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The program activation system works according to a simple algorithm:

A new user who installed the product on his MetaTrader for the first time is given a 30-day trial period for real accounts.

Demo accounts and strategy tester do not require any licenses and activation.

At the end of the 30-day trial period, the user is invited to purchase the program for rent or for a full term, or to get free access.

This guide will help you figure out if there are any difficulties.

Installing programs in the MetaTrader terminal

Open the MetaTrader terminal where you want to install the downloaded program.

Unzip the downloaded archive to a place convenient for you.

In the terminal:

  1. Click on "File";
  2. Click on "Open the data directory";
  3. Go to the folder MQL5 if you use MetaTrader 5 or MQL4 if you use MetaTrader 4;
  4. Depending on the type of program you downloaded, copy:
    • Adviser to the folder "Experts";
    • The indicator in the folder "Indicators";
    • Script to the folder "Scripts";
  5. Restart the MetaTrader terminal or through the context menu, click on the refresh item (The context menu opens when you right-click on any of the programs in the Navigator of the MetaTrader terminal);

Installing programs in the MetaTrader terminal

Enabling DLL libraries in the MetaTrader terminal

The products require Windows 7 64 bit or older.

  1. Open the MetaTrader terminal where you want to install the downloaded program;
  2. Go to the "" menuService";
  3. Click on the item "Settings" - The settings window of the MetaTrader terminal will open;
  4. Select the "" tabAdvisors";
  5. Check the box "Allow DLL import";

Enabling DLL in MetaTrader

Purchase of programs on the Trading-Go website

When installing any paid product for the first time, the user is allocated 30 days of the test period. During this time, the user can test all paid products on real and demo accounts, as well as in the strategy tester. To purchase a paid product, the user needs to create a Personal Account on the Trading-Go website.

The personal account allows you to store and receive device activation keys, register accounts under the partner program, and communicate with technical support.

Registration of a personal account:

To register, you will need a name, a valid email address and a password.

Personal account registration

After registration, you will be sent a link to confirm the creation of a personal account.

Personal account registration

After creating a personal account, you will be able to pay for the product. To do this, click on the button of the selected lease or purchase. If you have a promo code, don't forget to apply it.

Personal account registration

The pay button will take you to the payment page of the program.

Personal account registration

Product payment:

The payment currency is USD. The internal rate of the site is 2-3 rubles less than the official rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Choose a convenient payment method and make the payment.

Upon successful payment, a page will be opened offering to return to your personal account, download the purchased product, refer to the help.

You can check the payment result in your personal account in the section My purchases

AFTER PAYMENT, device activation keys will appear in your account.

Personal account registration

Activation procedure and Activation menu of programs in MetaTrader

For each new user of the service "Trading-Go market" at the first installation of any of the paid programs, a test period of 30 calendar days is allocated. At the request of the user, the test period can be extended, for this you should write in your personal account on the website trading-go.ru to the section "Help".

At the end of the test period, the work of paid programs will be stopped, the user will be shown the program activation menu.:

To activate programs in the menu, you need to specify the activation key of the device from the personal account of the user of the service "Trading-Go market".

Menu of Trading-Go program activations Trading-Go program activation menu

  1. Menu opening button - allows you to open the menu for activation, updating the list of products.
  2. Device activation key input field - the "Device activation key" is inserted into the field from the user's personal account on the website https://trading-go.ru /
  3. Device activation button - activates the current device, updates the list of paid products on the device.
  4. Affiliate program - a button to go to the site with a description of the affiliate program and "Free access".
  5. Information - shows a window with information about purchased and leased programs, the dates of the end of the lease.
  6. Personal account - a button to go to the personal account on the website https://trading-go.ru /
  7. Update - the button for updating the list of paid products. It is used after repeated purchase of the product, renewal of the lease, to update the list of products on the current device.
  8. Close - closes the device activation menu.

Program activation process

The activation process of the programs is very simple and will not take more than 3 minutes.

  1. Register on the website https://trading-go.ru /, a personal account will be created for you.
  2. Install the desired program in MetaTrader according to the instructions as written above.
  3. Pay for the program on the website https://trading-go.ru /, and copy "Device activation key" in your personal account.
  4. In the program activation menu, specify "Device activation key"

The process of updating the list of paid programs

  1. Open the program activation menu
  2. Click the "" buttonUpdate"
  3. To check that everything was successful, click "Information". The paid program will appear in the list of paid programs.

Device Activation Keys

The device is a computer with Windows 7 or older operating system. (Computers, tablets, VPS/VDS servers).

