VPS servers from Trading-Go

VPS servers from Trading-Go

VPS servers from Trading-Go

Icon year of creation VPS Creation year: 2020

Icon OS VPS OS: Windows server 2012 - 22

Icon Ping VPS Ping: 4ms

Traffic icon VPS Traffic: No limit

Processor icon VPS Processor: Xeon

The icon is the number of cores VPS Kernels: 1-4

Disk icon VPS Disk: SSD

Memory icon VPS Memory: 20-50gb

Memory icon RAM VPS Memory RAM: 1-4gb

Icon Uptime VPS Uptime: 99.99%

Rates icon VPS Tariffs: 4.97$ - 22.10$

Icon preset VPS Preinstallation: MT 4 / 5

Technical support icon VPS Technical support: Ticket

Rent ?
Rent is an opportunity to purchase a product for a certain period of time.
1 month:
4.97$ - 22.10$

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VPS24hour - for any task!
VPS24hour - for any task!

Icon year of creation VPS Creation year: 2019

Icon OS VPS OS: Windows server 2012-22

Icon Ping VPS Ping: 4ms

Traffic icon VPS Traffic: No limit

Processor icon VPS Processor: Xeon Silver

The icon is the number of cores VPS Kernels: 1-4

Disk icon VPS Disk: SSD

Memory icon VPS Memory: from 20-50gb

Memory icon RAM VPS Memory RAM: from 1-4gb

Icon Uptime VPS Uptime: 99.99%

Rates icon VPS Tariffs: from 3-11.50$

Icon preset VPS Preinstallation: МТ 4 / 5

Technical support icon VPS Technical support: Tickets

Modern trading is already difficult to imagine without expert advisors, who without unnecessary emotions 24 hours a day tirelessly clearly follow their trading algorithms. And every trader who uses expert advisors in their trading knows that one of the most important conditions for their correct operation is the availability of a reliable VPS-server.


Important, for timely receipt of messages about technical work on the hosting, we recommend adding the address support@trading-go. ru to the white list.

Trading Go is a portal of trading robots and indicators that offers VPS servers for automated, high-speed and uninterrupted trading in the financial markets.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual PC with predefined or customizable parameters configured to create a secure trading environment for currency speculation. Metatrader terminals running on a rented VPS are protected from power outages, internet, hacker attacks and virus infections, just like a trader's account.

VPS servers for forex

Trading Go virtual servers are managed by Windows server 2012 - the most optimal operating system for Metatrader 4 and 5 in terms of the amount of resources used, which provides:

  • High performance of the virtual machine;
  • Fast and reliable operation of trading robots;
  • Minimum order processing time;
  • Effective remote desktop solution;

VPS servers for forex

In the minimum configuration of the VPS server, the trader receives 20 GB SSD enough to simultaneously run two Metatrader terminals of different versions 4 and 5 or two platforms of the same version . Programs are supported by a CPU with a clock speed of 3 GHz, equipped with high-performance, 1 GB DDR4 RAM.

VPS servers for forex

By choosing the option of renting a VPS on the Trading Go portal, the user receives:

  • Unlimited high-speed internet;
  • Root access with full administrator rights;
  • Reliable virtualization type and dedicated IP address;
  • Access to the support service in your account;
  • Administrative panel of servers based on ISPmanager;

A trader can choose a virtual server rental period for a month, quarter, six months or a year, the cost of rent depends on this. The Trading Go market offers many ways to save money on paying for the purchase of a VPS server for MetaTrader by participating in various promotions, the opportunity to receive various bonuses and discounts.


Tariff VPS-TG1 Tariff VPS-TG2 Tariff VPS-TG3  Tariff VPS-TG4
  • CPU 1 CPU 3,0 GHZ
  • RAM 1 GB
  • SSD 20 GB
  • Traffic unlimited
  • CPU 2 CPU 3,0 GHZ
  • RAM 2 GB
  • SSD 30 GB
  • Traffic unlimited
  • CPU 3 CPU 3,0 GHZ
  • RAM 3 GB
  • SSD 40 GB
  • Traffic unlimited
  • CPU 4 CPU 3,0 GHZ
  • RAM 4 GB
  • SSD 50 GB
  • Traffic unlimited

Price for 1 month 4.97 $

Price for 1 month 9.47 $

Price for 1 month 13.50 $

 Price for 1 month 22.10 $

By default, the software is already pre-installed on the VPS server:

  • Brawser Chrome
  • Terminal MetaTrader 4
  • Terminal MetaTrader 5

Качественные VPS сервера от Trading-Go


How to rent and set up a Trading Go VPS server for trading trading robots

At the initial stage of creating your own VPS server, a trader needs to register a Personal Account.

Open registration form and proceed to filling in personal data by clicking the option “Registration”, as shown in the figure.

VPS server registration form

Carefully fill in the fields with the email address, create a password by re-entering it and specify the name. A trader does not have to use a nickname, he can write his own name in Cyrillic.

Repeat the letters "captcha" to complete the registration. They are not case sensitive, you can enter them without using CapsLock. After filling in all the fields, click the "Register" option below.

Registration of a personal account for a vps server

An email with an activation code will be sent to the specified email address, which may end up in the "Promotions" or "Spam" folder. How to find it in this case, you can find out in a brief instruction. A link to the document is given in the registration form window.

VPS server registration confirmation

The sent letter contains two options for completing the process of opening a Personal Account. The user can return to the above form and enter the code or click directly in the email on the link "Confirm Registration".

