VR Stealth Pro - an adviser invisible to the broker

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Published: 10.09.2014

Updated: 13.12.2014

Version: 17.100

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VR Stealth Pro - an adviser invisible to the broker

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Expert Advisor-the trading panel hides trading levels and is designed to simplify the trader's trading. The expert Advisor's interface is intuitive and easy. The EA hides the take Profit, Stop Loss, Breakeven, and Trailing Stop trading levels. Hiding occurs by virtualizing the levels on the trader's terminal. Instead of real levels, the expert Advisor works with graphical objects-lines. All trading operations are performed in the trader's terminal. With this program, orders are opened, closed, and modified using the mouse and in one click. The expert Advisor is designed to minimize the trader's working time with trading positions. Unlike many other programs, VR Stealth Pro has a trading panel and an order control panel, each order has its own panel. The program can work on all types of accounts (demo, real accounts, strategy tester).


  • Trading on real accounts
  • Trading on demo accounts
  • Testing manual trading strategies on the history in the strategy tester
  • Setting a virtual take profit and stop loss
  • Installing the virtual without loss.
  • Installing a virtual trailing stop
  • The installation of the lifetime of both pending and market orders.
  • Manage orders directly from the chart
  • Opening/closing / modifying orders in one click

>Operation algorithm

The program VR-Stealth-Pro was written in order to protect the trader's trading levels, the author of the program trading with a broker noticed what is called "Deliberate demolition of stops". That is, the broker knocked out stop losses by 1-5 points and the price went in the previously predicted direction. Also, experienced traders have repeatedly written about "Strange behavior of the price", for example, for a BUY order, TakeProfit is set at the price of 1,30000, respectively, the order must be closed when the Bid price is equal to 1,30000, but in practice it often happened that the Bid price did not reach 1-2 points to the level of TakeProfit, and the Ask price went 100-400 points further. Usually brokers argue such situations with a floating spread. That is, the broker says that at this moment the market spread was 100-400 points. The VR-Stealth-Pro program is written to hide trading levels. If you suspect your broker of dishonest behavior, this expert Advisor will help you in your work. The program is distributed free of charge in closed code.

At its core, VR Stealth Pro is a Lite version of the VR Trade Panel

Stealth Pro adviser

Invisible adviser Invisible adviser Invisible adviser


The adviser does not conduct automatic trading, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


Important: the program does not work in the disabled MetaTrader terminal. The VR-Stealth-Pro program runs on Your MetaTrader 4 terminal . orders for closing, modifying, deleting and opening orders are sent from Your terminal. Only the open price and the pending order price are stored on the broker's server. If Your MetaTrader 4 terminal is closed or disconnected from the Internet, your orders remain unmonitored. Orders for closing or modification are not executed. Take this information into account in your work. The slip parameter must be taken into account.


Trade Panel Settings

  • Start Lots - the initial lot for trading. You can change it from the trading panels
  • Step Lots - the step of increasing the lot when clicking in the trading panel on the chart
  • * Order Distance - distance for pending orders from the current price
  • MagicNumber - unique magic number of the EA. When installing the program on different charts and on the same tool, you need to change the Magic Number so that there is no program conflict. Order tracking - when -1 all orders in the terminal, 0 only manual, >0 only your own or orders of another adviser
  • * Slippage - slippage (deviation from the current price)
  • Order Arrow - displays terminal icons when opening, closing, or modifying orders
  • Sound - enabling / disabling audio signals

