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VR Watch list and Linker – Screener for MetaTrader
VR Watch list and Linker – Screener for MetaTrader

Icon of the program version Version: 24.050

Icon program update date Updated: 02.05.2024

Icon date the program was added Added: 01.07.2015

License: Paid-Free

One-time purchase: 98$48$

Rent: from 30$from 28$

Financial instruments screener for manual search and selection of the most interesting and liquid financial instruments. Designed for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals. The best solution for trading stocks.

VR Trade Panel - online trading? Easy!
VR Trade Panel - online trading? Easy!

Icon of the program version Version: 16.120

Icon program update date Updated: 22.12.2016

Icon date the program was added Added: 17.11.2014

License: Shareware

One-time purchase: 0$

Rent: from 0$

Multi-functional trading panel with the ability to work in two modes, virtual and real. Easy and reliable order management directly on the chart! Instant closing of all orders or just a flip

Forex – Crypto advisor VR&nbspSmart&nbspGrid
Forex – Crypto advisor VR Smart Grid

Icon of the program version Version: 22.017

Icon program update date Updated: 03.02.2022

Icon date the program was added Added: 27.03.2018

License: Paid-Free

One-time purchase: 169$

Rent: from 30$

VR Smart Grid is a Smart Trading Expert Advisor capable of closing many market positions in batches with small profits. Closing in small batches allows loss-making positions to be reduced quickly and efficiently.

Have you ever thought about how often you do advertising without realizing it? After all, every day we share our impressions about products and things, demonstrate our car, jacket and boots on the street. If you are a trader, then you probably share screenshots, indicators, your thoughts,analytics and forecasts every day. Thus, every day we communicate and tell each other something new, thereby drawing attention to different things and advertising them.

There are other types of advertising: on television, on the Internet. However, the effectiveness of these types of advertising decreases every day, the cost increases, andthe result isonly irritation of the viewer.

One of the most effective methods of promotion is “partnership”, which is also known as “word of mouth”. This article will talk about a method of earning money with zero investment, which does not require any commissions, royalties, fees, deposits, contributions and investments.


What is a partnership?

Partnership is a mutually beneficial cooperation with a service or enterprise aimed at promoting its goods or services. Today, thousands of businesses, including such giants as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Oriflame and Avon, use affiliate programs to promote their products and services. Moreover, even on social networks there is the possibility of earning money through affiliate programs.

In the field of trading, an affiliate program can be offered by a broker or a dealing center, and the partner is a trader who actively trades and talks about the services provided by the broker. The Partner Trader receives a monetary reward for attracting new traders, investors and managers. The amount of remuneration is determined by the broker and is calculated based on the spread or commission paid by the trading traders.

Let's give an example: Trader Ivan entered into a partnership agreement with a broker and attracted five new traders to him. Each of the new traders made ten transactions during the trading process, with the total amount of spread and commissions amounting to $100. According to the terms of the partnership agreement, Ivan’s remuneration is 50% of the spread amount. Thus, Ivan earned 50 dollars. Everything is extremely simple: the trader talks about the broker’s services, and the broker pays for the activity of invited traders.

Who can become a partner?

Anyone can  earn money by attracting new traders, even if their activities are not directly related to financial markets. There are several categories of people for whom participation in the program will be especially successful:

Bloggers. If you have your own group on social networks or a blog dedicated to the topic of trading, then you can earn money by posting information about the broker on your Internet resource, trading methods, programs and much more. By placing a link to a broker, all new traders will be registered with you.

Administrators of websites and advertising platforms. Your own online resource is an excellent tool for promoting a service and an effective way of finding clients. Several review articles, a couple of screenshots from the MetaTrader terminal with programs will help your traders in trading on financial markets, and you will receive financial reward.

Ordinary traders It is not necessary to have your own channel or website. You can attract clients by any means that do not contradict laws and ethical standards (spam, aggressive marketing, promise or guarantee of profit, fraud or fraud, etc.). Surely every trader has friends who trade in the financial market. The method of receiving traffic can be any: forums, mailing lists, invitations through chats, and so on. You are not limited in this.