The device activation key is an alphanumeric code that allows you to link your device to your personal account. There are no restrictions on the number of terminals and the number of trading accounts for the linked device. By default, after the first payment of the product, the user receives 5 device activation keys. One key can be used once for a new device.

For the devices on which the keys were activated:

  1. There are no restrictions on the number of terminals;
  2. There are no restrictions on the number of trading accounts;
  3. There are no restrictions on the number of brokers;

If you have any problems, read "Help on the cabinet" or write to support in the personal cabinet.

The transfer of keys to third parties will lead to the irrevocable blocking of the account. (Offer Sections. VI, VII)

Updating the list of purchased programs on the device

After paying for the product in the "Trading-Go market" service in the MetaTrader terminal:

  1. Open the program activation menu ( 1 );
  2. Click the "" buttonUpdate" ( 7 );
  3. Check the list of purchased products by clicking on the button "Information" ( 5 );

Enabling DLL in MetaTrader

Updating the product to the current version

The product checks for a new version once every 7 days. If there is an update for the product, the icon "Lightning" will appear on the graph on the right.

Enabling DLL in MetaTrader

IMPORTANT! After updating the product, it is necessary to test the new version on a demo account to make sure that the product works correctly!

My purchases

Section "My Purchases" contains information about paid programs and rental terms:

  1. Name - list of purchased and leased programs.
  2. Purchase date - the date of purchase or rental of the program.
  3. The stop date is the end date of the lease. Programs purchased without a lease date is missing.
  4. Purchase price - the actual amount of payment, including all discounts.

My accounts

Section "My Accounts" contains a form for adding an account and a list of added accounts.

There is no need to specify the numbers of Demo or training accounts.

Invoice addition form

Adding an invoice to the form

  1. Field for adding an account number
  2. List of available brokers
  3. Account saving button

Upon successful addition of a real trading account number, you will immediately be allocated a test period of 30 calendar days. The trading account will receive the status on moderation. Your account will be checked by a moderator within 24 hours. Upon completion of the verification, you will receive an email notification about the change in the status of the trading account.

Description of trading account statuses:

  • On moderation - you can already use the programs for free on the account. You have activated a test period of 30 calendar days. After checking the account by the moderator, the account status will be changed;
  • Approved - everything is fine with this account. Free access is activated;
  • Stopped - The working time of this account has expired. You can try to extend the account data by writing to support;
  • Denied - the account does not meet the conditions of free access;

Description of the invoice table:

  1. Column "Account number" - contains the numbers of all added accounts;
  2. Column "Broker" - contains the name of the broker providing the account number;
  3. Column "Start date" - contains the start date of account activation;
  4. Column "Stop date" - contains the date the account was blocked;
  5. Column "Status" - contains the status of the account verification, a description of the status of the account verification (Under moderation, Approved, Stopped, Refused);

Adding an invoice to the form


If you encounter problems with financial transactions on https://trading-go.ru /, you can create a request.

Support does not answer questions related to product descriptions, does not provide configuration files, download files, and does not provide information on current discounts and promotions. The response time of technical support can range from 1 hour to 72 hours.

You leave comments, reviews, suggestions for updating programs and error messages on the program pages.


A one-time purchase of the program on the Trading-Go website automatically gives you a discount on all subsequent purchases and lease extensions. The service "Trading-Go Market" has a cumulative discount system. You can increase the discount by leaving a review, making an offer or reporting an error found in the program or on the website. You can leave a review only to the program that you used.

The discount amount can be viewed in your personal account.

Your discounts, discounts on promotions, discounts on promo codes do not add up. When paying, the largest discount is applied.


During the period of promotions, a discount is valid for all programs.

Your discounts, discounts on promotions, discounts on promo codes do not add up. When paying, the largest discount is applied.

Promo codes

Promo code is an alphanumeric code that provides a one-time discount.

Your discounts, discounts on promotions, discounts on promo codes do not add up. When paying, the largest discount is applied.

Buying and renting via Mql5.com Market

Prices in the Trading-Go market and market mql5.com may differ.

Purchase and rent of products through the market mql5.com it happens according to the rules and conditions of the market mql5.com .

Buying a product in the market mql5.com means that you have read and accepted Terms of use of the Market service mql5.com and Agreement on the use of the Market service mql5.com .

You also agree that the digital content you purchased will be available to you immediately and that you will waive your legal right to a refund according to Terms of Use.

Creating an account on Trading-Go

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