VR Cub

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Published: 15.10.2017

Updated: 15.10.2017

Version: 17.100

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VR Cub

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Indicator-free trading strategy based on breaking through the middle of the previous movement. The trading strategy is as simple as" two fingers " and does not require much knowledge and a lot of time. It can be used on any financial instruments. It provides conditions for precise entry into the market, conditions for holding a position in the market, and conditions for exiting the market.


Simple trading strategy:

The trading strategy is based on a simple technical analysis of the price. The trader's task is to correctly calculate the entry price and the Stoploss and take Profit levels.

>Operation algorithm

Opening an order:

Determine the middle of the previous movement, connect the previous local maximum and minimum with a line. The height of the line should be average relative to the previous movements. Also, the time between the maximum and minimum should be longer than the older period.

In other words, if we trade on an hourly chart, the time distance from the maximum to the minimum should be more than 24 hours, and the number of points between the maximum and minimum should be greater than or equal to the average price move for the day.

To open a buy position, the Last candle closed above the middle of the previous movement. Take Profit for the order is set slightly below the previous maximum, and stop loss is slightly below the previous minimum. This increases the probability of closing a take profit order and reduces the probability of closing a stop loss order and getting losses.

To open a sell position - a sell Position is opened according to a mirror buy signal.

Calculation of trading volume: in case of closing an order by stop loss, the loss amount should not exceed three percent of Your Deposit. Do not violate this trading condition.

Holding a position in the market:

There may be several buy or sell orders in the market, and they are collectively referred to as a position. Orders in the market can be held until they are completely closed by stop loss or take profit.

Not using Stop Losses is the same as not using the brakes when driving a sports car. The final will always be the same and will be sad.

Example of a VR Sub trading strategy

Example of a VR Sub trading strategy Example of a VR Sub trading strategy Example of a VR Sub trading strategy

Exit a position or close orders:

Orders are closed by take profit or stop loss.


The profitability of the trading strategy has not yet been tested in automatic mode, such an experiment has been added to the planned ones. The profitability of the strategy depends on compliance with the trading rules and recommendations.


  1. Try to increase your position according to the trend. Yes, it is good to close the order and fix 50-100 points of profit. Maximum holding and increasing the position at its final closing the number of profit points can be more than 1000-2000 points.
  2. Try to keep the ratio of take profit to stop loss as 1 to 2, that is, if the stop loss is equal to 100 points, then the take profit should be 200 or 300 points, at least.
  3. Try to transfer the stop loss to the breakeven level in time, so You will be less nervous and will trade more calmly.
  4. You can use a trailing stop, thus taking the maximum number of points on the trend with the least risk.


Without settings



17.100 from 16.10.2017 - First version


  1. Checking the strategy in automatic mode
  2. Creating a new detailed description
  3. Adding settings

>What's in the archive:

The archive contains files:

VR-Sub.ex4 Version for Metatrader 4


Question: how to understand your strategy or not?


1 - you open a demo account, the Deposit amount of the demo account must be the same as you plan to open a real account.

2 - you trade on the system, after 100 orders for classic trading on the system, make an analysis of your trade. Orders should be opened strictly according to the system. if there is any doubt, or You are not sure, it is better not to open a deal. You should trade on a timeframe of 1 hour or more.

If At the end of the trade your profit result is about zero, then it makes sense to trade and work, as well as to understand why it turns out to be zero.

If your profit indicator is greater than zero, you can safely switch to a real account.

If Your indicator is less than zero, that is, you have traded at a loss, then this strategy is not suitable for You.

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