Updated VR System trading strategy

18.110 от 01.11.2018Third update VR System

  • Indicators are rewritten from scratch and have a stable code.
  • The entire trading strategy is implemented for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Updated trading strategy description
  • Screenshots updated
  • A new video description and review of the trading strategy has been recorded.

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hi there,
I have los money with this robot because I do not know to setting up. First Could you send me one version of this robot with manage the lots. I can put 0.06 lots, the lots are automatically .The robot is opening position up to lose the money. Could you send me a setting for eur/usd h1 frame pls? I have rent the robot for you. my Mt4 nr 52269601.thks a lot..

Hi, I am very sorry that you have lost money. I always tell everyone "I do not write profitable advisors and do not write unprofitable, I program automated trading strategies and the result depends on how you will use them" I do not distribute or sell money printing machines. You, as a trader, must work the same, do not expect that someone will sell you a printing machine for money, it will be a hoax! I do not give settings, because the settings can behave differently from another broker. My friend Gabriel I am very sorry that you lost money, do not be upset. You will definitely be happy!

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