Strategies - Rules and tactics of successful trading

VR System is an effective strategy for all times

Published: 01.02.2014

Updated: 14.06.2020

Version: 20.060

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VR System is not just an indicator, it is a well-balanced trading system that includes combined simple Moving Average and Donchian channel indicators. The system is based on classic trading rules. The VR System trading system takes into account the rules for entering the market, rules for holding a position in the market, and rules for exiting a position.

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VR Cub

Published: 15.10.2017

Updated: 15.10.2017

Version: 17.100

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Size: 0.67Mb

A non-indicator trading strategy based on the breakdown of the middle of the previous movement. The trading strategy is as simple as" two fingers " and does not require much knowledge and a lot of time.

License: Shareware

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A strategy is a set of clear rules for trading in financial markets. A well-designed trading strategy includes rules for entering the market, rules for holding a position in the market, rules for closing a position or exiting the market, and rules for money management.

A good trading strategy can be compared to military tactics: the correct balance of forces, the choice of attack time, the choice of attack style, the duration of the attack are the keys to victory.

Each trading strategy has its own percentage of profit and its own percentage of losses. A high-quality trading strategy is characterized by a profit-to-loss ratio in such a proportion that one profitable transaction covers the loss of the previous three, while the risk per transaction does not exceed 3 percent of the total capital.

The use of a trading strategy and strict adherence to the trading rules give the trader a great advantage in the financial markets.


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