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XM - a large and reliable broker

Icon year of the broker's Foundation Year of foundation: 2009

Broker's minimum Deposit icon Minimum deposit: 5$

Broker's Bonuses icon Bonuses: For trafficking

Contests broker icon Competitions: Yes

Broker signals icon Signals: Zulu and Mql 5

Copy from broker icon Copy: Zulu and Mql 5

Broker regulator icon Regulator: Yes

XM - a large and reliable broker


XM.com – is the brand of the global financial holding company Trading Point Holdings Ltd, which is present in 196 countries on four continents. The company was founded in 2009 and has become the fastest broker in the Forex industry in terms of the growth of new clients' accounts.

Xm broker for forex trading

XM.com broker services is explained by the team's verified approach to the development of the chosen business model. Trading Point holding was founded by professional currency traders who came to the industry with innovative ideas and a desire to eliminate the existing shortcomings of their colleagues.

The owner of the company – Konstantinos Сlintus - has kept up these postulates of work to this day, adding to them the principle of equal treatment of each client, regardless of the size of the account. Any trader gets unambiguously transparent trading conditions, full access to innovations and reliable protection of transferred funds.

Since opening in 2009, the Trading website Point.com became one of the first in the industry to provide customers with online support 24 hours a day, and the fastest execution of market orders. The company initially focused on the Metatrader trading platform, providing automatic updates to the latest versions of the program's builds.

In 2010, the broker received a particularly valued in trading circles European Union currency license, which guarantees full protection of clients' funds. Taking care of newcomers and attracting investors, Trading Point enters into an agreement with ZuluTrade – a signal copying platform. Traders get the opportunity to earn extra money through the company's partner programs.

By developing innovations in the field of trading platform, Trading Point provides clients with access to the MetaTrader 4 web-based terminal. Clients can trade from the browser anywhere as long as there is a computer and the Internet.

Trading via mobile apps was launched by the company in 2011, as soon as the stable version of Android was released. At the same time, specialists prepare the first training courses for beginners and launch webinars for professionals.

Starting this year, building on customer success is the company's new strategy to increase business revenue through it. As time has shown, it was the bet on the reputation of a profitable broker that provided the currency broker with the maximum influx of clients, after a series of high-profile scams of "Forex kitchens".

The coming year 2012 was the beginning of scaling the business, Trading Point absorbs XEMarkets.com, extends support for up to 30 languages. Investors get another signal copying service - MirrorTrader.

In the next year, 2013, Forex currency trading will become a separate brand – XM.com - created on the basis of XEMarkets.com. This brand is actively promoted in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Having reached the international level, the company offers traders: VPS servers, free trading signals, all functional types of trading platforms, an expanded list of trading tools. Leading traders in different countries XM.com they conduct seminars and master classes, and corporate logos appear at sports events.

The team's efforts are awarded the first international awards – the fastest growing and best innovative broker, as well as the most optimal execution of orders.

Starting from 2014 broker XM.com receives an ever-growing influx of clients attracted by reputation, European license, loyalty programs and the ability to trade without initial investment. The company provides a deposit as a gift to each participant of the "Contests Arena" campaign, who get an additional opportunity to win cash prizes.

Xm broker for forex trading

In 2015, the XM.com broker served 500 thousand customers, and this number increased to 1 million in 2016. Together with the community of traders who have chosen the most dynamic and innovative company in the Forex market, the number of international awards is growing.

Xm broker for forex trading

As part of its development and professional growth, Trading Point opens new branches in Europe and the middle East, participates in sponsorship and large-scale charity projects of the UNICEF Foundation. The team in 2017 managed to get XM.com in the ranking of the top 100 largest firms in World Forex.

Among the growing client base, a request to trade securities appears, which leads to the emergence of another brand Trading.com. This broker does not trade currency, but deals with other types of assets. However, the XM.com broker still provides traders with access to more than 1000 different types of CFD contracts and currency pairs.

The list of trading instruments is expanding with a focus on regional markets. On the broker's website XM.com you can download 16 versions of Metatrader, where CFD contracts for Russian shares are available. Any technical problems and questions will be resolved by the support service, ready to listen and give detailed advice 24 hours a day.