What are the advantages of partnership?

Partnership activity has a number of important advantages. It doesn't require a lot of effort, doesn't take up extra time, doesn't require investment or deep knowledge. You are not doing anything new, you are doing the same thing as always: sharing screenshots, analytics, your work. Only now for this you will receive additional income.

Multi-level affiliate program

A partner can attract not only new traders, but also attract new partners to work with the broker. They are called sub-affiliates. The partner who attracted them also receives a reward for the activity of traders invited bysub-partners. The reward is smaller, but the sub-partner is also responsible for attracting traders.

Such a system is not something new and is very similar to the work of MLM marketing companies such as Oriflame, Avon or AmWay. Our resource - Trading-Go - is a major partner of several brokers, and helps its sub-partners in attracting new traders.

Unlimited income

There are no restrictions on the amount of income. It depends on how actively you attract traders. One partner can bring 10 people or less, while the other can bring more than 100. Their income, accordingly, will also differ by an order of magnitude. Therefore, it is profitableto expand your client network as actively as possible.

Passive income

Partnership allows you to earn passively - after a certain stage, the affiliate network will generate income without requiring your participation. The more traders you invite, the higher your income will be in the future. In addition, thanks to a multi-level affiliate program, the network can scale independently, from which income will grow “by itself.”

The opportunity to earn income without investments and risks

Partnership activity does not require any investment at the initial stage. Over time, receiving income, you can invest in content, a blog, a website. As for risks, the only thing you risk is missing out on the opportunity to receive additional income. Most partners attract several traders and stop there. Several referrals can givemonthly incomefrom 10 dollars, and this is at least payment for the Internet. If there are not 10, but 100 invited traders, then the income can be many times greater than the current salary.

How quickly can you make a profit

It all depends on how much effort you put into promotion. With the right approach, you can achieve passive income of $100 or more in just the first month. As you gain experience, your income will only increase. The more effort you put in, the more income you will receive. Fortunately, there are now many articles, lessons and other materials on working with affiliate programs on the Internet. Everything can be learned in a short time.

Disadvantages of affiliate programs

The only negative is the possibility of missing your chance. There are no risks, and there is no great effort either. You just need to take it and do it.

Sub-partnership with Trading-Go

Our resource is a major partner of several brokers, which allow us to attract new partners. That is, by concluding a partnership agreement with a broker, our sub-partner has full access to our programs, indicators, advisors, and scripts. This is a powerful tool in attracting new traders, all traders who arepart of the Trading-Goaffiliate group, regardless of whether they are recruited directly or recruited through partners, can all use the paid programsfor free !


Our advantages

  1. Our portal presents dozens of quality programs, indicators, scripts, strategies. By posting reviews, articles and recommendations, you can easily find new traders. You don't need to create something yourself, learn programming languages and create strategies. Everything is already ready, so you can use all these resources in your work.
  2. Our programs are expensive, a lot of effort and time are invested in them, but for partners and clients of partners, all programs become free.
  3. We are constantly creating new unique programs and updates to already published programs. We have our own view of the market, thanks to this our programs have beendownloaded more than 500,000 times.
  4. Technical support. We have answers to all questions, we communicate with traders and take care of all technical support work.
  5. Main advantage: we are interested in the success of all traders. This is our main goal - the more a trader earns, the more lots he will trade and the greater our income and the income of our partners will be.

How to become a sub-affiliate of Trading-Go

Just take three simple steps:

  • Request a partner code from the resource administrator and find out about the terms of the affiliate program
  • Open a personal account with the broker you will work with.
  • Get started and develop your own client network.

Send a request for cooperation via telegram to administrator.


Now there are quite a lot of ways to earn income from the Internet, we have looked at one of the less risky and quite profitable ones. Think at your leisure, only three steps separate you from your first income.


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