VR Locker - successful lock trading

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Published: 30.08.2017

Updated: 14.09.2017

Version: 17.100

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VR Locker - successful lock trading

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The VR Locker expert Advisor has a trading strategy that uses positive locks. The main task of the adviser is to create positive locks, create a safety cushion.


The expert Advisor opens two market orders of equal volume with different directions. Depending on where the price goes, the expert Advisor uses a network of orders to "push" orders.
After the distance between orders is equal to or greater than the one specified in the settings, the expert Advisor proceeds to create a new lock. When working with locks, the amount of unfixed profit is accumulated, which the trader can use as a reserve-a safety cushion.

  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Large selection of settings.
  • It works on any timeframe.
  • It works on any financial instruments.
  • It is possible to work with other expert advisors or together with manual trading.
  • The expert Advisor displays profit information on each lock.

The adviser loker

Locking orders adviser Locking orders adviser Locking orders adviser Locking orders adviser Locking orders adviser

>Operation algorithm

Varnishing is a type of hedging that simultaneously holds multidirectional transactions (Buy and Sell) equal in volume on the same financial instrument.
It can be negative Buy price > Sell price and positive Buy price < Sell price.

The expert Advisor works in two stages:

1 - Working out of positive locks and creating an airbag.
2 - Working with positive locks, opening locks, or using manual trading tactics.

VR Locker - accumulation of positive, unfixed profit , that is, transactions are not closed yet and are in the black. Reduces the percentage of drawdown on the trading account or makes the drawdown equal to zero, as well as reduces the psychological burden on the trader, "it is One thing to go to bed and know that the account is in profit, and another thing to go to bed and know that the account is at a loss."


The yield of the locker


  • Close Old Lock - Close the old lock.
  • Stop Trade Expert - Logically and smoothly stop the program after creating the current lock.
  • Close Only Buy - Forcibly close all purchase orders
  • Close Only the Sell - Forced to close all sell orders
  • Open Magic Profit - Open a table with profit by Magic numbers
  • Open All Profit - Open the profit table for the last 10 days
  • When working with the program, try to use timelines from H1 or more.
  • The EA has been tested and developed for currency pairs, but it can also work on derivative financial instruments
  • Configure the adviser on demo accounts.
  • Build up a large number of locks, after you have made 30-50 locks, transfer all buy/sell orders to breakeven or activate a trailing stop.
  • Let's increase profits, it will reduce the psychological burden.
  • You can open locks according to your trading strategy.
  • Follow the rules of money management.
  • Keep in mind the risks associated with trading on financial markets.
  • When transmitting signals from the adviser, accept new clients only after the lock is formed. (Use the Stop Trade Expert button and accept subscribers when you stop trading.) Failure to comply with this rule may result in losses on subscribers accounts.


  • Start Lots - the initial lot for trading.
  • Type Lots - type of calculation for the next lot
    • Start Lot - the lot is not calculated, the lot for all orders is set as in the Start Lots setting.
    • Martingale Lot - lot calculation is based on the last order lot *2.
    • Sum Start Lot - lot calculation is based on the last order lot + Start Lots principle
    • Fibo Lot - the lot is calculated according to the Fibonacci principle, the lot of the next order is the sum of the two previous lots of orders.
  • Lock Type - type for calculating distances in locks
    • Point - the value is taken from the Lock Type Value setting
    • Bands Channel - the lock value is the difference between the upper and lower lines of the Bollinger indicator.
    • Donchian Channel - the lock value is the difference between the upper and lower value of the Donchian channel.
    • Last Candle High-Low - the lock value is the difference between the high and low of the previous candle.
  • Lock Type Value
    • For Point - the number of points.
    • For Bands Channel - the period of the Bollinger indicator.
    • For Donchian Channel - the period for calculating the Donchian channel.
    • For Last Candle High-Low - does not matter.
  • Close Lock Value - the number of locks that starts closing the oldest lock.
  • Order Step - the step between orders in the order grid.
  • Profit Plus - the minimum profit received when closing a series of orders.
  • Slippage - slippage.

MagicNumber is reserved for the program from 1 to 50 inclusive.



Version 17.100 (16.10.2017)
Update! Changed the activation system.

Version 17.09 (11.09.2017)
Update! Added the ability to use the adviser on different trading instruments.
Version 17.085 (29.08.2017)
Update! The program has been validated by Yandex. market. the speed of the program both in the tester and on other types of accounts has been increased several times.
Version 17.084 (24.08.2017)
Update! Fixed open orders in the trading symbols of EURUSD.m corrections made based on user reports!
Version 17.083 (24.08.2017)
Update! Fixed opening of orders, increased the speed of the adviser, corrections made by users messages!
Version 17.082 (23.08.2017)
Update! Redesigned work with magic numbers, previously a large number of orders could be opened on a demo account.
Version 17.081 (21.08.2017)
Publishing a new version.


Rewrite the program, port it to MT5

>What's in the archive

Archive with the VR-Locker program.ex4


Without question.

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