Why is it free?

Dear fellow traders! We have an opportunity to provide you with our software for free via Shareware licensing.

Wikipedia: Shareware is a type of proprietary software which is initially provided free of charge to users, who are allowed and encouraged to make and share copies of the program. Shareware is often offered as a download from a website or on a compact disc included with a magazine. Shareware differs from freeware, which is software distributed at no cost to the user but without source code being made available; and open-source software, in which the source code is freely available for anyone to inspect and alter.


The opportunity to provide you with programs for free is given by brokers with whom we have concluded a partnership agreement. We provide the broker's clients with programs for free, and the broker pays us for licenses. Thus, you can only use free programs from brokers that are our partners.

List of partner brokers.

A partnership agreement or partnership program is your opportunity to use products and services in trading on financial markets for free, since your broker pays for licenses.

You do not pay anything to anyone for using programs via the site https://trading-go.net/, the license is paid by the broker.

Why is it profitable for you?

Why is it profitable for us?

The broker pays for the license using their income from the spread or fee. According to the partnership agreement, we receive payment for the license as a percentage of the spread or fee earned by the broker. So it turns out that the more profit a trader gets, the more broker will pay us for the software. We are interested in successful and profitable trading of every user.

Why is it profitable for brokers?

Just like us, the more profit a trader makes, the more broker earns on the spread and commission. The broker is interested in the client's success. In order for clients to earn more, brokers try to provide clients with maximum opportunities, including high-quality software.

Three simple steps

To get free access now you need to follow three simple steps:

How to get freeFill out an application for free accessAny free software

Step 1: Register with any of our partner brokers. Each broker's page has detailed instructions on how to register and what to do if You already have a personal account. Also, on the broker's page, you will find a special code, specifying which during registration, the broker will know and understand who to pay for the license.

Step 2: Fill out the form to enable free access. In the form, you need to specify the number of the real account where our software will be used, the email address to which you will receive a notification about enabling free access, and a simple instruction on configuring the MetaTrader terminal. If you are using a training or demo account, you do not have to fill out the application.

Step 3: Download everything you want from our website and use it for free. Each program has a detailed text and video description. The program archive contains additional help and instructions.

You can test any program now. To do this, use a training or demo account. You don't need to fill in anything, just download any program and use it.

Detailed information about "Free access"

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