VR Trade Panel - online trading? Easy!

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Published: 17.11.2014

Updated: 22.12.2016

Version: 17.100

Downloaded: 2345

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Size: 5.0Mb

VR Trade Panel - online trading? Easy!

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VR Trade panel is a multifunctional trading panel with the ability to work in two modes, virtual and real. With the help of VR Trade Panel, a trader can work on a real account, demo account, and strategy tester. In the strategy tester, the program can be used as a tool for getting trading skills or as a tool for checking manual trading systems on historical data. VR Trade Panel simplifies and speeds up the trader's work in The MetaTrader 4 terminal and has a large set of flexibly configurable parameters.


The program was written to facilitate the trader's trading. Now the trader can quickly perform all the necessary trading actions in one click. The trading panel has additional technical functionality, which you can evaluate by testing the adviser in working on demo accounts ! The expert Advisor is constantly being worked on, and new functions and tools are being added.

  • Opening an order in one click
  • Close / delete an order in one click
  • Partial manual closing of orders
  • Modification of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels using the mouse
  • Closing / deleting an order by time
  • Closing all orders by type
  • Reversal of orders by type (Reverse)
  • Setting the breakeven level with minimal profit (Breakeven)
  • Setting the stop Loss pull-up for the price (Trailing Stop)
  • Displays full information about the order, account, and tool used (Information)
  • Set up a virtual pending order (Virtual Order)
  • Displaying and configuring the graphic grid (Grid)
  • Displaying and configuring trading sessions (Session)
  • Displaying and configuring the price alarm (Alert)

>Operation algorithm

In virtual mode, orders to close, modify, delete, and open orders are sent from your terminal. Only the order opening price or the pending order setting price is stored on the broker's server. If your MetaTrader 4 terminal is closed or disconnected from the Internet, your orders remain unmonitored, and orders to close or modify them are not executed. It is recommended to switch the trading mode to real mode before closing the terminal, and after modifying all orders to real mode, close the terminal.


The adviser does not conduct automatic trading, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


The trading panel is recommended for beginners and experienced traders.


Trade Panel Settings:

  • Start Lots - the Initial lot for trading. You can change it from the trading panels
  • Step Lots - the Step of increasing the lot when clicking in the trading panel on the chart
  • * Order Distance - Distance for pending orders from the current price
  • Magic Number - unique number of the adviser. Accounting for orders at -1 all orders in the terminal, 0 only manual, >0 only your own or another adviser's orders. When installing the program on different charts and on the same tool to avoid a conflict of programs Magic Number must be changed
  • * Slippage - Slippage. (Deviation from the current price)
  • Order Arrow - Displays terminal icons when opening, closing, or modifying orders
  • Sound - Enabling / disabling audio signals

Orders Control Settings:

  • * Stop Loss - the default Starting Stop Loss, which can be changed manually on the chart by dragging the line with the mouse
  • * Take Profit - the Starting Take profit by default, you can change it manually on the chart by dragging the line with the mouse
  • * Breakeven - Distance to set breakeven
  • * Breakeven Step - Minimum profit when setting breakeven
  • * Trailing Stop - Pulling the stop loss behind the price to the profitable side
  • Button Size - Size of the order control buttons
  • Button Stop Loss - Enabling / disabling the Stop Loss button
  • Button Take Profit - Enable / disable the Take Profit button
  • Button Breakeven - Enabling / disabling the Breakeven button
  • Button Trailing Stop - Enabling / disabling the Trailing Stop button
  • Button Time Close - Enables / disables the button for closing/deleting an order by time
  • Button Info - Enabling / disabling the full order information button
  • Edit Field Lots Close - Enabling / disabling the lot editing field for partial order closing
  • Vertical Line Level - Enable / disable vertical Take Profit and Stop loss lines
  • Default Stop Loss - Enabling / disabling Stop Loss setting when opening an order
  • Default Take Profit - Enabling / disabling the Take Profit setting when opening an order
  • Default Breakeven - Enabling / disabling installation Without loss when opening an order
  • Default Trailing Stop - Enabling / disabling the Trailing Stop setting when opening an order
  • Default Time Close - Enables / disables setting the time for closing / deleting an order when opening an order
  • Default Info - Enabling / disabling the display of a window with information about an open order

Indicator Settings

  • Position X - position of the toolbar on the X axis
  • Position Y - position of the toolbar on the Y axis


  • Days - Number of days for displaying sessions
  • Width Border - border Thickness
  • Asia Start - Start of the Asian session
  • Asia End - End of the Asian session
  • Asia Color - Color of the Asian session block
  • Europe Start - Start of the European session
  • Europe End - End of the European session
  • Europe Color - the Color of the European session block
  • USA Start - the Beginning of the American session
  • USA End - End of the American session
  • USA Color - Color of the American session block


