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Notification of risks in the Forex market

The purpose of this notice is to provide you with information about the risks associated with transactions in the international Forex market, as well as the risks associated with transactions with CFDs and warn you about possible losses.

Please note that the list of risks specified in the text of this notice is not exhaustive. Due to the specifics of activities in the international currency market Forex, futures and CFD contracts, a significant variety of trading situations, new risks may arise that are not provided for in this notice.

The main risks

1. The leverage effect

Trading foreign currencies using leverage involves a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. A high level of leverage can work both in your favor and against you. Before you decide to trade foreign currencies, you should carefully consider your investment goals, experience, and your attitude to risk.
There is a possibility of losing some or all of the initially invested capital, and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should only use a portion of your capital, the loss of which will not cause changes in your lifestyle.

2. Market risk

Market risk is the possibility of executing the client's orders (orders) at rates significantly different from the rates contained in the orders. In addition, some orders placed for the purpose of limiting losses or profits may lose their effectiveness.
The existence of market risk is caused by a significant number of participants in the Forex, futures and CFD contracts that operate on the market with different capitals, goals, and trading strategies. This circumstance entails the possibility of significant movements of quotations within short time periods and, as a result, the inability to fulfill some of the client's requests.

3. Technical risk

Trading in an electronic trading system may differ not only from trading in the interbank market, but also from trading in other electronic trading systems. If you enter into transactions in an electronic trading system, you are exposed to risks associated with the system, including hardware and software failures. The result of any system failure may be that your order is either not executed according to your instructions or not executed at all.
Malfunctions of electronic means and means of communication used in making arbitrage transactions and/or transactions with CFDs may lead to unexpected and unpredictable results for the trading participant and, as a result, to the loss of its operations on the international currency market Forex and / or operations with CFDs. When entering into transactions using an electronic trading system, the client is exposed to the risk associated with malfunctions of the system itself, including failures in hardware and software.

Technical risk is the possibility of significant losses of the client due to the failure of technical means and communication channels that are used to carry out activities on the international currency market Forex, as well as CFD and futures contracts. The mentioned malfunction can be both hardware and software in nature, and be associated with both objective reasons and non-compliance by the client with the rules of operation of the equipment.

The client is aware of the importance of ensuring the safety of passwords that protect the trading account and personal information from unauthorized access by third parties, and fully assumes all risks associated with compromising passwords.

The client acknowledges the possibility of losing the confidentiality of important information and obtaining unauthorized access to the trading account by third parties if they do not comply with the rules for using technical means and communication channels, as well as disregard the recommendations for ensuring confidentiality.

The developers are not responsible for losses incurred by the trader as a result of an erroneous choice of trading strategy or the trader's disregard of the rules of money management or other force majeure circumstances.

4. Socio-political and legal risk

Socio-political and legal risk is the possibility of significant customer losses due to changes in applicable legislation, particularly concerning taxation, as well as due to significant changes in the economic and political situation connected with the change of governments and administration, of the President, government, Parliament, and followed this change of social instability.

5. Force majeure

The company cannot be held liable for losses caused directly or indirectly by restrictions imposed by the government, currency or market rules, suspension of trading, military actions or other conditions commonly referred to as "force majeure".

The client acknowledges the possibility of obtaining a significant loss in the course of activities on the international currency market Forex, futures and CFD contracts due to circumstances that cannot be foreseen and influenced:

  • terrorist attacks;
  • military actions;
  • the suspension of the activities of financial markets;
  • instability of financial markets, accompanied by a sharp drop in liquidity;
  • natural disasters;
  • decisions of state governments;
  • foreign exchange intervention;
  • significant changes in the order of activity of counterparties.

6. Disclaimer

We do not give any guarantees or make any representations related to obtaining financial profit or other desirable result as a result of trading activities on the international currency market Forex, futures and CFD-contracts.

The client is aware that the conclusion of trading transactions using the services provided by the broker may result in a complete loss of initial capital.

The client acknowledges that no information received from the broker, employees or authorized representatives of the broker can be considered as a recommendation for making transactions or a guarantee of obtaining financial profit from trading activities on the Forex, futures and CFD contracts.

The client acknowledges that the positive experience of other trading participants using the broker's services cannot be considered as a guarantee that the client will achieve the same positive results.

7. Order to limit the risk or strategy

Placing certain orders (for example, a stop-loss order, or a stop-limit order) that are designed to limit losses within certain amounts may not be effective, as market conditions may make it impossible to execute such an order/order.

8. Commission and other expenses

Before you start making deals, you should get a clear explanation of all the commissions, fees, surcharges, discounts, and other expenses for which you will have to bear the costs. These expenses will affect your net profit or increase your loss.

9. Currency risks

Profit or loss on transactions depends on fluctuations in currency quotes, where there is a need to convert one currency into another.

10. Final provisions

The client is aware that this notice is not intended to force the client to abandon his intention to carry out activities on the international currency market Forex, futures and CFD contracts and understands that the information brought to his attention is intended to help in an objective assessment of all existing and theoretically possible risks inherent in such activities.

The client undertakes to consider with full responsibility whether the risks listed in the text of this notice are acceptable to him, taking into account his financial capabilities and goals, and to make an informed decision on the start of trading activities.
All clients should be aware of and accept the risks of financial losses that may arise when performing operations with financial instruments.

We do not accept any responsibility for the loss of your money as a result of relying on the information contained on this site, and we do not accept any responsibility for any losses that you may suffer as a result of using this data. it does not provide brokerage services for trading in financial markets. The services of financial intermediaries or trade organizers can only be provided by persons who have the appropriate license and authority to do so.



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