VR Template Switcher - work with templates

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Published: 17.05.2020

Updated: 10.07.2020

Version: 20.070

Downloaded: 86

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Size: 2.24Mb

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VR Template Switcher - work with templates


VR Template Switcher is a powerful tool designed as an indicator that allows a trader to manage chart templates in the MetaTrader terminal with a single mouse click. Now you will be able to scroll, save, load, and even sync templates with other MetaTrader terminals on Your computer without any problems. Working with the program is easy and simple, everything is done on the principle of "Installed, configured and forgot about it".

Работа с шаблонами в метатрейдер

Утилита для работы с шаблонами МетаТрейдер в шаблон Как работать с шаблонами в метатрейдер


  • The ability to work with templates in one click.
  • Automatic saving of templates.
  • A one-click backup of important, working templates.
  • In one click, templates are synced with other MetaTrader terminals on your computer.
  • You can enable automatic template changes with a specified time period in one click.
  • It is suitable for both novice and professional traders.
  • It works on any financial instruments (Forex, CFD, Crypto, Metalls, Futures).
  • Two versions have been implemented for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
  • It is easy to install and configure, the program is accompanied by text and video instructions.

>Operation algorithm

The program's algorithm is built in such a way that the program works with a separate local folder in the MetaTrader terminal. Templates saved by the trader using the standard terminal method are not managed by the VR Template Switcher program. Therefore, the standard templates will not be changed.

Important! With whatever settings of the VR Template Switcher indicator you will save the template, with these settings of the indicator the template will be loaded in the future.

Transferring pre-made standard templates when you first launch VR Template Switcher.

To transfer ready-made templates or those templates that were made earlier, you have to upload the template to the chart at least once and install the VR Template Switcher indicator. when you change the template, VR Template Switcher will make a copy of the template in its local working folder. In the future, VR Template Switcher will load the saved template from its working folder.

Creating templates backup copies.

VR Template Switcher can create backup copies of templates in the local folder of the running terminal, the folder is called Backup.

  • When creating a backup, files that are moved to the Backup folder have the highest priority. This means that before writing them, the backup folder will be cleared and then new files will be copied to it.

  • When restoring a backup, the files being restored have the highest priority. This means that if the template names in the local work folder and in the backup folder match, the template in the local work folder will be overwritten. when restoring templates from backup, the local folder will not be cleared. Templates that don't exist are restored, and templates with the same names are overwritten.

Synchronization of templates between MetaTrader terminals within the same computer.

VR Template Switcher can synchronize templates between all the MetaTrader terminals installed on the same computer.

Important! If you are syncing between the terminals of different brokers and one of the terminals has a prefix for symbols, you need to specify this prefix in the indicator settings. Customization: "Symbol prefix (.m, _i, .x ...)"

In each synced MetaTrader terminal, the VR Template Switcher indicator must be located in the same folder in the same folder. If the indicator is located in a different folder or folder, syncing will not work correctly.

  • When creating syncing, files that are sent or received have the highest priority. This means that when sending files for syncing, the folder for syncing will first be cleared and then template files will be written to it.

  • When getting files from the sync folder, the downloaded files have the highest priority. This means that if the names of the downloaded file and the file in the local folder match, the file in the local folder will be overwritten. Files that are not in the local folder will be written as new without overwriting.

In simple terms, syncing-template files that you send to other terminals are "Main", files that you upload from syncing to the terminal are also "main". If the file names match, the "main" file will remain in the folder. if the downloaded file is not in the terminal, it will be saved as a new one.


The indicator does not make trades, does not show trading signals, and is designed for comfortable work with chart templates.


  • If you put a (!) sign in the template name, this template will not sync with other terminals.
  • If you write the Ticker of a financial instrument, such as eurusd, in the template name, the chart of the EURUSD currency pair will automatically open when switching to this template. It doesn't matter if the letters are uppercase or lowercase - it doesn't matter. This option works if you set the indicator setting to "Separate templates by symbols?" to "Disabled" state"
  • Regularly make backups, this will save your work in case of unexpected troubles.
  • Sync templates after they are changed in each terminal. This way, you will always have up-to-date working templates in any of your terminals.
  • VR Template Switcher syncs templates between the same versions of MetaTrader terminals. It is possible to synchronize MetaTrader 4 with MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5 with MetaTrader 5. It is not possible to sync MetaTrader 4 with MetaTrader 5.
  • If you have something that does not work, carefully and thoughtfully read this description a few more times and be sure to watch the video.
  • Depending on the indicator settings, when deleting templates, templates can not only be deleted but also placed in the "Trash" folder. This folder is located in the directories of the MetaTrader terminal. The trash folder does not participate in syncing or creating backups. When using the "trash", you need to remember that this folder is cleared manually. The indicator will issue a warning if there are more than 1000 templates in the bucket.


