VR Draw

License: Free

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Published: 20.10.2014

Updated: 26.08.2015

Version: 17.100

Downloaded: 9287

Views: 37944

Size: 0.1Mb

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VR Draw

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A simple indicator for drawing any drawings on the chart in the MetaTrader terminal.


It is very convenient to communicate with other traders and show your forecasts, assumptions and make notes for yourself.

The indicator drawing

drawing an indicator in MetaTrader drawing an indicator in MetaTrader drawing an indicator in MetaTrader

>Operation algorithm

If the VR-Draw button is pressed we can choose:

  • color (Color),
  • width (Width),
  • clear all (Erase).


The indicator does not trade automatically, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


Just draw!


No settings.



Version 15.80 - 2015.08.26
The indicator was rewritten from scratch using classes.
Increased speed and quality of the indicator.

Version 1.1 - 2014.10.22
- Now objects are not deleted when changing the timeframe.
- If the indicator is removed from the chart, only the indicator objects are deleted.


To rewrite the indicator and to improve the algorithm.

>What's in the archive

The archive contains a file:
VR Draw.x4 for MetaTrader 4


Without question.

>Reviews and discussions

You can leave a review on this page below in the comments.

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