Xm broker for forex trading


Currency broker XM.com offers traders the best conditions for executing orders, without "predatory" negative balance conditions. In the Forex market and even on commodity exchanges, there were cases when clients went into negative balances and remained in debt to their brokers.

  • XM.com guarantees protection against negative balance on all types of accounts
  • Each trader is offered 3 types of account with the same conditions:
    • Leverage of up to 1 to 888
    • No explicit or hidden fees
    • Free choice of swap-free mode

Hedging positions mode

You can open an account with a $5 deposit. This amount will be enough for trial trading if you select the "micro" account, which turns $1 into a deposit of 1000 units. As your skills grow, you will be able to open an XM Ultra Low account, where you can get access to ultra-low spreads of 0.6 points with a deposit of $50 or more.

The Shares account is a special one, it opens access to real spot shares on the world's leading exchanges

Unlike CFD contracts, everything is real here – direct withdrawal of orders to the Order Book of world stock exchanges, ownership of securities, and receipt of dividends.

Like all stock brokers XM.com requires a minimum deposit of $10000, and charges for maintaining a loan account. In addition to brokerage fees, the client pays exchange fees, but the actual purchase and sale of securities justifies all expenses. A trader can become an investor or a rentier living off dividends.

The choice of account type is up to the trader, but the company allows you to open up to 9 types of accounts and manage them from a single multi-client MetaTrader terminal.

16 types of trading terminals are supported by the XM.com broker

Xm best broker

Accrual of profit for each trade transaction regardless of the result

The loyalty program allows the client to earn XMR points that are awarded when positions are closed. The trader can exchange them to top up the deposit, in order to not to deposit real money to the account. XM.com broker bonuses are credited not only for trading, account opening and trading activity are additionally encouraged by the company.

Obvious benefits of working with XM.com Forex broker:

  • Zero fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Free VPS service for round-the-clock robotrading
  • Additional Deposit - +100% to the deposit amount

Xm best broker

Regulatory body and licenses

XM.com broker has chosen three significant Regulators for the convenience of clients, guarantees of reliable protection of funds and transparent conditions for providing trading services in the Forex market.

Clients from the European Union and all countries that recognize the EU license succession rules (MiFiD) can open accounts under the auspices of CySec. This is the regulator of Cyprus, whose activities received the highest rating, after significant political changes in the country. Now the CySEC license is one of the standards of the company's reliability in Forex.

ASIC – the second most important broker license XM.com, recognized in many regions of the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East. It is issued by the Australian Securities Commission, after numerous objective checks of the company.

IFCS is one of the most common licenses among Forex brokers, so XM.com was no exception and registered in an offshore company. The issuing authority, the International Financial Commission of Belize, allows high-leverage trading. Such conditions do not exist for the above-mentioned regulators, without them, the broker is not so interesting to currency speculators.

Open an account in Xm

Trading conditions

Set of instruments:

  • Currency pairs – basic, cross-pairs and exotics - more than 55 in total
  • Stocks (spot) - exchanges from the US (62 companies), UK (21 companies), Germany (17 companies)
  • CFDs on shares – 1044 companies from 18 countries, including Russia
  • Agriculture - sugar, wheat, corn
  • Oil and gas
  • Precious metals and stock indexes

All accounts have floating spreads, with instant Market Execution of orders. Transactions are transferred directly to the inter-market by official liquidity providers: Citi-bank and JP Morgan.

The trader can opt to display the deposit from 12 currencies:


The distinctive conditions of the transactions:

  • Trading robots are allowed on illiquid markets
  • Automatic closing at a loss of 50% (stop-out), margin call -100%
  • There are no PAMM accounts or trading signals
  • There are no cryptocurrencies
  • There are no binary options

Deposit and withdrawal methods (with zero fees starting from $200):

  • SWIFT bank transfer
  • Debit and credit cards: VISA and Mastercard
  • E-wallets: Neteller/Skrill, MuchBetter Wallet and Trustly

Additional services:

  • Training: courses, webinars, and workshops in 19 languages of the world
  • News and analytical forecasts, trading ideas and tools: total positions of traders, calculators
  • Affiliate Program


  • $1,000,000 prize fund was allocated for the company's 10th anniversary, to be distributed through grand lottery for 500 winners with a monthly tournament for 10 months
  • 100% welcome deposit bonus


XM.com provides training to beginners and professionals on a regular basis. Every day, webinars, courses on the basics of trading and investment are organized. You can choose a language and find out the schedule on the XM.com website in the "research and education" section.

training in Xm

Professional traders can attend thematic seminars that are held around the world on topical topics that have been developed by the company's specialists for 8 years.

