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VR Calculate Martingale Trader Calculator


The VR Calculate Martingale indicator is a calculator for real or virtual orders and positions. The program allows the trader to calculate the average price of positions, regardless of their direction (buy/sell), relative to the current rate or the rate independently set by the trader.

With the help of the VR Calculate Martingale indicator, a trader can calculate the margin before making real trades. The indicator allows you to manually plot the price labels of positions in the places of the expected market entries. All calculation is done on the basis of virtual orders, which allows you to calculate scenarios without risk. Indicator interface is simple and intuitive, most actions are done with mouse.

calculator of orders and positions

Each virtual position of the VR Calculate Martingale calculator has its own set of options that allow you to:

  • Increase / decrease the position lot
  • To set the take profit/stop loss for each conditionally open transaction
  • Combine transactions into a grid or "separate" them into different series of transactions
  • Calculate the future amount of profit / loss relative to the rate set by a special label

In the VR Calculate Martingale information window, you can calculate the lot and the total trading result for all conditional trades. This is very convenient for traders who use the indicator as a calculator for Forex strategies: Grid, Martingale and Lock.

In the Grid strategy, the trader must keep the exit level at zero for all trades near the average Bollinger line with standard values to avoid a loss. VR Calculate Martingale can pre-calculate this value and the next entry point to the market.

Average share price calculation

In the Martingale strategy, it is important to correctly determine the increase factor for each subsequent trade, so that there is enough margin to hold all positions. Traders have to use Excel spreadsheets for such calculations, but the VR Calculate Martingale forex calculator can handle this task in a few clicks on the chart.

When locking orders, for example, using the "VR System" strategy, it is important for the trader to determine the unlocking points of the Lock in advance. This can be easily done with the VR Calculate Martingale price tag.

Indicator features:

  • You can calculate your grid trading results
  • You can build a grid both in the direction of selling and buying at the same time.
  • You can build up to 7 grids simultaneously.
  • You can specify different volumes of orders and calculate everything in advance on the chart.
  • You can calculate profit for take profit by setting the price manually, dragging the label with the mouse or specifying the number of points.
  • You can calculate the loss for the stop loss by setting the price manually, dragging the label with the mouse or specifying the number of points.
  • You can calculate the average price for a group of orders at which all orders will be closed at zero or the specified profit.
  • You can calculate the average price if you have multiple buy and sell orders.
  • You can calculate collateral requirements for one or more orders.
  • Indicator works on any timeframe and with any financial instrument (Forex, CFD, Crypto, Metalls, Futures)
  • You can run multiple copies of the indicator on the same chart, just be sure to change the indicator prefix in settings.
  • The main menu of the indicator shows the total profit, the number of orders, the amount of margin and profit or loss.


If your lots are not constant and you have several orders in the market, it is very important to know the breakeven price. The price at which all orders can be closed at zero or a small profit.

  • VR Calculate Martingale - calculator for Metatrader is distributed for free, works in both versions of this program, so it is available to most traders.
  • The indicator can be used immediately after being attached to the chart, the principle of placing order labels is quite simple and understandable for beginners and professionals.
  • VR Calculate Martingale is ideal as a stock and cryptocurrency averaging calculator for Michael Edelson's "Value Averaging" strategy, very popular in the Wallsreetbets community and implemented on the Coinbase and Binance crypto exchanges
  • In the position averaging calculator mode, VR Calculate Martingale calculates the margin of up to 7 independent grids. This allows the trader to increase the number of traded instruments, significantly reduce the current loss by hedging positions in different types of the market.

Algorithm of operation

Drag the VR Calculate Martingale trading calculator to the selected chart of a currency pair or other instrument. The indicator can be used with the default settings, having previously determined the position of the price tag, setting it to the level of the current or arbitrary price.

Moving the price tag and orders is carried out by using the mouse to capture the notch protruding on the right. Positions are opened by pressing the Buy and Sell buttons in the main information window of the indicator, which can be moved to any place on the chart.