General Settings
  • Separate templates by symbols? - When this setting is enabled, the indicator will display templates separately for each currency pair or financial instrument. If this setting is disabled, all currency pairs and financial instruments will have the same templates without separation. Also, if the setting is disabled, the algorithm for decrypting the name of the financial instrument by mask is enabled. Specify the name of the financial instrument in parentheses in the template name, and when opening the template, the VR Template Switcher indicator will open the chart of the specified financial instrument. Example: MyTrend(eurusd)
  • Symbol prefix (.m, _i,. x...) - setting for proper synchronization of templates between terminals. If the financial instrument has a prefix of the type .x, _i, .m, for example, EURUSD.x this prefix must be specified in the settings field.
  • Automatic template change - the setting specifies how often to automatically change the template if the trader has clicked the button in the indicator menu on the chart.
  • Sound - enables the sound of working with the indicator.
  • Use the trash instead of deleting files? - The setting includes the use of the trash, so when you delete the template file, it is not deleted immediately, but moved to a special folder "trash". If you deleted the template by mistake, you can return it manually from the Trash folder"
  • Keyboard controls - the setting enables the ability to change templates using the keyboard. The arrow buttons work.
  • Indicator prefix - the setting specifies a prefix for the indicator's graphical elements so that the indicator does not interact with the graphical elements of another indicator.
Position settings
  • Position on the chart - The position of the indicator control panel on the chart.
    • Top left.
    • Top center.
    • Top right.
    • Bottom left.
    • Bottom center.
    • Bottom right.
  • Position on the X-axis - offset of the indicator control panel on the x-axis.
  • Position on the X-axis - offset of the indicator control panel.
  • Buttons width - the setting sets the width of buttons.
  • Buttons height - the setting specifies the height of buttons.
  • Text size - the setting sets the size of the text on the buttons./li>
Color settings
  • Color scheme - the setting allows you to choose the color design of the indicator panel.
    • Custom color settings - this setting allows you to select colors manually.
    • Black - Preset colors for the black style.
    • Green - Preset colors for the green style.
    • Gray - Preset colors for the gray style.
    • Blue - Preset colors for the blue style.
  • Background color - manual color selection
  • Text color - select the color manually
  • Alert color - select the color manually



Version 20.070 - 2020.07.10
  • Code optimization.
  • Error correction using the mask pattern in the type name (EURUSD) [h1].


At the moment, there are no further development plans. You can suggest an idea or revision in the "Reviews and discussions" section.

>What's in the archive

  • For MetaTrader 4
    • VR-Template-Switcher-RU.ex4 - Russian version program file
    • VR-Template-Switcher-EN.ex4 - English version program file
  • For MetaTrader 5
    • VR-Template-Switcher-RU.ex5 - Russian version program file
    • VR-Template-Switcher-EN.ex5 - English version program file
  • Documents
    • VR-Template-Switcher-RU.pdf - user's manual in Russian
    • VR-Template-Switcher-EN.pdf - user's manual in English


Question: templates don't sync, what am I doing wrong?

Answer: The first thing you should do - check which terminals you are syncing. You can only sync MetaTrader 5 with MetaTrader 5, and MetaTrader 4 with MetaTrader 4. 

The second thing to check is which directories contain the VR Template Switcher indicator. the indicator should be located in the same named directories and under directories. The system path in the MetaTrader Terminal to the first indicator must be exactly the same as in the other terminal. 

The third thing to check is to make sure that the indicator settings have prefixes of financial instruments, if there are any in your terminal.

Question:Where can I find all the templates created when working with VR Template Switcher?

Answer: All templates are stored in the directories of the MetaTrader terminals relative to the MQL5 or MQL4 folder. The default path to the local working folder with templates in the MetaTrader terminal: 

  • For MetaTrader 4: \MQL4\Files\App Data Trading-Go\VR Template switcher MT4\
  • For MetaTrader 5: \MQL5\Files\App Data Trading-Go\VR Template switcher MT5\

>Reviews and discussions

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