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Forex – Crypto Advisor VR Black Box
Forex – Crypto Advisor VR Black Box

Icon of the program version Version: 22.021

Icon program update date Updated: 24.02.2022

Icon date the program was added Added: 22.08.2017

License: Paid-Free

One-time purchase: 122$

Rent: from 30$

The trading strategy is similar to the swing strategy, if we made a wrong purchase, then we make a sale. Algorithms for protection against high-risk situations is an interesting feature of this program. VR Black Box uses real Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, and can also use virtual levels, while using real levels, the expert adviser hides virtual levels. I started developing this trading strategy in 2009. A large number of improvements and modifications have been implemented in the VR Black Box expert adviser over this more than ten-year period.

VR Trade Panel - online trading? Easy!
VR Trade Panel - online trading? Easy!

Icon of the program version Version: 16.120

Icon program update date Updated: 22.12.2016

Icon date the program was added Added: 17.11.2014

License: Shareware

One-time purchase: 0$

Rent: from 0$

Multi-functional trading panel with the ability to work in two modes, virtual and real. Easy and reliable order management directly on the chart! Instant closing of all orders or just a flip

VR Close All - Close all orders if ...
VR Close All - Close all orders if ...

Icon of the program version Version: 17.100

Icon program update date Updated: 12.08.2015

Icon date the program was added Added: 04.08.2015

License: Free

One-time purchase: 0$

Rent: from 0$

Designed for closing/deleting all orders in the terminal. It helps to fix profit or loss on the entire trading account.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an integral part of trading activities. This is the machine that hosts all the necessary software and stores all the data for the effective functioning of the trading terminal or other trading-related applications.

It is called virtual because it uses only part of the physical resources of a physical server, which is managed by a third-party provider. Thus, VPS allows traders to have their own remote server, which works around the clockand is accessible from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. This is especially important for traders working in financial markets, where every second and connection stability matters.

What is

Benefits of renting a VPS

  • Simplicity of organizing the operation of one or several trading terminals.
  • Continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Stable operation of trading terminals.
  • Access from anywhere in the world.
  • Access data from any modern device.
  • Ability to deploy a fleet of different terminals.
  • Server maintenance by competent administrators, without access to user data.
  • Unlimited, high-speed Internet.
  • Most data centers with VPS servers are located next to broker servers.
  • Lowest ping to broker servers.

What is

What are VPS servers used for in trading?

VPS servers provide traders with the opportunity to organize continuous operation of trading robots or even a whole fleet of such robots. The power of a particular VPS server determines the number of trading terminals that can be deployed. One such server allows you to launch dozens of trading robots simultaneously. This significantly increases trading efficiency and allows the trader to quickly respond to market changes.

Traders often resort to using VPS servers to run several trading terminals simultaneously. Each of these terminals is capable of supporting the operation ofmore than one trading robot. This feature allows traders to test dozens of different trading strategies in conditions that are as close to reality as possible. This approach gives the most accurate picture of the operation of automated trading systems. Observing the work of a trading robot on a VPS server helps a trader evaluate the effectiveness of its work in real market conditions.

What should not be done on VPS servers?

VPS servers are not intended for running testing of trading robots, as this may lead to malfunctions in their operation. In most cases, theVPS server will simply shut downor you will lose access to it. In addition, administrators monitor the load on the VPS server, and if it exceeds the permissible level, the VPS server can be blocked. VPS servers are designed for normal operation of trading terminals.

On VPS servers intended for trading it is not recommended to run third-party applications, including programs for sending messages or email. If the administrators discover that you are engaged in spamming or any other illegal activity, your VPS server will be blockedwithout the possibility of recovery and with a complete blocking of your account.

What is

What is important to know when choosing a server?

  • Characteristics of the server you are ordering.
  • Server rental cost.
  • Availability of technical support.
  • Operating systems of the Windows family have their own system requirements; when you order a server, the operating system installed on this server will consume the resource you ordered, and accordingly there will be fewer resources left for the operation of the Meta Trader 4 terminal.
  • Minimum system requirements for Windows Server 2003
  • Minimum processor frequency 550 MHz
  • Minimum amount of RAM 1 GB.
  • Minimum disk space for installation is 10 GB.

Minimum system requirements for Windows Server 2008

  • Recommended processor frequency 2 GHz or higher
  • Recommended amount of RAM 2 GB.
  • Disk space for installation 10 GB.
  • System requirements for the MetaTrader terminal are limited to the system requirements of the operating system.
  • Thus, on Windows server 2003 with the tariff (Processor 1000 MHz, RAM 512 MB), without problems, you can run one, maximum two copies of the MetaTrader terminal. The amount of resources consumed by the terminal also depends on the quality of the trading robot’s code.
  • Memory for installing the terminal can be from 40 MB + the size of the history you uploaded.

You can rent an inexpensive VPS server using link.


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