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How to buy an application for MetaTrader

How to buy an application for MetaTrader


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VR Lollipop – trend collecting trading robot
VR Lollipop – trend collecting trading robot

Icon of the program version Version: 24.041

Icon program update date Updated: 08.04.2024

Icon date the program was added Added: 28.10.2022

License: Paid-Free

One-time purchase: 149$

Rent: from 30$

Trading robot VR Lollipop is an automated trading strategy designed for trading on trend movements of any financial instruments. The main task of the Expert Advisor is to accumulate profitable positions.

VR Close All - Close all orders if ...
VR Close All - Close all orders if ...

Icon of the program version Version: 17.100

Icon program update date Updated: 12.08.2015

Icon date the program was added Added: 04.08.2015

License: Free

One-time purchase: 0$

Rent: from 0$

Designed for closing/deleting all orders in the terminal. It helps to fix profit or loss on the entire trading account.

VR Watch list and Linker – Screener for MetaTrader
VR Watch list and Linker – Screener for MetaTrader

Icon of the program version Version: 24.050

Icon program update date Updated: 02.05.2024

Icon date the program was added Added: 01.07.2015

License: Paid-Free

One-time purchase: 98$48$

Rent: from 30$from 28$

Financial instruments screener for manual search and selection of the most interesting and liquid financial instruments. Designed for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals. The best solution for trading stocks.

This article walks you through the process of buying products for the Trading-Go Market. If after reading this article you still have questions or experience difficulties related to the purchase or further use of products from the Market, please contact online chat support. Our experts will be happy to help you. You can also read and find the answer to your question in the large help on the Trading-Go market.


To make an app purchase in the TRADING-GO marketplace, you need to login with your username and password, or if you don't already have your account, sign up. Without a personal account, the purchase of the app is not possible. The account contains all the information about purchased trading robots, indicators, scripts, as well as device activation keys.

To register, you will need a working email address (e-mail) and a password.

Registration form in the market Trading Go

  1. Enter your name or nickname;
  2. Provide a working e-mail address;
  3. Specify a password to access your account;
  4. Agree to Politics  privacies;
  5. Click the "Submit" button to register your account

After submitting the form, an email with a link to confirm registration will be sent to the e-mail address you specified. If you didn't receive the email, be sure to check your spam folder.

Account Creation Confirmation

Keep your username and password in a safe place, if they are lost, access may be restricted!
Avoid creating more than one account in the Trading-Go market.

After authorization under your credentials, you can make a payment for the desired application. To do this, click on the button of the selected rental or purchase. If you have a promo code, don't forget to apply it.

Buying or renting a MetaTrader app

  1. Purchase Type: Can be rented or purchased full version;
  2. Application name of the paid application;
  3. Choice of lease term;
  4. Promo code input field (if you have one);
  5. Applying a discount with a promo code;
  6. Note;
  7. Application payment button;

By purchasing an application in the Trading-Go market, you agree to the terms of "offer"

Product payment:

Payment currency USD. Upon successful payment, a page will open offering to return to your personal account, download the purchased product, and refer to the help. You can check the payment result in your personal account in the section My Purchases.

After payment, device activation keys will appear in your personal account. Instruction how to install application.

Device activation keys

Buying programs in the Trading-Go market (Russian)

Including DLL libraries in MetaTrader

Products require Windows 7 64 bit or older.

  1. Open the MetaTrader terminal where you want to install the downloaded program;
  2. Go to "Tools" menu;
  3. Click on "Settings" - The MetaTrader terminal settings window will open;
  4. Select "Experts" tab;
  5. Check "Allow DLL imports";

Including DLL in MetaTrader


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Password recovery Registration
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A link has been sent to your email address to confirm the E-mail address. To complete the registration, follow this link.

If you have not received an email to your email, check the Spam folder. If there is no letter there either, then contact us.

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