Orders Control Settings

  • * Stop Loss - the default starting stop loss, which can be changed manually on the chart by dragging the line with the mouse
  • * Take Profit - the starting take profit by default, you can change it manually on the chart by dragging the line with the mouse
  • * Breakeven - the distance to the breakeven
  • * Breakeven Step - the minimal profit with the installation of breakeven
  • * Trailing Stop - pulling the stop loss behind the price to the profitable side
  • Button Size - the size of the order management button
  • Button Stop Loss - enabling / disabling the stop loss button
  • Button Take Profit - enable / disable the take profit button
  • Button Breakeven - enabling / disabling the breakeven button
  • Button Trailing Stop - enabling / disabling the trailing stop button
  • Button Time Close - enables / disables the button for closing/deleting an order by time
  • Button Info - enabling / disabling the full order information button
  • Edit Field Lots Close - enabling / disabling the lot editing field for partial order closing
  • Vertical Line Level - enable / disable vertical take profit and stop loss lines
  • Default Stop Loss - enabling / disabling stop loss setting when opening an order
  • Default Take Profit - enabling / disabling the take profit setting when opening an order
  • Default Breakeven - enabling / disabling breakeven setting when opening an order
  • Default Trailing Stop - enabling / disabling the trailing stop setting when opening an order
  • Default Time Close - enables / disables setting the time for closing / deleting an order when opening an order
  • Default Info - enabling / disabling the display of a window with information about an open order

Indicator Settings


  • Days - the number of days for displaying sessions
  • Width Border - border thickness
  • Asia Start - start of the Asian session
  • Asia End - end of the Asian session
  • Asia Color - color of the Asian session block
  • Europe Start - start of the European session
  • Europe End - end of the European session
  • Europe Color - the color of the European session block
  • USA Start - the beginning of the American session
  • USA End - end of the American session
  • USA Color - color of the American session block


  • Grid vertical step - step of vertical lines
  • Grid vertical activ - color of vertical control lines
  • Grid vertical deactiv - color of vertical lines
  • Grid vertical style - style of vertical lines
  • Grid vertical width - the thickness of vertical lines
  • * Gridhorizontalstep - step of horizontal lines
  • Grid horizontal activ - color of horizontal control lines
  • Grid horizontal deactiv - color of horizontal lines
  • Grid horizontal style - style for horizontal lines
  • Grid horizontal width - the thickness of horizontal lines


  • * Line Distance - distance for Alert lines
  • Line Time Color - the color of the vertical signal line of the time signal
  • Line Upper Color - the color of the signal horizontal line of the signal when the upper level is broken
  • Line Lower Color - the color of the signal horizontal line of the signal when the lower level is broken

Virtual Order Settings

  • * Virtual Order Distance - default distance for virtual pending orders

* Dependence of the number of decimal places. In other words, if a 4-digit broker has a Take Profit of 50 points, then a 5-digit broker will have 50*10=500 points.

Example: for a 5-digit broker, specify 500 in the settings for a 4-digit 50.



Version 16.120 - 2016.12.13
A more stringent check of stop losses and take profits has been made

Version 16.42 - 2016.04.15
Fixed moving the order opening panel when changing the chart window in the terminal.

Version 16.41 - 2016.04.05
Improved the BarTime function
Now if a timestamp is selected, it can be placed anywhere on the chart. If the selection is removed from the label, the label is fixed at a distance of 3 bars from the current bar and at the Ask price.

Version 16.14 - 2016.01.22
Display of trading levels.
The opportunity to exhibit and moving the actual levels.

Version 16.13 - 2016.01.21
Added the ability to disable unused tools from the toolbar.

Version 16.12 - 2016.01.08
Fixed an error going outside the array.
(Previously, the error caused the program to stop and occurred in the indicator of trading sessions)
If trading session is not correct, download the minute history of the instrument.

Version 16.11 - 2016.01.06
Adviser status label:
A custom adviser label with the program name and its own icon appeared on the top right. when you hover your mouse over the smiley, a hint about the program settings will pop up. Clicking on the smiley will also open the adviser's settings. (What you need to do to make the adviser work correctly, the hint has two localizations RU and EN).

Information tool which displays the Time server time broker, local time trader, until the end of the bar (the Color of time until the end of the bar can be changed in the program settings Color End Bar Time = clrRed.)

When you select a line, price tags now appear, and when you drag the stop loss and take profit levels, the price is now visible. The price appears if the line is active and highlighted.

Version 16.1 - 2015.12.23
The updated design of the program
Added a window for information about the permission to trade with expert advisors
Reworked all the sounds

Version 15.100 - 2015.10.21

The log function is completely disabled in the expert Advisor at the request of traders. now logs are stored only in the terminal log.

