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Weltrade overview

When trading in the Forex market, there is the issue of protection of their capital from all sorts of risks. In order to reduce the risks of used diversification of the investment portfolio in various financial fields, businesses, assets, etc. Weltrade is one of the companies that offer their services.

In this article we will cover all aspects of broker activity to inform the potential investors. Draw a parallel between the advantages and disadvantages.





Social networks

There are (Telegram and Instagram)




Phone number

E-mail: support@weltrade.com

Online chat

Feedback form

Telephone support

+44 20 341-164-58


Russian, English, Chinese, Indonesian, etc.


MT4, MT5 (Windows, Android, iOS, Web Platform)

Min. deposit

25 USD


There / 1.5 points on the ZuluTrade account type; 0.5% at the opening of a warrant of Crypto. On all other accounts there is no commission for trade




Up to 100% (Charge 100% of the amount of investment)

15,000 USD (Cash Puzzle, with the possibility to win prizes every day)



In the range of 1:1-1:1000


Floating from 0 pips


Demo - virtual account;

Micro - cent account;

Premium - standard dollar account;

Pro - ECN-account;

ZuluTrade- allows to automatically copy the trading of another trader;

Crypto - to work on cryptocurrency 

Margin Call/Stop Out

20% / 10%

Trading features

Auto Trading (Robot),to up transactions through ZuluTrade and MQL5



Types of assets

Forex Tools




Currency account


Weekend trading


Education traders

Trainings and seminars

Analytical work

News, forecasts of capital assets, the economic calendar, etc.

Partner direction

2 ways to develop


No commission on the input and output of earnings;

Favorable spreads;

A lot of bonus programs and promotions;

Referral program;

Account for all skill levels;

Timely technical support.


There is no licensing information

Bank information

Name: Systemgates Ltd.

Registration: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, PO BOX 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Weltrade differs from other brokers with its services, the broker is able to confidently defend its leading positions despite the huge competition.

A closer look at some aspects of the Weltrade, trading conditions and its referral program.

Weltrade history

The company was founded back in 2007, which means that a broker has been working on the market for quite a long time.

The WebSite provides information on how the company has been operating for more than 13 years, but the domain is about 16 old.

Weltrade history

As for the address name of the Website, it should be noted that other domain names were created, as with the other financial companies to prevent the force majeure.

Residence headquarters is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Legal data

It is recommended to be thoroughly acquainted with the list of legal documents, copies of which are presented on the official web-site. It is strongly suggested to choose in advance a broker to work together as well as to examine the documents confirming the legitimacy of the broker you selected.

Terms of trading

This section will focus on examining and analyzing the functionality of the broker’s commitment to Weltrade, which is now able to provide a pretty nice tool to conduct transactions. We would like to draw your attention to the proven MT4/5, familiar to traders, that meets most of the requirements that apply for the terminal.

Terms of trading Weltrade

Consider the types of accounts.


The most common accounts among beginners and its features.

- Full range access activities.

- Minimizing the loss.

- Trader-novice, can fully approve its capabilities in trade and you can experience for yourself all the emotional burden, provided the trading.

For beginners, this is the only true method to understand when small investments are the main key points of trading on the stock exchange. Minimum deposit $25, allows to use a micro account for everyone. Micro by using the robot advisor allows starting trading with the sum of $2,500. Since then the terminal investment arbitrarily multiplied by 100.


In this account there are traders having trading experience under their belt.

Deposit is $200 and above. It has the following technical parameters: five characters, floating spread (average of two points), closing orders at the current price.


This account is popular among traders who have solid experience in trading. Minimum investment is of $500. Such an account involves floating spread with an average of 0.5 points with the speed of closing of 0.5 seconds.


The platform allows you to copy the signals of other bidders, which publish their results on Zulutrade. To order to work, a contribution of $200 is required.

It can also use traders who need to develop their own line and methods for trading activities, provided that you know how to analyze their actions and those of the opponents.


• 37 currency pairs;

• metals;

• oil;

• cryptocurrency.

VPS-server for 24/7 trading

It provides the ability to trade, even at the idle terminal. UPU server allows trading advisors work in the most comfortable conditions and get the maximum result (from the existing robot).

Trading Calculator

Needed in times when you open a few orders, and thus it is useful, to quickly calculate important parameters in the trade.

Trading Calculator Weltrade

It will also be useful for novice traders to understand risks and calculate the optimum load on deposit at open transactions.

Weltrade platform

Directly for the auction. Weltrade provides its clients with access trading through the MT4-5.

 MetaTrader 4 – popular terminal among traders, which is a basic structure of currency trading, commodities and other assets with greater functionality. The advantages of this terminal can be an opportunity to install it on a PC or to easily open as a web-based platform; you can also trade via phone.

MetaTrader 5 platform - an upgraded of the MT4. In her there is an opportunity to widely apply advisors. With this terminal there is an ability to analyze and make the corrections of data without interrupting the sales process. Improved platform can support 2 systems of orders - a settlement system, as well as a hedging system. There is an option of the use of the Web Version, while it is not necessary to install software on your PC or phone.