Letter with confirmation code

After selecting one of the proposed options, the user's data will be entered into the system. By entering a login in the form of e-mail and a password, the trader will have access to the stage of choosing a tariff plan and server configuration.

Personal account on vps hosting

Choosing a Trading Go VPS server for trading on financial markets

Trading Go Market gives traders VPS servers with three tariff plans, which differ in the number of CPU cores, RAM and ROM memory sizes.

Choosing a virtual server for trading is no different from choosing a computer, the higher the characteristics, the more you can run on the VPS server, trading robots and terminals. In the minimum configuration of VPS-TG1, the VPS server is enough for two Metatraders to work.

After the trader has decided on the characteristics of the rented VPS server, he needs to choose the lease term: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The program will automatically calculate the cost of rent.

vps server order

Payment for the rent of the Trading Go VPS server

The user can pay for the server in several ways:

  • From the account balance of the Personal Account;
  • With the help of the Yandex Money payment system, which accepts bank cards;

Regardless of the choice of payment option, do not forget to read the terms of service by clicking on the link to the document in your Personal Account and check the appropriate box.

Choosing a server payment

If payment from the account balance is selected, the user gets to a special payment form, where he must independently enter the number from the invoice. Personal Account can be replenished with a large amount for the prompt extension of the VPS server lease.

Before paying the server rent, the user must once again agree to the “Terms…” and click the “Top up” button.

Replenishment of the account in the personal account

The invoice contains the amount in dollars, when paying, the Yandex Money servicewill automatically convert it into the national currency.

vps payment methods

The transferred funds can be immediately seen on the balance displayed in the upper right corner of the Personal Account.

Amount in personal account

Now the user must complete the payment of the invoice for renting the Trading Go VPS server, which was generated before the replenishment of the balance, which can be found in the "Payments and products" section. It's located in the sidebar menu.

Payment for vps servers

By clicking the "Pay" button on the account field and choosing the payment option from the account balance, the trader will receive a message with a login and password for access to his own VPS server to launch trading robots and advisors in order to continuously work on the market.

Server payment confirmation

Access to the VPS server for trading on the market

The algorithm for gaining access to the VPS server is described in detail in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, which can be accessed through the "Support" side menu option. It is similar to the remote desktop connection process.

Server Help

In any version of the Windows operating system, this can be done using the "Run" command, the window of which is invoked by the key combination WIN+R. The Remote Desktop Connection Wizard is launched with the "mstsc" command after pressing the "OK" key.

How to open RDP client

The pop-up window must be expanded to the full form in order to fill in the received after payment:

  • IP address of the VPS server (“Computer” field)
  • Server login (field "username"

The trader can accept the option to save the entered data and click "Connect" to start the connection session.

Remote Desktop Connection

In the final window for accessing the VPS server that appears, you must enter a password, checking the option to save credentials. After clicking "OK" and accepting the security certificate, the user will open the Desktop window of the rented server.

Server input

The VPS server has a pre-installed GoogleChrome Internet browser with which you can download and install the latest versions of MetaTrader or transfer installation files from your computer using the Ctrl + C/ Ctrl + V key combination.

Trading Go VPS server lease management interface

Trading Go Market offers traders a simple and intuitive Personal Account interface for managing VPS servers. The main five menu options are placed on the left sidebar.

By clicking "Home", the user can go from any section to the general view of the Personal Account, with the VPS server order window, options for all menu items and a list of frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions about vps

By clicking on the menu item "Active VPS" on the left, the owner of the Personal Account will have access to the list of rented servers, the history of payments, invoices and lease of VPS servers for trading.

List of active vps servers

You can access the "Payments and Products" Personal Account page in two ways - by clicking the corresponding item on the sidebar menu or the "Payments and Servers" button located at the top of the main page page.

Payments and Products

Unlike the menu item discussed above, this section contains data on current, working servers, replenishment of the Cabinet balance and invoices issued for payment.

The trader can once again check the configuration of the ordered server, the VPS rental period and the total amount of the payment. The invoice can be deleted or paid using the corresponding keys displayed in the document field.

Payment, account deletion

The menu item "Profile" is also available from two places - the sidebar on the left and the button with the same name on the main page of the Personal Account. The page provides access to view the e-mail and password specified during registration. Below is a form for changing this personal data.

Personal information in your account

Trading Go Market, together with the services of renting a VPS server for trading, advises clients in the "Support" section, accessible from the side menu bar and the button with the same name, located on the main page of the Personal Account.< /p>

If the user did not find the answer in the list of frequently asked questions, he can write a ticket to the Support Service, attaching files, if necessary, illustrating the problem. The status of the ticket and the response received are tracked in the "History" window of hits on the same page.

VPS customer support

A number of the above functions are programmed into four quick access icons located in the lower left corner of the Personal Account. The user can in one click:

  • Open support page
  • Edit personal data in your account profile or change your password
  • Exit the program

The same options are displayed in the drop-down menu hidden under the Personal Account login in the upper right corner, next to the balance replenishment button.

Additional admin menu

The sidebar menu can be collapsed to a compact view that displays menu items as icons by clicking the dedicated button in the upper left corner next to the Trading Go brand.

Hide menu button


To write a comment, log in Enter


Password recovery Registration

Password recovery Registration
Password request

If you forgot your password, enter your e-mail. The control line for changing the password will be sent to you by e-mail.

A link has been sent to your email address to confirm the E-mail address. To complete the registration, follow this link.

If you have not received an email to your email, check the Spam folder. If there is no letter there either, then contact us.

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