The training material is also available on YouTube, where it is further expanded by the user's guide to the Metatrader trading platform.

Trading platforms

XM.com offers its clients to trade on the Forex market through the most popular and reliable MetaTrader platforms, supporting the 4th and 5th versions of this program. You can download a terminal via the corresponding option on the "Trading platforms" website, choosing from the 15 types presented:

  • A desktop version that can be installed directly on your computer for various operating systems
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Tablet version
  • Web version for trading from different Internet browsers

trading platforms in Xm

Features of Metatrader 4 version from XM.com

  • 8 accounts per user
  • 1000 + instruments in one list
  • Remote management of MT4, open on VPS (free of charge)
  • Zero spreads

Features of Metatrader 5 from XM.com

  • 7 accounts per user
  • Spreads of 0.6 pips
  • Support for hedging ("lock")
  • Other conditions are similar to MT4

All of the above features are also used on the demo account, where the trader can use virtual funds in the amount of $100,000 for trading. All instruments and quotes are 100% close to real trading.

Partner code

When opening and registering your personal account, use a special referral link to use the terms of "Free access" to all software on the site https://trading-go.ru/.


Registration of Personal Account with XM.com happens automatically when opening a trading account. You can do this on any page of the site by clicking the "Open a real account" option in the upper-right corner (1) or choose from two account options on the main page.

Register with an Xm broker

If you select a demo account, less data is entered, but it is important to comply with the following conditions:

  • The limit is five accounts per user
  • All information must be in Latin letters

Register with an Xm broker

  • The user must choose a strong password and verify the data sent via a code in a text message
  • You should immediately think about the choice of trading conditions – the version of the trading platform and the type of account, it is offered in two versions – Standart and Ultra.

Professional traders do not need advice on these issues, but beginners should pay attention to the nuances:

  • MetaTrader 4 and 5 robots (expert advisors) are not compatible
  • The Ultra account supports two types of lots (micro and standard). the broker will require the trader to make a $50 minimum payment to open it on a real account

Register with an Xm broker

After confirmation via SMS and receiving an email, the trader can install the trading platform by downloading the PC installer from the corresponding section.

Register with an Xm broker

If you plan to trade currency from your smartphone or tablet, open the XM.com website in the mobile version of the browser, and get a link to the app in GooglePlay or AppStore in the "Trading platforms" section.


Registration of a real account will require two stages and will give you more options for choosing trading conditions. In the first step, the trader will have to fill in personal data in Latin letters, specifying the phone number and email address.

Register with an Xm broker

The "Trade" section of the broker's home page will help you choose the XM.com account type

Register with an Xm broker

In the second step, the trader must fill out a complete set of data in the standard KYC format for financial documentation. Especially be careful and precise when filling in addresses, subsequently, you will have to confirm the additional documents.

Register with an Xm broker

The next block, consisting of the bonus on the account and information about the investor, can be filled in at will, it does not affect personal data.

Register with an Xm broker

The section "Knowledge and experience in trading" is also completely free information, it will help the XM.com target training offers and analytics mailing lists based on the client's stated level

Register with an Xm broker


The legal owner of the brand is XM Global Limited, a company registered in the Belize with the official address Belize, Cork Street, 5. The company's direct activities are supervised by the IFCS, but the broker is entitled to work in the European regulation on the basis of belonging to the holding company Trading Point of Financial Instruments Limited, registered in Cyprus.


The broker's support service works in 24/5 format, promptly answering questions in the online chat of the site. The official international communication channel is a phone call to + 501 223-6696. The company will also respond to an email sent to the Support Service: support@xm.com.

The company's website: https://www.xm.com/

The broker's corporate social media accounts are present in Facebook instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Questions and answers

Question: What if you already have an XM account?

Answer: You need to open a new trading account by clicking on link.

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