Version 15.90 - 2015.09.23
1. The ability to hide the order management panel
2. Place orders with pre-set stop, take, and other parameters
3. Choose the necessary control buttons in the settings yourself
4. Removed the ATP indicator, as it heavily loaded the program
5. Removed the Del All button
6. Partial closing of an order is now only possible with manual control, i.e. only when the x button is clicked.
For a take profit or stop loss, the order is closed completely. Previously, it was possible to close a part of a position with a take, but this could cause problems 7. Fixed sound when changing the time frame
8. Program objects are given higher priority when clicked
Lots of other improvements, fixes, and solutions to old problems...

Version 15.80 - 2015.08.11
The order management buttons are highlighted according to the order type.
For buy orders in light blue, for sell orders in light red.

1. the deletion of objects.
2. sound when switching the period.

Version 15.72 - 2015.07.03
Fixed the display of the authorship string.

Version 15.71 - 2015.07.02
Settings for the alert tool:
StepLineAlert=300; / / Distance for default lines
StepSignalAlerSek=3; / / signal Frequency in seconds

Version 15.57 - 2015.06.29
"Close order Stop Loss" bug"
Bug " Invalid ticket number"

Version 15.53 - 2015.05.22
1 - displaying the label when calling the ATP indicator
2 - Closing orders when clicking on the X button, previously if the lot was changed in partial closing, then when closing on X, the order was partially closed. Now when you click the X button, the order is completely closed or deleted.

Version 15.52 - 2015.05.21
Upgraded and added a new menu item.
Now there are five options for trading panels, including the standard one.

Recycled check the order open. Now, in case of an error, the order opening button will return to its original state, and the terminal will display a message about the problem.

Version 15.51 - 2015.05.19
Now a smoother selection of lots is possible

Displaying the label that appears when creating expert advisors based on VR-Stealth-Pro

Version 15.50 - 2015.05.14
The adviser has been completely rewritten from scratch
Improved display of orders
Added the Time tool
Added the ability to import functions to other expert advisors
Added the ability to change the size of buttons and text
Lots of other improvements and optimizations

Version 15.13 - 2015.02.09
Possibility to close part of the position by take profit.

Version 15.12 - 2015.01.30
Stop loss and take profit operation

Version 15.11 - 2015.01.29
Trailing stop and breakeven operation.

Version 15.1 - 2015.01.27
Added the function for setting virtual pending orders

Version 14.12 - 2014.12.24
Fixed "File not read" error.
Drawing is disabled.

Changes were made at the request of users.

Version 3.52 - 2014.10.22
- Fixed buttons according to build 735 (now the text is displayed correctly).
- The new version verification function now works correctly.

- Now, when the EA starts, it automatically moves the chart to the background (it removes the check mark in the "Chart from above" settings).
- Added the ability to select: graphic labels or lines on the virtual stop loss and take profit levels. The choice is made in the Typ_TP_SL_Obj settings: you can choose Arrow or Lines
- A button (In) is added to each order. Shows all information about the order, profit, loss, ratio, etc.

Additions were made at the request of users.

Version 3.51 - 2014.10.08
Now icons are not displayed when modifying or closing orders.
The chart remains clear.

The size of the control panel is reduced in width, now it is even more compact.

Function for checking the new version.
In the upper right corner has a button with the sign [ ! ],
the function automatically checks the availability of a new version on the mql5 site every 10 days.this address must be added to the allowed URLS in the terminal settings. If there is a new version, the button will light up in red, and when clicked, it will display Your version of the adviser and the version of the new adviser on the site.

Version 3.5 - 2014.10.02
The sound when a new tick arrives now works correctly.

Drawing panel. The panel is activated by the Draw button, and 2 more buttons appear to select a color and completely delete everything drawn.

Version 3.4 - 2014.09.12
Fixed the behavior of order management buttons when changing the timeframe
Added the ability to disable comments in the lower-left corner (LogChart=false)


Full update + porting of the adviser for MT5

>What's in the archive

The archive contains files:

VR-Stealth Pro.ex4 for MetaTrader 4

Help_VR_Stealth_Pro_RU.chm - File in Russian

Help_VR_Stealth_Pro_EN.chm - File in English

If the help is empty, right-click to unblock it.


Without question.

>Reviews and discussions

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