VR Null Bot - algorithm of a virtual network

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Published: 08.07.2018

Updated: 08.07.2018

Version: 17.100

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VR Null Bot - algorithm of a virtual network

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The basis of the expert Advisor is a virtual network of orders. The program calculates prices and lots inside its algorithm. This eliminates the opening of orders that give a large drawdown. Standard grid expert advisors open a network of orders with a total take profit and often without a stop loss. VR NULL-BOT sets take profit and stop loss for all orders. Trading lots in the EA are calculated according to the selected algorithm in the EA settings.


The VR Null Bot Advisor started being developed in may 2016. It took about ten months to fully develop.

Depending on the specified settings, the program can separate groups of orders and work individually with a series of buy orders and a series of sell orders, as well as together with both series of orders.

Trailing stop can work in two modes: point and percentage.

Depending on the set settings, the program can work with fixed stop losses or drag stop losses only in the profitable direction.

>Operation algorithm

Temporarily information is not available


For the current version of the adviser, the yield is not defined.


Temporarily there is no information..


The program has a large number of settings for fine-tuning the trading algorithm.
Type Calculate Orders // profit calculation Type for calculating the following orders

  • All Type      // to take into Account Buying and selling along
  • One Type   // Account for Purchases and Sales separately
Type trade // type of trade
  • All // All directions
  • Only Buy // only purchases
  • Only Sell // only sales
* Take Profit // profit Taking
* Plus Take Profit // Additional profit for a compensating order
* Stop Loss // fixing losses
Type Trailing // type of trailing stop
  • Percent // Trailing as a percentage
  • * Point // Trailing stop in points
* Trailing Stop // number of percentages or points
  • NewBar // Open orders at a new bar or independently
  • Start Lots // Minimum starting lot
  • Calculate Lots // lot calculation Type start Lots // minimum lot Only
  • Martingale // multiplying the lot by 2
  • FiboLots // calculating the lot by Fibo (1,1,2,3,5,8,13) MultLots // Multiplying the starting lot by the number of losing orders in the series
Info Panel // Enabling
Magic Number
* Slippage
* Dependence on the number of digits after the decimal point. In other words, if a 4-digit Take Profit broker specified 50 points, then a 5-digit broker will have 50*10=500 points
For a 5-digit broker, specify 500 in the settings for a 4-digit 50.



17.100 - First version


Rewrite the program and port it to MT 5

>What's in the archive

The archive contains a file:
VR-Null-Bot.ex4 for MetaTrader 4


Without question.

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