This main informer contains five lines for calculation:

  • Lots – the sum of lots of orders for the purchase and sale
  • Orders – the number of open Buy/Sell order labels on the chart
  • Margin – the margin used to open virtual positions
  • Profit – profit calculated separately for Buy and Sell orders
  • Live Profit – profit of open positions and orders
  • All Profit – total profit, the amount of profit and loss of open orders and positions plus closed positions

All calculations in this table are made relative to the price tag, not the current price of the instrument on the chart. The trader independently chooses the number and location of virtual orders. Each of them has its own set of options:

  1. Order number
  2. Panel for controlling the level of profit and loss Take profit/Stop Loss
  3. The option of combining the orders into groups
  4. The type of Buy or Sell order that the user can change at any time
  5. The option to select the order status – by default, it is in the "Open" position, but the trader can choose: close the position at the current price, at the Take Profit/Stop Loss level, or remove it from the calculation systems
  6. Lot size field (can be changed manually)
  7. The price field displays the current level on the chart, but can be changed manually, the order is automatically moved to a new place on the chart
  8. Window of the current profit or loss calculated relative to the price tag
  9. The button to change the position of the position to the left or to the right

Virtual Position Control Menu

The order options allow the trader to see in advance the profit from the Take profit or Stop Loss set manually, or set by specific price levels or items entered manually in the drop-down menu (2). These orders are deleted with a single click on the name Take profit or Stop Loss.

All orders closed by the trader are automatically moved to the upper-left corner of the chart with the display of their financial result in the VR Calculate Martingale main window. This list can be edited via the status option (5), changing the "Close" state to "Delete" for deletion, or "Open" to re-display the position on the chart field.

To calculate the average price of positions, you need to link several orders in one network by selecting the same letter for all orders in option (3). The average price will automatically appear on the chart, at which all orders associated with it with rays will close at zero.

The position averaging calculator automatically changes all the indicators of the built network, when edited by a trader:

  • Lot size
  • Order Directions
  • Adding and deleting related items

Moving the price tag across the chart field, the trader can see in the main informer window of VR Calculate Martingale how the overall financial result of the order grid you built will change, depending on the predicted (simulated) trend.

A trader can build up to seven networks on a single chart, each of which will have its own averaging price. To disband a union or any order, select the "tilde" icon in option (3).


The VR Calculate Martingale trader calculator conveniently visualizes Grid and Martingale calculations. This allows the trader to increase the profitability of strategies, effectively using the margin, adjusting the grid averaging, to the most likely level of closing losses.

With the help of VR Calculate Martingale, you can easily calculate the "knees" of the grid, quickly taking into account price changes on the chart.

Using VR Calculate Martingale in the stock calculator mode will help the trader maximize the profitability of strategies by selecting the calendar moment of monthly or weekly investments.

The indicator is indispensable for trading within the range in the strategy of "night" trading, helping to average positions to zero, when price fluctuations go beyond the support or resistance.

forex calculator


The VR Calculate Martingale Position Calculator is more effective when used with other trading indicators. For example, the Bollinger lines or ATR levels will help determine the points of the most likely price rebound, which open the opportunity to close the grid "to zero" or increase the position to get a profit.

With a trend-following strategy, VR Calculate Martingale can be used to calculate the entry to a trade to keep the average price of positions far enough away from the current quotes.

The indicator is indispensable in pair trading arbitrage strategies for calculating compensation when the spread between two stocks, commodities or currency pairs with stable correlations increases. The trader can calculate in advance how much one of the positions can be increased to compensate for this growth.

When trading the martingale strategy, the trader must pre-calculate the total margin position, the maximum number of bends and the increase of the coefficient positions. In case of long-term grid retention, it is necessary to insure the trading process with the help of VPS in order to avoid disconnection from the broker's servers.

Examples of working with the indicator:


  • Element size - settings for the elements dimensions
    • Width of graphic objects - width of graphic objects
    • Height of graphic objects - height of graphic objects
    • Text size - text size
    • Tooltips / Training - useful tips and hints
  • Virtual order settings - virtual order settings
    • TakeProfit by default - TakeProfit by default
    • StopLoss by default - StopLoss by default
    • Lots by default - lots by default
  • Prefix settings - prefix settings
    • Object prefix - objects prefix
  • Color scheme settings - color scheme settings
    • Color Scheme - color scheme
    • Buy color - Buy orders color 
    • Sell color - Sell orders color
    • Background color - background color
    • Loss color - loss color 
    • Profit color - profit color 
    • Color of the text on the buttons - color of the text on the buttons
    • Color of the virtual price label - color of the virtual price label
    • Network A color - Network A color
    • Network B color - Network B color
    • Network C color - Network C color
    • Network D color - Network D color
    • Network E color - Network E color
    • Network F color - Network F color
    • Network G color - Network G color
    • Network J color - Network J color



