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Hi! My name is Vladimir, and I am glad to welcome you to the Trading-Go website. This page was created to tell you a little about me, since I am the author of all the programs that are posted on this site.

I have been trading on financial markets since 2006, and I have been writing programs for MetaTrader terminals since 2009. Initially, I wrote programs for myself, but later I started putting them on the Internet. I use almost all my free time for trading.

In order for each user to get information and program from the original source, I launched the Trading-Go website in 2012, as more and more clones of my programs appeared on the network with various kinds of "unique" information.

On many Internet resources, I am known by such names as Voldemar, Voldemar227 or Trading-Go. You may have already encountered and used my programs, such well-known algorithms as VR Stealth Pro, VR ATR Pro, VR Smart Grid, VR Watch list and Linker, VR Donchian and many others. Today there are a lot of expert advisors indicators and scripts written on the basis of the codes that were posted by me on the Internet. I always use my own ideas and observations in my programs.

My goal is to facilitate the work of traders by creating simple and useful expert advisors, indicators and scripts. And to help beginners with the development of financial markets. Share all your experience, knowledge and developments.

Trading on financial markets, studying charts, prices, and figures, this is my passion! I use simple and complex algorithms to study price behavior every day. Based on this data, I develop both simple and complex expert advisors, indicators, scripts, and strategies.

I always compare trading on financial markets using expert advisors and indicators to driving a car. It is up to the driver to make it to their destination or not. For me, there is no such thing as a good car or a bad car, there are concepts of a good driver and a bad driver. I always tell and write to all traders: "I'm not making a profitable expert advisors, I cannot imagine losing advisers, I create tools. Your result depends on how well you know how to use the tool. To become successful in financial markets such as Forex, you need to study and practice on demo accounts for a long time. If you don't want to learn, go somewhere else, you'll only lose here. Forex is not an easy job and there are no freebies here, if I earned the same amount unloading cars as on Forex, I would go to unload cars without hesitation"

I really hope that my programs will help you succeed in trading!

Good Luck!



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