What is a VPS server and why does a trader need it? Where to order a VPS for Forex trading, how to properly connect and use it. Step-by-step instructions.

Why do Forex traders need VPS?

Forex trading involves the need to react quickly to market changes. And for the implementation of competent timely decisions, a high speed of transaction execution is necessary. It is also sometimes important to have access to the market from any location and any device. All this can be obtained using a virtual server. In addition, VPS allows Expert Advisors, indicators and scripts to work 24/7.

What is a VPS server?

Virtual Private Server is an independently running virtual computer that is located in a data center, and it is constantly serviced by professional administrators. This ensures uninterrupted, stable operation. Thanks to this, you can transfer your programs to an extremely reliable environment that does not depend on the state of your local computer. If necessary, your Expert Advisors can work around the clock and without interruptions.

In this case, the VPS server is considered your personal computer, which only you have access to. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that if you lose the data to access it, you will not be able to restore it.

From your PC, you can establish a connection with the virtual server, and then install the necessary programs on it:

  • terminal;
  • expert advisors;
  • trades copy services;
  • indicators, etc.

After a successful download, all the software on the VPS server will work even if your work PC loses its Internet connection.

Another value of VPS is that it increases the speed of order execution. Using this technology, you will have no problems connecting to the terminal when the market is highly volatile. You will also get protection from virus attacks. All remote servers are constantly scanned to detect viruses and incorrect operation of certain functions.

Thus, with the help of a virtual server, a stable and secure trading environment is provided. At the same time, you can rent a VPS for a convenient period of time.

Why use a VPS server on Forex

Such a service as renting a virtual computer is necessary for those who use trading robots at a professional level. And there are several reasons for this:

  • You can install a terminal on the virtual server so that it works stably and smoothly, as well as connect additional software for optimizing forex trading.
  • You can receive signals on your smartphone or tablet. That is, if you have an Expert Advisor, you will receive notifications about all trading operations.
  • You can run many terminals on a rented server. When working only with a home PC, this format of work will be inconvenient. On the server, you can install terminals with different trading accounts and simultaneously trade on all of them.
  • There is no risk of accidentally clicking on the "wrong button". Children, wife, or colleagues (if you trade from an office) will not have access to the VPS server. You will be able to fully manage all the programs that you upload to the server.
  • The connection speed is always high. There is no dependence on the communication characteristics of the local provider. You get a direct connection or a guaranteed channel that provides access to the market.
  • A power or Internet outage does not stop the terminal from working.
  • Simultaneous operation of a large number of programs does not overload your computer. The entire load falls on the virtual server.
  • You can connect from anywhere. Having a device with network access, you can easily log in to the VPS server and continue working with the foreign exchange market in a convenient location.

If you prefer manual trading, the virtual server will also be useful to you due to the increased sensitivity to slippage. Due to the high performance of the device, the time from the submission of a trading signal to its execution is minimized. If the execution of the transaction may slow down a little on the PC, then this will not happen on the VPS.

Additional advantages include the following points:

  • Large selection of configurations. You can find offers with suitable features and not overpay for more expensive rates. If necessary, you can order a customized server.
  • Trial period. Many companies that provide access to a VPS server allow you to test it for free for a day or a week.
  • Quick rent. It is usually possible to access the virtual server on the day of application submission.
  • Completed set up. There are offers to rent servers that are already configured to work on forex. Both basic and advanced software can be installed on them. As a result, after paying the rent, you will only need a few minutes to start the process of trading on the foreign exchange market.

The virtual server is also well suited for continuous testing of new Expert Advisors on a demo account.

What not to do on a VPS

There are several actions that can negatively affect the process of using the virtual server:

  • Overloading the channel. When ordering a VPS server rental, you need to take into account the planned traffic level (the number of terminals, indicators, and robots). If you choose a cheaper option in order to save money, you can get an overloaded communication channel.
  • Saving backups on VPS. If you store all the backups on a virtual server, its operation may be disrupted over time. Even data loss is possible. Including backups.
  • Sending spam. Sometimes users are not limited to the standard functions of the VPS server and start sending out unwanted emails in large numbers through it. This can be an advertisement for your own services or a project. The result of such activity may be blocking access to the server without returning the payment for its rent.

It is better to use VPS for its intended purpose – running programs in a virtual environment.

How to connect to a VPS server

First of all, you need to rent a VPS. There are now many providers on the market that offer such services. You can find a server with almost any characteristics. Their cost ranges from an average of $10 to $50 per month.

