22.10.2019 Article - How not to lose 100% using martingale?
Why investors on the Forex market trust millions of dollars to martingale strategies? The strategy does not bring losses and draws a "beautiful" equity curve. Instead of a stop-losses, trader adds new orders, "increasing" the deposit by hundreds of thousands of percent.

15.10.2019 Update VR Calculate Martingale 19.101
New update VR Calculate Martingale indicator under number 19. 101. The previous update was in 2015.
The indicator is completely written from scratch and received a great extension functionality.

14.09.2019 InstaForex freebie
Bonuses to the trading account 10 $ and 50 $

24.07.2019 Article - Everything you need to know about .set files
How do I save settings for programs installed? How not to lose a set of settings? How to transfer settings to another terminal or to the terminal installed on the VPS server?

08.07.2019 Update - VR Smart Grid 19.071
An update for VR Smart Grid Advisor has been released. The new version has number 19. 071
Optimized lot calculation for interest
Optimized lot calculation for sell orders
Improved behavior of the trading strategy on the new bar
Optimized trailing stop code
Improved and optimized the work of the profit distribution function on the balance sheet
Fixed grammatical errors.
Improved behavior on the main trading strategy
Optimized code for strategy tester
Several tests were conducted on real and demo accounts.
Optimized the work of additional embedded trading strategies
The program code is optimized and made universally for different brokers.

08.07.2019 Update - VR Smart Grid 19.070
An update for VR Smart Grid Advisor has been released. The new version has number 19. 070.

A lot of work on code optimization has been done on the advisor. When updating, it was decided to rewrite the entire code from scratch and make the advisers for MT 4 and MT 5 terminals the same. Currently, the expert trading panel for MT 5 does not have a manual trading panel; this will be done with the following updates. What is important to know: The Expert Advisor has been rewritten from scratch, many checks have been added to eliminate possible errors on different trading servers. The code is rewritten in such a way that in the future it will be easier to add all sorts of functions.

03.06.2019 Update - VR Sync Chart
Update 19 has been released. 061 for the VR Sync Chart indicator, the update includes code optimization and speed increase in conjunction with the VR Watch List and Linker program.
We recommend updating your indicators to version 19. 061
VR Sync Charts is a powerful and simple graph window sync indicator. The indicator synchronizes all objects in the windows of the MetaTrader terminal on any periods and any financial instruments. Any trend lines, any horizontal and vertical levels, any Fibo levels and Gann levels, the indicator synchronizes everything.

23.05.2019 Article - Expert Advisor Optimization
Optimization is a search for a set of the trading system parameters, embedded in the  Expert Advisor automated algorithm, which allows the trader to receive maximum profit and minimum risk.  Search is carried out with the help of computer algorithms as accurately and efficiently as possible.

14.05.2019 Update VR-Smart-Grid 19.051
Global update advisor to version 19.051

19.03.2019 Update VR-Smart-Grid 19.030
Global update advisor to version 19.030

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