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Scripts - Short trading scenarios

VR Close Orders - Close and delete all orders
Script for closing all orders Close all orders Close positions at a time Close all orders
VR Close Orders - Close and delete all orders

Icon version of the program Version: 20.103

Icon program update date Updated: 14.10.2020

Icon date of adding the program Added: 14.06.2018

License: Free

Price: 0$

Script for closing and deleting orders in the MetaTrader terminal. It is designed to facilitate the trader's routine work, as well as to close and delete all orders in the terminal as quickly as possible.

VR Order History trading report in Excel
Analysis of trading history Uploading your trading history from Metatrader csv file Download your trading history from MetaTrader
VR Order History trading report in Excel

Icon version of the program Version: 21.042

Icon program update date Updated: 07.04.2021

Icon date of adding the program Added: 25.08.2014

License: Free

Price: 0 $

The script uploads the trading history according to the specified settings. In the uploaded file, the trader can see hidden fees and real prices for executing trading orders. It is designed to create reports in csv format for a more in-depth analysis of the trading history in Excel, Openoffice and Libreoffice.

VR Object Delete All - Clear the graph qui
Script for clearing the chart Script for deleting objects Clear the chart using a script A script for cleaning schedules
VR Object Delete All - Clear the graph qui

Icon version of the program Version: 21.030

Icon program update date Updated: 16.03.2021

Icon date of adding the program Added: 12.10.2014

License: Free

Price: 0 $

Simple script to remove all unnecessary data from the charts in the MetaTrader terminal, just drag the script to the chart and within a few seconds the script will complete its work and clear the chart completely.


What is a script?

A script is a small program designed to perform one or more actions in the MetaTrader terminal and then to remove itself from the chart window. Scripts are very similar to expert advisors and differ only in that the expert advisor is an automatic trading strategy that works constantly, and the script performs only one action. Please note that after completing its work, the script is automatically removed from the chart. There are looped scripts as well - the trader should manually delete such a script once it has done its job.

Can I use these scripts to trade in the Forex market?

Yes, you can! Scripts work according to the algorithms embedded in them. For scripts, the types of financial instruments or the types of markets are not important.

What terminal are these scripts intended for?

We offer scripts for Metatrader4 and Metatrader5.

How do I install and run a script in my Metatrader terminal?

Once you have downloaded the script file, unzip the archive to your desktop, open your MetaTrader terminal, click File - > Open Data Directory-File Browser opens - and copy the script file to the MQL -> Scripts folder. Then restart the MetaTrader terminal and drag the script from the navigator to the chart window. Please note that Windows cannot automatically install scripts in your MetaTrader terminal: scripts must be installed manually.

Do you provide free forex scripts?

Yes, we can offer most of our work for free. All our programs can be obtained for free, at zero cost, due to shareware licensing. All you need to do is open a brokerage account with one of our partner brokers. After you create a brokerage account and open a trading account, request a free license for all programs through the "License Request Form". Learn more about the free access terms.

What are the limitations of free scripts?

Our free scripts are fully functional and have no time limits or functionality limits.

On what timeframe is it better to trade with these scripts?

For scripts, the time frame is not important, the script can be run on any timeframe and any financial instrument.

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