Update VR Watch list and Linker

The new version of VR Watch list and Linker 19. 010
10. 01. 2019 a global update of the VR Watch list and Linker utility advisor has been released. The program has undergone a lot of changes and retained its basic functionality.

Benefits of the program VR Watch list and Linker:

  • Two versions have been implemented with minor differences for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Works on any financial instruments (Forex, CFD, Crypto, Metalls, Futures)
  • Easy to install and configure, text and video instructions are attached to the program
  • Suitable for both beginners and professional traders
  • Displays all the necessary information on a financial instrument.
  • Helps you find financial instruments with trading signals
  • Has its own trading panel
  • Able to work with graph templates
  • Able to save sets of trading tools
  • Able to download financial instruments history
  • Able to filter financial instruments for various reasons
  • Implemented ability to embed custom code to get values ​​
  • Ability to run up to four copies of the program and link them in various ways
  • It has built-in color schemes and the ability to customize the program to your own taste and color
  • Implemented work with hot keys on the keyboard
Program Page:

Russian version: https://trading-go.ru/advisors/vr-watch-list-and-linker/
English version:https://trading-go.net/advisors/vr-watch-list-and-linker/

Many thanks to the team of beta testers! ! !

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