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VR Pivot defining key levels


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The VR Pivot indicator is designed to calculate control points for which there is a high probability of a price reversal. The program determines the levels of U-turns according to the specified calculation formula. This formula and many other formulas were derived by professional traders of the XX century. Depending on the selected formula for calculating the control levels, the indicator can add several additional support and resistance levels. The calculation formulas use the following data from the previous period: the maximum price, the minimum price, the closing price and the opening price. Control points are also called reference points or reference levels.

An additional good indicator is the breakout of the control level, in most such cases, the price moves confidently to the next level. This is a good opportunity to use targeted price movement.

The levels calculated by the VR Pivot indicator can be used not only as support and resistance levels, but also as levels for setting pending orders, levels for setting Take Profits and Stop Losses.

Reversal indicator
Reversal indicator Reversal indicator Reversal indicator Reversal indicator


  • The indicator supports the calculation of several formulas:
    • Classic Pivot - the classic formula for pivot points
    • DeMark Pivot - DeMark formula
    • Woodie Pivot - Woodie Formula
    • Camarilla Pivot - Camarilla Formula
    • Fibonacci Pivot - Fibonacci Formula
  • The program is implemented as an indicator and can work together with your Expert Advisors and other indicators
  • It is possible to analyze historical data
  • The program is written in such a way that it displays information for the period set by the user and does not clutter the chart with historical data.
  • The indicator can calculate losses for any financial instruments (Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)
  • The trader can choose any time frames for the calculation
  • The indicator has a large number of settings that allows you to customize it in any style

Algorithm of operation

Formulas for calculating Pivot levels:

  • high – yesterday's high
  • low – yesterday's minimum
  • close – yesterday's closing price

Resistance R, Support S.

  • R1, R2, R3 – resistance levels
  • S1, S2, S3 – support levels

Classic formula (Classic pivot):

  • Pivot = (High + Low + Close) / 3, где
  • R1 = 2Pivot – Low;
  • S1 = 2Pivot – High;
  • R2 = Pivot + (R1 – S1);
  • S2 = Pivot – (R1 – S1);
  • R3 = High + 2 × (Pivot – Low);
  • S3 = Low – 2 × (High – Pivot), где:

DeMark's formula (DeMark pivot):

  • IF (Close < Open>Pivot = High + 2 × Low + Close,
  • IF (Close > Open), THEN Pivot = 2 × High + Low + Close,
  • IF (Close = Open), THEN Pivot = High + Low + 2 × Close.
  • S1 = Pivot / 2 – Low
  • R1 = Pivot / 2 + High

Woody formula (Woodie pivot):

  • Pivot = (High + Low + 2 × Close) / 4
  • R1 = 2 × Pivot − Low
  • R2 = Pivot + High − Low
  • S1 = 2 × Pivot − High
  • S2 = Pivot − High + Low

Формула Камарильи (Camarilla pivot):

  • R4 = (High − Low) × 1,1 / 2 + Close
  • R3 = (High − Low) × 1,1 / 4 + Close
  • R2 = (High − Low) × 1,1 / 6 + Close
  • R1 = (High − Low) × 1,1 / 12 + Close
  • S1 = Close − (High − Low) × 1,1 / 12
  • S2 = Close − (High − Low) × 1,1 / 6
  • S3 = Close − (High − Low) × 1,1 / 4
  • S4 = Close − (High − Low) × 1,1 / 2

Fibonacci formula (Fibonacci pivot):

  • Pivot = (high + low + close) / 3
  • R1 = Pivot + (.382 * (high – low ))
  • R2 = Pivot + (.618 * (high – low ))
  • R3 = Pivot + (1 * (high – low ))
  • S3 = Pivot – (1 * (high – low ))
  • S2 = Pivot – (0,618 * (high – low ))
  • S1 = Pivot – (.382 * (high – low ))


  • Use the indicator to calculate the control levels for the daily period, the longer the period the more accurate and stronger the control points.
  • Use the pivot levels in conjunction with your trading strategy, do not neglect the control points.
  • Analyze historical data using the VR Pivot indicator to help you understand the behavior of a financial instrument.
  • Take screenshots of the chart, this will help you understand the price movement at the end of the working day.
  • Avoid trading on the levels at the time of the release of important economic news.


  • Main settings
  • Type Pivot
    • Classic Pivot
    • DeMark Pivot
    • Woodie Pivot
    • Camarilla Pivot
    • Fibonacci Pivot
  • Length of lines
  • Show Price
  • Time Frame
  • Prefix
  • Color settings


To hide the update history


At the moment, there are no plans for improvement. You can make your suggestion in the comments below.

What's in the archive

For MetaTrader 4

  • VR-Pivot-RU.ex4 - program file in Russian
  • VR-Pivot-EN.ex4 - program file in English

For MetaTrader 5

  • VR-Pivot-RU.ex5 - program file in Russian
  • VR-Pivot-EN.ex5 - program file in English


Question: What is activation and why is it needed?

Answer: Activation is the right to install the program on one unique computer. When the Expert Advisor is loaded into the terminal, one activation per computer is debited. If you install the Expert Advisor on another computer, another activation will be debited. If you use up all activations, you will have to purchase the program. By default, 30 activations are given, you can install the Expert Advisor 30 times on a new computer.

Question: Is there any technical support?

Answer: Yes, there is technical support, you can write your questions directly to the author in the online chat or in the https://t.me/tradinggoen telegram group

Question: What is the yield of the program?

Answer: We do not guarantee profit or loss, the result depends on your skills and knowledge of the algorithms of the program. Trading in financial markets is a risky activity, you can not only make a profit, but also get losses.

Question: I found a site where the program is cheaper!

Answer: You can buy the original copy of the program only in the Mql5 market, all other offers are fraudulent.

Question: Can I get a demo version?

Answer: You can write to the author in the online chat, or in the telegram group https://t.me/tradinggoen

Question: Can I buy the program directly from the author?

Answer: No, you can only buy the program in the Mql5 market .

Question: Can I get a discount?

Answer: Discounts are not available to individual customers. Discounts are periodically arranged for all programs, you can add the program to your favorites and monitor the price changes.

Question: I didn't find the answer to my question, where can I ask it?

Answer: Write to the author in the online chat, to the telegram group https://t.me/tradinggoen

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