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Creation year: 2002

OS: Windows server 2008

Ping: 4ms

Traffic: Bezlimit

Processor: Xeon

Kernels: from 1


Memory: от 20 Gb

Memory RAM: от 2 Gb

Uptime: 99,99%

Tariffs: от 9 $

Preinstallation: МТ4/МТ5

Technical support: Chat

For us, fast hosting is not just about SSD drives. We have collected the best technologies , the latest equipment and a first- class caliper to speed up your VPS!

VPS hosting is a specialized company that provides computers for rent. These computers are usually referred to as VPS. In essence, this is the same computer as the one you are currently using to read this text, the only difference is that VPS works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and is located outside of your home. All programs running on VPS run non-stop. Hosting companies make sure that the leased VPS work stably and without interruptions.

The main advantage of using VPS is round-the-clock operation. For financial markets, it is important for the MetaTrader platform that the expert advisors work steadily and without stopping. The trader does not need to keep his computer turned on at home, it is enough to take a suitable VPS for a modest amount of money. No noise at home, no problems with hardware, no problems with settings, buy a VPS, launch the adviser and work.

Currently, there are specialized hosting services for Forex, in such companies, the equipment is configured specifically for exchange terminals. Often, when ordering VPS hosting, the remote computer already has MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 installed. Using VPS in their Forex trading, the trader frees himself from many problems and gets a stable, reliable operation of their programs.


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