moderate, the income of which is from 5 to 15%;
  • conservative, allowing you to earn from 1 to 5%.

Of course, there are tactics, the use of which can accelerate the deposit so that it doubles or even triples in just a month. But their use much more often leads to the loss of all investments than to making a large profit. The volatility of the market forces experienced traders to use several strategies simultaneously, which allows them to hedge against loss of funds.

It can therefore be concluded that the amount of a trader's future income directly depends on whether he has an effective trading strategy. The frequently asked question about the number of points available for earning in Forex can be answered that traders are quite comfortable with a 100 pip profit on daily charts.

Willingness to take risks

Another important factor affecting the amount of profit is the size of the risks in each transaction.

For example, take two traders:

  • the first one has a deposit of 100$;
  • the second one holds 10, 000$ on the account.

The first trader, opening a transaction for 100$, risks his entire deposit. The second trader – risks only one percent of his capital. At the same time, they expect an income of the same size.

Therefore, it is really possible to state the fact that the speed of income generation depends on the maximum risk limit. However, statistics show that in the presence of a large number of unprofitable transactions with a high percentage of risk, you can lose the entire deposit very quickly.

How much money you can make in forex

Stress tolerance and psychological attitude

The profession of a trader implies a mandatory investment of funds. And in case of unsuccessful transactions, the player loses them. Therefore, a strong psyche is a prerequisite for successful trading.

A nervous breakdown – is quite a frequent occurrence for financial market participants, which is why stress tolerance and psychological attitude are so important. You should not accumulate the negative formed after each unsuccessful transaction. And even more so, you should not seek relief with alcohol and strong tonics.

Nobody denies that making money in the forex market is based on several important parameters

  • risk diversification;
  • proper trading strategy;
  • trading platform functionality;
  • number of currency instruments used;
  • leverage;
  • deposit size.

However, Forex is obliged to obey global trends as it is a global foreign exchange market. Therefore, a successful trader must be aware of what is happening around. And the correct assessment of events is possible only thanks to comprehensive analytics.

With what sum it is better to start making money in Forex

Of course, the size of the initial deposit is affected by the leverage along with the number of transactions that a trader opens during one day. But for a novice player, the most important thing is to clarify the question of the investment size, allowing you to simply test the market at first. And only then – you can start making a profit.

For those who want to get a specific answer to this question, there are already prepared options. And we have compiled a comparative table. After reading it, you can get an approximate idea of the prospects for making money in Forex, if the player uses a sufficiently aggressive strategy.

How much money you can make in forex

The reality of making money in Forex

Making money in Forex is specific in that the probability of a fixed income level is very small. Since it is affected by a number of factors.  

However, many professional traders have already fully proved the reality of making money in the Forex market. And to achieve this, novices often re-watch a huge number of video materials that make them believe that only a few months are enough to earn solid dividends.

How much money you can make in forex

Affected by such advertising, confidence is formed that money can be made in Forex easily and quickly. As a result, the brain can turn off even in adequate and educated people. As a result, they immediately imagine how they will buy a car and an apartment. But the reality is that you can make a profit only with a proper and very clear approach.

There is no real answer to the question of with what sum you need to start playing in Forex in order to generate a solid income. This is affected by a large number of various factors. And the individuality of the trader, his intuition and luck are crucial.

In order to obtain the desired result, a huge amount of work has to be done regularly to assess all the factors that have affected profits in a given situation.


From all of the above, we can conclude that generating a decent income is possible only with the proper approach to trading. 

Forex success is based on the three most important factors:

  • proper deposit size;
  • leverage value;
  • successful forecasting combined with a proper assessment of the general economic situation in the world.

We hope that we managed to get out our idea that, under certain circumstances, you can make money in Forex by investing 100$, 1000$ and 10, 000$. But remember that there will be no easy money. Only those who are willing to work tirelessly and constantly study new information make money here.

Nevertheless, we can partially simplify work with the market. And we suggest visiting our store, where you can find many useful programs that will help you get used to trading faster and start generating a stable income.

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