Articles and instructions for trading

What is a trading strategy?
A trading strategy, or system, is a set of clearly defined rules and sequence of actions that a trader applies in various market conditions in order to make a profit in the Forex market and other financial markets.
06.04.2024 Read Comments
What is MagicNumber?
Maximum information about MagicNumber. What is this setting, what is it used for, how does it affect trading robots. Most novice traders ask the question: “What is MagicNumber”, and many experienced traders do not know all the properties of this setting, we will reveal as much information as possible
21.03.2024 Read Comments
VR Watch liat and linker instructions
Instructions for using the VR Watch list and Linker screener
12.02.2024 Read Comments
What is a trading robot
A trading robot (advisor) is a computer program that is used to automate the trading process in financial markets. Trading robots can be used by both professional traders and beginners. However, like any tool, trading robots have their advantages and disadvantages.
07.01.2024 Read Comments
General help about Trading-Go Market
General help on the Trading-Go Market, all instructions and solutions to problems are described in this help. How to register, how to buy, how to activate, how to upgrade. All instructions are described step by step.
29.08.2023 Read Comments
How to activate a purchased or rented application in the Trading-Go market
A simple instruction describing the process of activating a purchased or rented application in the Trading-Go market. Answers to frequently asked questions and problem solving.
20.08.2023 Read Comments
How to use all apps without paying
(Free access)
How to get free access and use all programs from the Trading-Go market absolutely free. Terms and full description of free licenses and options for obtaining them.
18.08.2023 Read Comments
How to install or update an application purchased in the Mql5 market
Step-by-step instructions on how to correctly and without errors install or update a trading robot, advisor, indicator or script in the MetaTrader terminal. The instruction is written for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
14.08.2023 Read Comments
How to install an application in MetaTrader
How to install the application for MetaTrader detailed instructions describing the process of installing the application in the MetaTrader terminal. The instruction describes the installation of trading robots (advisors), indicators and scripts.
30.07.2023 Read Comments
How to buy an application for MetaTrader
Detailed instructions on how to buy an application for MetaTrader terminal. Description of the purchase process in the Trading-Go marketplace, description of the purchase process in the Mql5 marketplace. com and description of the purchase process directly in the MetaTrader terminal. Everything is laid out step by step with pictures and videos.
29.07.2023 Read Comments
Support and resistance levels based on Pivot formulas
One of the effective methods for determining market movements both at the current time and in the future is trading using the Pivot strategy
28.07.2023 Read Comments
How to find a free version of a trading robot instead of buying it for money?
Free options for Forex advisors for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for successful Forex trading, tested in real trading. Everything for success!
16.01.2021 Read Comments
5 reasons to become a Trading Go partner
Affiliate program of the Trading-Go market. What is an affiliate program and how can you make money with it.
15.01.2021 Read Comments
The forecast of the Bitcoin situation for 2021
In 2021, cryptocurrencies appeared in the lists of instruments of almost every Forex broker. The reason for their wide adoption and popularity were important differences from fiat currencies.
01.01.2021 Read Comments


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