Connecting via the standard Windows menu

After the lease, you can connect to the server via your PC. To do this, go to the "Start" menu and open the "Standard Windows" folder in the list of programs. It is located at the bottom.

Forex server

In the expanded list of programs, select the utility called "Remote Desktop Connection".

Forex server

After that, a special window will appear. It will contain a field for entering the IP address of the server that you are renting. This address will be sent in a special letter by the service provider.

Forex server

When all the characters are entered, you will need to click on the "Connect" button. After these actions, the server window will appear on the screen. In it, you need to enter the password to access the VPS and click "OK".

Forex server

After that, a working window of the server opens, through which you can manage it.

Forex server

Connecting via the mRemoteNG program

This is a free program that allows you to connect to multiple VPS servers and manage them conveniently. At the same time, you can save all your usernames and passwords in it, and download the application itself to a flash drive.

You can download mRemoteNG from the official website: https://mremoteng.org/

Running the program on your computer, you will see a simple interface, in which there will be only one "Connections" item from the left. Right-click on it and select "New connection" in the drop-down list.

Forex server

After that, you will see a small form where you need to enter the server data.:

  • "Name" – the name of the connection.
  • "Hostname / IP" – IP address of your server.
  • "User" – Administrator (or other).
  • "Password" – password to access the server. 

Forex server

To save this connection, click "File" – "Save connection" in the main menu.

Forex server

After that, the name of the created connection will appear in the left menu under the "Connections" item. If you double-click on it with the right mouse button, your computer will automatically connect to the server, and in the right window you will see how it works.

Forex server

If you will be working with multiple servers, just repeat this process to create a separate connection for each of them. And if you save your mRemoteNG program to a USB flash drive, you can use it from any computer.  

Connecting from a mobile device

If necessary, you can also connect from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. For this purpose, there is a special application Remote Desktop Client. It can be downloaded from the PlayMarket and AppSrore stores.

Forex server

After launching the program on the main screen, you need to find and click on the " + " icon in the corner.

Forex server

After that, a window will open where you need to enter your VPS data:

  • connection name;
  • IP address;
  • login;
  • password.

Confirm the input by clicking on the check mark icon.

Forex server

After saving the data, the connection line will appear on the main screen, if you click on it, the smartphone will connect to the VPS.

Forex server

After connecting, the remote server interface will appear on the screen, and you can manage it via your smartphone.

Forex server

If necessary, you can create multiple connections for different servers by simply repeating the steps in this guide.

To work with VPS, you do not need to learn any additional information. Because its interface is a standard Windows shell, only hosted on a virtual machine (not on your PC). Programs are installed and files are copied here as well as in the home operating system. That is, everything is familiar.

Installing the terminal on a VPS server

First, you need to go to your broker's website and download the installation file of the terminal.

Forex server

The resulting file must be run by double-clicking. As a result, the program installation window will appear.

Forex server

Following the prompts, you need to install the terminal and run it. The launch will take place on the VPS server. Often, terminals open the working window automatically, immediately after installation.

Forex server

To test the operation of MetaTrader on a virtual server, it is better to select a demo account from the suggested list.

Forex server

Next, you need to check how the various software functions on the leased server. To do this, you can enable the standard MACD Expert Advisor in the working window of the terminal, for example.

Forex server

Transactions in this case will be opened according to the standard scheme, there are no differences.

Next, you need to try to disconnect from the server so that the programs running on it continue to work. To do this, move the cursor to the upper border of the screen. As a result, a thin panel will appear.

Forex server

If you click on the cross in the right part of it, the window for connecting to the VPS server will close. But first, a warning will appear.

Forex server

Here you need to click "OK", after that the connection will be interrupted. But this will not have any effect on the operation of running terminals and Expert Advisors.

How to check the speed of the VPS server

This can only be done during the operation of the virtual computer. That is, it is better to initially look for providers that give you the opportunity to test their VPS servers for free for a day or longer.

During the trial period, you need to download all the terminals that you plan to work with and connect a full set of robots/Expert Advisors. So you can identify the issues of the service, if there are any. You can also test different VPS plans, paying attention to the speed of the server in each case.

In any case, you need to check the ping from your VPS to the broker's trading server. To do this, you need to connect to your server and follow the following instructions:

  • click the "Start" button;
  • in the search bar, enter three characters – "cmd" and press "Enter";
  • a command-line window opens, where you need to enter the word "ping" and the IP address of the broker's server;
  • next, the ping in milliseconds will be displayed in the same window.

