VR Order History

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Published: 25.08.2014

Updated: 22.12.2017

Version: 17.120

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VR Order History

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The script loads all orders, including positions related to deposits and withdrawals from the trading account.

VR Orders History can upload the trading history for any financial instrument (Currency pairs, CFDs, Futures, BitCoin, Ethereum, and others)

Symbols - trading instrument parameters, leave the field empty to upload the entire history, or enter a list with a dash ( - ) separator(Example: EURUSD-BTCUSD-GBP)
It is possible to upload the trading history according to the list of currencies (GBP-USD-BTC). in this case, the trading history with the specified currencies will be uploaded.
You can upload a hybrid (EUR USD-BTC USD-GBP USD-GOLD-BTC-ETH-_BA-BABA)

The peculiarity of the script is that the script displays the potential profit and loss that could be received, as well as the time of the candle with the potential profit or loss. See screenshots.
The script displays the ratio of Stop Loss to Take Profit and the time during which the order" lived " (Lifetime warranty).

Example of the vr pivot camarilla script


Additional analysis of your trading history will help You:

  • Avoid serious mistakes in the future
  • Identify the most profitable trading instruments
  • Create a heat map of the time of successful trading
  • Analyze your trading history in external analyzers
  • Calculate profits, losses, and volumes for selected instruments, expert advisors, and trading tactics

>Operation algorithm

The script loads and analyzes the trade history, then enters all the data in a csv file


The script does not trade automatically, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


Use the script in conjunction with Your trading strategy


Settings for the VR Orders History script:

  • Separator for excel
  • Separator - the parameter is responsible for substituting a dot or comma in values when uploading to excel, and helps to display data correctly in excel
    • Comma - Comma ( 0,00000 )
    • Point - to-point ( 0.00000 )
  • Filter
  • Type of orders - to upload a report with the types of orders
    • All types of orders - all types of orders
    • Buy - only buy orders
    • Sell - only sell orders
    • Buy limit - a limit order for the purchase
    • Sell limit - limit orders for sale
    • Buy stop - stop purchase orders
    • Sell stop - stop orders for sale
    • Deposit - orders related to Deposit / withdrawal from the Deposit
    • Only market orders - only market orders (Buy and Sell)
    • Only stop orders - only pending orders (Buy stop and Sel stop)
    • Only limit orders - only limit orders (Buy limit and Sell limit)
  • Symbols - trading instrument, leave the field empty to disable the filter or enter a list with a dash ( - ) separator(Example: EURUSD-BTCUSD-GBP)
    It is possible to upload the trading history according to the list of currencies (GBP-USD-BTC). in this case, the trading history with the specified currencies will be uploaded.
    You can upload a hybrid (EURUSD-BTCUSD-GBPUSD-GOLD-BTC-ETH-_BA-BABA-RUR)
  • Magic Number - a unique serial number that advisors use to mark their orders to determine "Your order - Someone else's order". Leave the field empty to disable the filter, it is Possible to upload a set of medjik numbers, the dash separator ( - ) (Example: 0-227-325695-2156- ... 256), in the MetaTrader platform, the magic number 0 is reserved for manual orders.
  • Start time - the time to start collecting information about orders
  • Time of the end - the end time for collecting information about orders
  • Editor columns in the table
  • The number in the list - column with an ordinal number
  • The ticket order - column with the order ticket
  • The symbol of the order - column with the order symbol
  • Trading orders - type of trading operation
  • The number of lots - the number of lots
  • The order open price - the open Price of the order
  • Closing price orders - order closing Price
  • Time order open - order opening Time
  • Closing orders - Time when order was closed
  • A stop Loss order - Stop Loss order
  • Stop Loss order in points - Stop Loss order in points
  • Take Profit orders - Take Profit orders
  • Take Profit orders in pips - Take Profit orders in points
  • Order profit - order Profit
  • Order profit in pips - order Profit in points
  • Swap order - Swap orders
  • The Commission orders - order Commission
  • Comment order - order Comment
  • Order magic number - the Magic number of the order
  • The time of maximum (potential) - The time of maximum price (potential)
  • Time minimum price (potential) - Time of the minimum price (potential)
  • The maximum price (potential) - the Maximum price (potential)
  • The maximum point value (potential) - the Maximum price in points (potential)
  • The minimum price (potential) - the Minimum price (potential)
  • The minimum price points (potential) - the Minimum price in points (potential)
  • The ratio of profit to loss - the ratio of profit to loss
  • Life time warrant - the lifetime of the order



17.120 from 15.12.2017 - added filters by symbol and magic number, made a new description, text and video.

17.110 from 27.11.2017-the Script was completely rewritten from scratch, many improvements and updates were added.


  • Rewrite the script completely

>What's in the archive

The archive contains a file for Metatrader 4 VR-Order History RU.the ex4 Archive contains a file for the Metatrader 4 VR-Order History EN.ex4


Without question

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