Demo Account weltrade.com

For beginners, trader is a unique opportunity to understand the intricacies of markets, especially to test the operation terminal in real life. In fact, while trading on the Demo there is no distinction in the trading functionality, and the advantage is that in this account, you will not lose any real money.

Mobile version

Those traders who are actively engaged in trading and who want to monitor transactions around the clock, can use MT4-5, with the condition that the gadget supports Android or iOS.

Analytics, training, utility services

The works of analysts are aimed at tracking the state actual market situations. We have also set up a group of experts who are engaged in trainings, webinars, publications of articles, both for beginners and for professionals.

Investment services

Weltrade provides multiple services, for example, select "My Safe". This is very similar to bank deposits. Trader is charged up to 12 percent per year of the amount remaining in the account.

Investment services Weltrade


The broker provides the opportunity to use Forex robot trading. There may also be isolated and additional services such as MQL5 and ZuluTrade.

Recent services make it possible to copy trades of other traders. These websites allow you to view the full analyst bidding and choose your control.

When copying signals through the ZuluTrade – it’s a copy a fixed lot, which is not in MQL5. In MQL5, transactions are copied in proportion to money. For example, a trader has $ 10,000 and he opens 1 lot, you have $ 1000 - a 0.1 lot deal opens.

Professional trader can even sell his merchandise. In this method of making these websites allow to make the sum greater than from trading, with little investment.

Affiliate program

Weltrade is referred to as the broker, which provides good conditions for the referral program. This program involves a reward of up to 95% of the spread. Referral program includes one- and three-level variation.

Affiliate program Weltrade

When creating an extensive network, the best solution will be a program consisting of three levels. However, such a program is not acceptable for everybody. Give preference to develop, for example, among friends, using single-level program to get maximum benefit from the 1 level.

Here traders are given the chance to participate in affiliate programs and earn extra money. Cooperation with Weltrade is possible on the proposed scheme:

Blogger. Enhancing the user base of new participants using communications on various Internet sites, websites, etc.

Business. A chance to open a regional office, organize seminars, courses on trading.

Webmaster. Additional profiles for the site owner to financing and further allocations to inform users about the broker. With each successful transaction the trader can get a commission of about $15. Per lot. Fee is accrued every 24 hours on all closed operations pf attracted customers. Broker provides advertising materials and statistical data on the registered customers.

Merchant robots. Lure traders on the Internet resource, with information about Forex robots.

Analyst. Create a site for the placement analytical data.

Rebate service. Partial reimbursement spread.

A few words about the Rebate service

With this feature, the partners may return as part of the spread customers. The motivation here is simple - to earn on their deal, even if it is negative. For all its banality, this motivation is crucial in the election of the merchant.

Summarizing the above information on the referral program:

• Decent partner bonus program;

• A considerable amount promo-materials.

• The three-level program.

• Raising materials, optimize the search for clients for its structure.

• Rebate service;

• Fixed manager-mentor.

Highlighting the advantages of the broker, it should be noted:

1. Mindfulness with regard to the partners, the clock support;

2. Timely assistance with any questions;

3. Comfortable morale when dealing with employees, working in the market for over 13 years;

4. The site design can be described as affordable and convenient to use;

5. All information is supplied gently, without discomfort in communication;

6. The broker is in social networks. There are regularly held webinars, training courses and other events.

 Complaints about Weltrade

The Broker, which is known in almost 18 countries for all the thirteen years of work experience could not but get any negative feedback. Sometimes such situations occur. We thoroughly understand each of them. Both objective and subjective criticism is present.

We have’t taken into account Biased remarks about Weltrade, as there were no concrete facts. If an objective reason for the negative reviews was found, the broker will take the side of the trader. 

To enter \ capital in WELTRADE:

Entering without a commission!

VISA / MasterCard, concluded:

• 1.2% + 3.0 USD

• 1.2% + 2.7 EUR

• 1.9% (min 50 RUB)

• 2.5% + 7 UAH;

1. QIWI (output - 1%);

2. Yandex-money (Pin - 3%);

3. WalletOne (output - 0%);

4. Crypto - Tariff networks (approximately 1%).

5. PerfectMoney (output - 0.5%);

6. WebMoney (output - 0.8%);

7. Skrill (output - 1%);

8. Neteller (output - 2%);

9. Bank account (commission - 80 EUR).


Experience in the Forex for 13 years is quite a serious figure. Positive decision about the credibility of your capital at the beginning of Weltrade depends only on you. It is still worth exploring the option of using the broker for the divisions of investment capital. The main advantages of Weltrade are unhindered access to cost withdrawal of capital for up to half an hour and shopping pairs used are presented in sufficient amount for selection.

As always, they talk about negative and many positive reviews. Often, competitors resort to dishonest work and black PR, and sometimes even brokers themselves leave reviews for themselves. We will always surround PR and marketing.

The disadvantages of the main office are in the offshore, but in spite of the shortcomings, the existing employees of the broker are actively expanding the list of services provided by the broker by improving and developing new trading tools.

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