Version 21.020 - 09.02.2021

  1. Fixed display of Stop Loss and Take Profit in points; previously, when setting values, the value was displayed 1 point less.
    Everything is working correctly now!
  2. Earlier, if the virtual order of the calculator was closed by Stop Loss, Take Profit, then when the order returns to the market, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels
    stayed outside the schedule. The levels now work correctly and return to their places.
  3. Earlier, when building several networks of orders and changing groupings, averaging lines could remain in the process of work.
    Now everything works correctly, disabled groups hide the averaging lines in time.
  4. Previously, when changing the color scheme, the color changed only for virtual orders. The color of the information panel did not change.
    This is now fixed and works correctly.
  5. Added display of profit and loss values ​​to buttons for closing a virtual position.
Update history - latest 5 versions

Version 21.011 - 27.01.2021


  • In some cases, the lines indicating take profit and stop loss could have the status ray and continue beyond the chart. I fixed this, now the lines clearly end at the text marks.
  • In some cases, if a trader moved a text label with a take profit, stop loss, or average price to the left, the label could return to its place and not be fixed. Now the label will be returned if it is more than 3000 bars to the left.


  • By default, the indicator is assigned a light color scheme, you can change it to another one through the indicator settings.

Version 21.010 - 23.01.2021

In this update, several new features have been added to the VR Calculate Martingale indicator.

  • Attaching virtual orders to real ones is an opportunity to impose virtual copies of orders on real market positions. Thanks to this, with the help of the indicator, you can now calculate the future development of market situations, calculate lots, new prices, and averaging prices.
  • Virtual order reversal - this feature allows you to turn virtual orders to the right and to the left.
  • The calculator has a help in Russian and English languages.
  • Updated video instructions.

Fixes and improvements have affected the entire indicator code. A complete revision of all the functions of the order calculator was carried out.

Corrections that have been made:

  • Now the indicator works correctly when changing the time frame. In previous versions, all virtual orders could be reset to zero.
  • When you remove the indicator, now all your objects are deleted properly, previously part of the objects could remain.

VR Calculate Martingale order and position calculator has received several new color schemes, you can choose a ready-made color scheme or customize your own.

Version 19.112 - 13.11.2019

Removed system hints.

Improved and optimized the process of opening orders, now after clicking on the Buy or Sell button, the trader clicks on the place on the chart where he wants to place the order

The price tag appears next to the first order

After closing, the order is moved to the upper-left corner, when the order is reactivated from the closed list, the order returns to the place from which it was closed.

Version 19.111 - 04.11.2019

The amount of collateral is now counted correctly.

Live Profit - Calculates the profit of open orders
All Profit - Calculates the entire profit of closed and open orders

To hide the update history


Bug fixes and behavior corrections.

What's in the archive

For MetaTrader 4

  • VR-Calculate-Martingale-RU.ex4 - Russian version program file
  • VR-Calculate-Martingale-EN.ex4 - English version program file

For MetaTrader 5

  • VR-Calculate-Martingale-RU.ex5 - Russian version program file
  • VR-Calculate-Martingale-EN.ex5 - English version program file


Question: What strategies can the indicator calculate?

Answer: the indicator can calculate absolutely any trading strategies. Swings, tumblers, avalanches - anything. Strategies using the take profit and stop loss with an increase in the lot. The indicator gives the trader complete freedom in calculations.

Question: How difficult is it to run the program?

Answer: The program starts after it is attached to the chart, the trader can immediately start placing orders using the default settings

Question: Can I calculate buy orders separately from sell orders?

Answer: Yes. Use the option to combine orders into groups by marking the Sell position with one letter and the Buy position with the other letter.

Question: Where can I find a list of brokers that support VR Calculate Martingale indicator?

Answer: The indicator works for all Forex brokers using the Metatrader platform

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