Forex server

The lower the ping, the faster the broker server will receive your requests to open and close trades. The IP addresses of the servers can usually be viewed on the broker's website. If you can't find them, contact technical support. In some cases, instead of numbers, servers can be called with words, for example, Live server, Demo server, etc. Then you also need to write these names in the command line.

You can also use special programs to check the server bandwidth. One example of such software is iperf. During the operation of this tool, the server is started on one side – this is the "s" parameter in the program. It will wait for a connection from the client. On the other hand, the client parameter "c" is started. This is your local computer (or another server). This parameter displays the IP address.

Forex server

As a result, the bottom line "3" displays data on the server, the speed of which is being tested.

How to set up terminal autorun

There is always a risk of a connection failure with the VPS server. In order for the necessary programs to work themselves, regardless of the type and cause of the failure, you need to configure their autorun.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • connect to VPS;
  • go to the "Start" menu (on the server);
  • select the "All programs" section;
  • find the necessary software in it (terminals, robots, etc.);
  • drag the programs to the Startup folder.

If you click on "Startup" twice, the folder will open in a separate window and drag and drop programs into it will be much more convenient.

Forex server

In order not to forget any Expert Advisor, we recommend that you first make a list of programs that should be loaded automatically.

How to upload files to a VPS server

If you have a connection to the server, you can download programs to the virtual computer directly from the official websites. Here, the procedure is the same as when working with your local PC.

Another transfer method involves two simple steps:

  • upload the necessary files to a convenient file sharing service;
  • downloading programs from the exchanger to the virtual server.

It is possible to directly transfer files from a PC to a VPS. To do this, you will need to open the remote server connection management window again via the Start menu. There, at the bottom left, you need to find the "Show parameters" button.

Forex server

In the settings window that opens, select "Local Resources".

Forex server

Next, click on the "Additional tools" button. This opens an additional window.

Here you need to click on the plus sign next to "Disks" and in the list that appears, select the disk from which the files will be uploaded to the server.

Forex server

To confirm the selection, click on the "OK" button. After this action, the remote server will see your computer's disk as one of its own.

Transferring indicators, trading robots, and Expert Advisors to the VPS server

First of all, we would like to recommend you to visit our store, where you can find a lot of high-quality indicators, expert advisors and scripts for forex trading.

To download the software to an external server, you first need to start the terminal and go to the data directory.

Forex server

In the window that opens, select the MQL4 / 5 section and click on it.

Forex server

After that, you will need to move the files to separate folders inside this section. The placement principle is simple:

  • Indicator files – the Indicators folder.
  • Expert Advisors - the Experts folder.
  • Scripts - the Scripts folder.
  • Header - header files are located in the Include folder. They may be necessary for the operation of some indicators and Expert Advisors.
  • Third-party library files – the Libraries folder.

Forex server

If the file (robots, indicators) has the MQL4/5 Source File extension (.mq4/5), then you need to compile it. To do this, you need to double-click on the file and click on Compile in the programming language editor that opens.

Forex server

As a result, the program will appear on the virtual server and be ready for use. After compiling the file, you need to restart the terminal and add an Expert Advisor or indicator to the chart of the currency pair.

Where to order a VPS server

There are various hosting companies that offer virtual server rentals. You need to choose a specific option based on its characteristics. For example, speed, disk space, RAM, processor, and others. You will need this information to select the most suitable VPS. If you just want to try a virtual server in action, then you can opt for free options. There are many such offers on the Web.

In addition to third-party rental services, you can access the VPS directly from MetaTrader. This may be the best option for you.

You can also rent a VPS from us. We offer several variants of servers that have good characteristics and are fully ready for use in forex trading. The minimum rates are less than $5, and you can test them.

We have professional technical support. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can always contact our specialists, and they will help you as soon as possible. 

In addition, we can recommend the servers of our partners – "Fozzy" and "VPS24Hour" companies. If you contact them on our recommendation, you will get a 10% discount.

Forex server

Built-in VPS-server of MetaTrader or self-rental

Before describing the advantages of the server from the developers of MT4 / 5, let's first determine in which cases this option will not work. The first thing to consider is that these servers do not run on Windows, and they are different from the VPS we described above. The MetaTrader servers are a kind of virtual environment, to which you will not have full access, but only be able to transfer your terminal there.

You also need to look for another rental if:

  • There is no desire or opportunity to use an expensive tariff. If some providers offer to rent a VPS server from 90 or 300 rubles per month, then MetaQuotes charges 1000 rubles or more for its services.
  • You need access to a large number of Expert Advisors. The MT virtual server does not have the ability to use DDL (a family of computer languages). Because of this, many trading robots will not be able to be used while working with the market. And without them, your trading will be more difficult and less profitable.
  • You need to be able to work with multiple terminals. When renting a VPS from MetaQuotes, you will only be able to use one MetaTrader terminal.