  • Grid vertical step - Step of vertical lines
  • Grid vertical activ - Color of vertical control lines
  • Grid vertical deactiv - Color of vertical lines
  • Grid vertical style - Style of vertical lines
  • Grid vertical widtch - Thickness of vertical lines
  • * Grid horizontal step - Step of horizontal lines
  • Grid horizontal activ - Color of horizontal control lines
  • Grid horizontal deactiv - Color of horizontal lines
  • Grid horizontal style - Style for horizontal lines
  • Grid horizontal widtch - Thickness of horizontal lines


  • * Line Distance - Distance for Alert lines
  • Line Time Color - the Color of the vertical signal line of the time signal
  • Line Upper Color - the Color of the signal horizontal line of the signal when the upper level is broken
  • Line Lower Color - the Color of the signal horizontal line of the signal when the lower level is broken

Virtual Order Settings

  • * Virtual Order Distance - default Distance for virtual pending orders

* Dependence on the number of digits after the decimal point. In other words, if a 4-digit Take Profit broker specified 50 points, then a 5-digit broker will have 50*10=500 points

Example:for a 5-digit broker, specify 500 in the settings for a 4-digit 50.



Version 16.120 - 2016.12.22
1 - made a more stringent check of stop losses and take profits
2-when the program is deleted, the stop loss and take profit Levels are restored and become visible

Version 16.70 - 2016.07.26
Fixed behavior of stop loss and take profit buttons.

Version 16.13 - 2016.01.29
Info panels Account info and info Symbol, now the panels are made in the style of the trading panel itself and do not stop its operation.

Redesigned manual lot entry in all input fields, now in case of incorrectly typed lot 0.23, the panel itself will correct the lot to the required format 0.23

Now the user can choose the tools they need and disable the ones they don't need.
Also, the user can now disable the Limit and Stop order buttons.
Now when you click on take profit or stop loss, you can see the percentage of profit / loss on the order from the Deposit.

When installing the panel on a chart with existing orders and stop loss and take profit levels, the panel will pick them up if the medjik number is the same as the orders or equal to -1. (In previous versions, the panel removed take profits and stop losses)
The trading panel is optimized.

Version 16.12 - 2016.01.08
Fixed an error going outside the array.
(Previously, the error caused the program to stop and occurred in the indicator of trading sessions)
If trading session is not correct, download the minute history of the instrument.

Version 16.11 - 2016.01.06
Adviser status label:
The adviser's own label with the program name and its own icon appeared at the top right.
When you hover the mouse over the smiley, a hint about the program settings will pop up.
When you click on the smiley face, the adviser's settings will also open. (What you need to do to make the adviser work correctly, the hint has two localizations RU and EN).
When you hover the mouse over the clock, the program's running time will be shown (So that the trader can control the PC's running time).
When you hover the mouse over the mini PC, information about setting up expert advisors in the terminal will be displayed.

Information tool:
Time which displays the time of the broker's server, the local time of the trader, the time to the end of the bar (the Color of the time to the end of the bar can be changed in the program settings Color End Bar Time = clrRed.)

Trailing Step Parameter:
Allows you to set the TrailingStop step.

When you select a line, price labels now appear, and when you drag the stop loss and take profit levels, the price is now visible. The price appears if the line is active and highlighted.

Version 15.11 - 2015.10.28
Fixes for the Session tool
Previously, sessions could blink at certain points, but now they behave stably.
Improvement: the label of points in sessions now has the color of the trading session, previously it was black and was not visible on a dark background.

Added the ability to move the toolbar along the X and Y axes
Settings: Position X and Position Y

Version 15.10 - 2015.10.08
The program is completely rewritten from scratch.
1 Changed the design.
2 new options were Added.
3 Added new functionality.

Fixed audio issues.

Version 15.2 - 2015.02.12
Deleting objects when changing the trading account.

Possibility to partially close a take profit position in virtual levels mode.

Version 15.1 - 2015.01.29
2-Displaying the order control panel for old orders.
3 - displaying placemarks, now the placemarks are not displayed.
4-Updating the lot when changing the lot in the settings.
5-Deleting objects when deleting the adviser.
6-Display and calculation of the current profit, previously the swap and Commission were not taken into account.

1-a Tool for creating virtual pending orders.
2 - added trailing stop for Fractal, parabolic SAR, and Moving average indicators.

It is planned to implement:
1-Ability to average orders.
2-trader's Log.
3-Log to the chart
4-Trailing by High, Low of several bars ago and High, Low for the period.
5-strategy Button!
6-trade Statistics!

Maintaining trader logs and sending Push messages and emails.

Version 14.12 - 2014.12.22
- Push and Email notifications
- Maintaining a detailed log.

- Stop loss operation for all orders.


Rewrite the program, port it to MT 5

>What's in the archive

The archive contains files:

VR-Trade Panel.ex4 for MetaTrader 4

Help_VR_Trade_Panel_RU.chm - help File in Russian

Help_VR_Trade_Panel_EN.chm - help File in English

If the help is empty, right-click to unblock it.


Without question.

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