Free access to programs on the Trading-Go website

Free access allows you to use all programs on the site for free without purchasing a paid license.

For real and competitive accounts

Free access is only available for real and competitive accounts opened with our partners. You can apply for free access via in the form by this link.

For demo and training accounts

All programs on demo and training accounts work without restrictions, without activations, and without keys. You do not need to apply for free access.

Free access advantages
  1. Everything is free, there is no need to buy anything.
  2. All updates are free.
  3. Free technical support from the developer.
  4. There are no restrictions on the minimum balance on the trader's deposit.
  5. There is no mandatory trading requirement for the account.
  6. You can use all the programs on any computer, on any MetaTrader terminal.
  7. Any VPS server running on Windows are allowed, there are no restrictions on functionality.
  8. There are no restrictions on the number of programs, you can use everything at once.
  9. You will never forget or lose the key that activates the program. all keys and activations are stored on our servers and are automatically sent to the programs at the first launch.
Restrictions on free access

Free access is only available for real accounts of our partners, provided that your account is included in the partner group. The list of partners is available via the link. Each partner has instructions on how to open a real account to get free access. Each partner also has instructions on what to do if you already have a real account with our partner.

For programs on the website there are three types of licenses:
Free - the license allows you to use the program for free, without restrictions. No additional actions are required.
Shareware - the license allows you to use all programs for free, but only with partner brokers.
Paid or free - the License allows you to use all programs for free, but only with partner brokers, and also allows you to buy the program through marke. Before purchasing, be sure to read the Market service terms of use And the Market service user agreement

The program activation process occurs automatically when the program is first launched on a real account that meet the free access conditions. An adviser, indicator, or script automatically requests a key from the activation server. You do not need to enter any keys, you do not need to store and select keys for each trading account. The entire process of checking for free access is done automatically by the program itself. Activation is checked periodically while the program is running.

How does activation

If everything is done correctly, the terminal will have a happy smiley for MetaTrader 4 in the upper right corner, and a man with a green arrow for MetaTrader 5 as shown in the picture

Below the icon, a black smiley will appear - when you click on it it opens a window with information about the license.

The window contains full information about free access.

Below are the link buttons to go to the site and the link buttons to subscribe to the news of the Trading-Go project.

An application form for free access is available by the link.

How to fill out an application

Enter your name in the name field

Enter your work email in the mail field

Enter the REAL account number in the invoice field. you don't need to fill out the form if you have a training or demo account.

In the "broker" field, select the name of the broker who registered the real account.

In the "terminal" field, select the terminal for which a real account is opened

The "coupon" field is filled in only if Y=you have a coupon for the test period for a real account. If there is no coupon, leave the field empty.

After clicking the submit button you will be redirected to a page with information about the current activation status

How to fill out an application

The activation status page has a link that you can use to track the activation verification status at any time. There are also technical support contacts on the page, which you can use if your account has not received free access after 48 hours.

We periodically distribute free coupons for promotional purposes. Coupons allow anyone to test and check the performance of our programs on real accounts with any broker. The coupon is issued to a trader who has received free access. the trader cannot use the coupon himself, but can give the coupon to a colleague or friend. You don't need coupons for demo or training accounts!

Advantages of coupons:
60 days of work on a real account
You can use it with any broker

The coupon can only be used once and only when using our programs for the first time. If you have previously used a coupon or received free access to our programs, you will not be able to activate a new coupon. You can give your coupon to any other trader.

Instructions for installing expert advisors, indicators, scripts, and other additional files are the same for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
Step 1. Open The MetaTrader terminal you want to install the program for.
Step 2. Go to the top left for "File", then "Open data directory". The folder of the MetaTrader terminal opens.
Step 3. Go to the MQL 4 folder for MetaTrader 4 or for the MQL 5 folder for MetaTrader 5.
Step 4. Place files in folders:

Where to install Advisor

Question: I received a notification about successful activation, but the program still doesn't work?

Answer: For expert advisors, indicators, and scripts to work in your MetaTrader terminal, DLL libraries importmust be enabled. You can enable DLL Import in the following way: open the MetaTrader terminal, click on the button in the "Tools" menu, then click "Settings“ - a window will appear where you need to select the ”Expert Advisors“ tab, then check the ”Allow DLL import" box. We do not use third-party DLL libraries. All programs use the OS Windows system libraries. The "Auto-trade" button must also be pressed for automatic trading.

Notification of successful activation Notification of successful activation

Question: : I opened an account according to the instructions, but nothing happens, what did I do wrong?

Answer: Probably, you have not sent a request for activation. all real accounts must apply via a special form that can be opened by clicking on the link. All applications for free access are checked manually. the application verification may take up to 48 hours, but usually takes no more than an hour.

Question: How can I find out about the new version of the program??

Новая версия программы

Answer: All programs with versions 20.000 and older will automatically check for updates. Once every 15 days, the program checks for a new version, and if there is a new version, the user will receive a notification with a button to go to the page with a description of the update and an archive for downloading.

Вопрос: I got some kind of coupon, how do I use it?

Answer: For advertising purposes, we sometimes distribute two-month coupons, which anyone can use to test the operation of all programs on a real account with any broker. The coupon is also given to any trader who has received free access to the programs. The trader cannot use this coupon himself but can give it to any other trader. If you have a coupon or someone gave It to you, you can enjoy free access to our programs.

Question: I want to order a program from you, how do I do it?

Answer: We do not create, modify, fix, or upgrade programs on demand.

Question: How do I buy a program I like?

Answer: You can buy any of our programs directly in your MetaTrader terminal. To do this, go to the "market" tab, search for the program you are interested in, and follow the terminal's instructions. Follow the steps in the detailed instructions "How to buy and rent a program for MetaTrader"

How to buy the program

Question: My broker is not in the list of your partners, how can I get free access?

Answer: We work with a specific list of partners, if your broker is not in the list, you can use a coupon for two months. You can get a coupon during a promotion or get it from a user who has received free access to the programs.

Question: Can I buy activation?

Answer: At the moment, you can't buy activation neither for all programs or any one single program. You can buy the programs you like directly in your MetaTrader terminal, in the "market" tab.

Question: Where can I get a coupon?

Answer: You can get a coupon from another trader who received free access or on the page with coupons issued to everyone for promotional purposes. Ask your friends if they might have a free coupon. You can go to the coupon page by clicking here.

Question: How does technical support work?

Answer: In case of problems, in some situations, to help the user, we may need a direct connection to the user's computer. You can use third-party software: TeamViewer or AnyDesk, preferably AnyDesk. When using TeamViewer, you provide the technical support with a Username (consisting of digits) and password, when using AnyDesk, only the username and when connecting the technical support allow access. You do not perform any actions or manipulations with your equipment while the support team is working. In the process of providing technical assistance, employees perform work online in your presence and under your supervision. You may be given recommendations on how to fix problems with your hardware yourself. Download the latest version of AnyDesk or TeamViewer.

You haven't find the answer to your question? Write to us and we will respond - you can use technical support contacts.

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