Such a server may be suitable only if you have enough funds and you do not have a need for virtual hardware with advanced features.

A certain advantage of renting from MetaQuotes can be considered the Virtual Hosting Cloud network, which was developed specifically for the MetaTrader terminal. That is, here all the solutions are "native", with good compatibility. Another advantage is that the MetaQuotes servers are located close to the trading servers of popular brokers. They also have a low ping. Due to this, network delays are minimal during trading. 

Through the terminal, you can connect the server and transfer the necessary tools to it:

  • indicators;
  • expert advisors;
  • scripts;
  • subscriptions to signals.

At the same time, all the previously set settings will be saved – you will not have to reconfigure anything.

MetaQuotes allows you to check the operation of your server for free during the day. During this time, you can compare the speed of the hosting signal transmission from MetaTrader with other VPS. You can spend free 24 hours by dividing them into separate periods.

Pre-configuration of the terminal for working with VPS

If a traffic spike occurs while the server is running, the connection to the host may be interrupted. To prevent this from happening, you need to perform a few simple steps.

Remove tools that are not used from the market overview

You need to determine which charts you need to trade through the virtual server, and close all the others. You can do this by right-clicking on the "Market Overview" panel. In the menu that appears, you will need to click on the "hide all characters" line.

Forex server

After clicking, the currency pairs whose charts are not open in the terminal will disappear.

Delete unnecessary indicators

Everything that is not used, it is better to disable. So you can save a lot of resources. To do this, right-click on the extra indicator and select delete it. 

Remove Expert Advisors that are not used

If you leave unnecessary Expert Advisors, they will get automatic permission to trade and will be active all the time, and this is an increase in traffic.

Keep in mind that any trading robots that use DLL libraries will not function on the VPS server from MetaQuotes. They will stop automatically. Therefore, it is also better to remove such Expert Advisors immediately.

If the program was purchased on the MQL Market, then after downloading to the VPS, the number of available activations will not be lost.

Enter the required data

First, you will need to specify your username and password used to log in to your account on MQL5.com.

Forex server

Next, you will need to enter your MetaQuotes ID. It will ensure stable sending of push notifications to your smartphone.

Forex server

If you do not have an ID, you need to install the MetaTrader terminal application on your mobile device to get it. Then you need to go to the "Notifications" section and click on "My ID".

The next setup is to enter the mail server data. Without them, no email messages will be sent.

Forex server

At this point, the pre-configuration of the terminal can be considered complete.

How to install a VPS server via MetaTrader

The first thing to do is to go to the terminal and select the menu item "Navigator". In the window that opens, you need to expand the term "Invoices", select the one that is working, and right-click on it.

Forex server

In the next window, you will need to click on the lowest line "Select a virtual server". The basic menu opens, from which you can immediately proceed to the next stage by clicking the "Next" button.

Forex server

Next, you will see instructions for account immigration. After studying it, you need to click "Next" again.

In the next window, you will need to select a VPS server. The best option is the one whose ping to the broker is the smallest.

Forex server

After that, you can choose the appropriate rate – rent for a month, 3 months, six months, etc. Please note that the longer the rental period, the higher the discount.

Forex server

You can't rent a server for less than a month. After selecting the tariff, the payment will be made from the MQL Community account. You can top up your balance via WebMoney or a payment card.

It is possible to activate the automatic transfer of funds for rent. To do this, put a check mark in the corresponding line, which is located under " I agree...".

After clicking the "Next" button, the connection process will be completed. But you still need to choose the data migration settings.

Forex server

Here you can choose a full transfer of everything that is in the terminal, or a selective transfer. You may only need to transfer your account, settings, and signals. This can be done by leaving subscriptions, indicators, and robots on the PC. After selecting the migration type, click "Finish" to confirm your decision.

You can see the results of the transfer in the terminal log-a corresponding message will appear in it. After performing all the described actions, the server will be displayed in the "Navigator" section.

If you add any new signals, graphs, or install the robot in the terminal, you will need to synchronize the PC with the VPS.

Forex server

To do this, open the context menu, click "Sync", and select one of the three synchronization options.

If you set up a VPS for Forex trading once, you can start with the same settings on the next connections. As a result, you will get a powerful server that will provide you with the most comfortable work with the market.

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