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VR Connect

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If there is no connection, the indicator will notify the trader by email or push message to the smartphone, and the indicator can also record in a CSV file the time when the connection was interrupted and when the connection was restored. After installing the indicator in the terminal, an image of the mini computer will appear in the lower-left corner. If you click on this image 3 times, the terminal settings will be tested and test messages will be sent.


The indicator was written for the purpose of notifying the trader about disconnecting the trading terminal from the broker's server. This can happen for various reasons: reconnect, Internet disconnection, server restart, and others. The indicator notifies the trader of any problems that have occurred. In a critical case, if there is no Internet, the indicator will notify the trader as soon as the Internet appears. the indicator will send the time of disconnection and the time of connecting the terminal to the trader. Trading on the real world often get rekkonekt (short-term loss of communication with the broker) at a certain point, I got tired of it and I decided to compare the work of 5 brokers and find out who is to blame for the broker, provider, VPS hosting or something else. Installing the indicator on all the terminals and turning on logging I found that my broker has a leaning reconectar.

The indicator recconect The indicator recconect

>Operation algorithm

After setting the indicator in the lower left corner you'll see the computer icon, green color - connect is red - no connection. A triple click on the icon will send test messages or inform you about incorrectly made settings of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. A comment on the icon will show the number of connection interruptions since the indicator was launched. By running the indicator on the terminals of different brokers and enabling Logs CSV = On, the trader can compare entries in log files for reconnect.


The indicator does not trade automatically, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


Use the indicator on multiple terminals. This way you can see whether the connection was broken on all terminals or only on one.


  • Type time - time Type
  • Server Time - time of the broker's server
  • Local Time - the local time of the computer
  • Type send information - the Type of messages to send
  • Mail - only to email
  • Push - only to your smartphone
  • Push and Mail-To your email and smartphone
  • Logs CSV - Logging to a CSV file On / Off
  • The frequency of sending messages (Seconds) - the Frequency of sending messages ( at least 10 seconds)


Without a video, the video is scheduled.


Version 15.12 - 2015.12.14
Several corrections have been made:
Removed the timer from sending messages.
If there is a reconnect, the trader receives two messages with the disconnection time and the connection time.
If the Internet disappears on the PC, the message can not be sent in any way and the message is sent as soon as the Internet appears, the trader receives two messages with the disconnect time and the connection time.

Corrected message text and text message text.


To rewrite the indicator
Make a video review.

>What's in the archive

The archive contains:
VR-Connect.ex4 - version for Metatrader 4
VR-Connect.ex5 - version for Metatrader 5


Without question.

>Reviews and discussion

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