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VR Ticks - market pulse on the chart


The VR Ticks indicator is necessary when using trading strategies based on scalping and pipping in the MetaTrader terminal. VR Ticks displays the smallest price changes as a tick chart in the main chart window.  This information helps the trader determine the beginning of a new trend earlier. The tick chart is built for each change in the Ask, Bid, or Last price (the price of the last transaction), and the time for the chart is not taken into account. 

A tick chart is essentially a micrograph on the basis of which data a minute period is built. Trading strategies based on scalping or pips use tick charts in almost a hundred percent of cases. 

With the help of a tick chart, a trader can not only enter a trade accurately but also exit at the right time with a small profit. Trading on tick charts is attractive for traders that prefer a large number of transactions over a short period of time. Despite the fact that the transactions are not large, the probability of getting a small and stable profit is much higher than when trading on standard large periods of charts. 

Very often, the tick chart is compared with the pulse of the market.


  • Great efficiency when trading scalper strategies.
  • Stable and optimized indicator code that does not consume a lot of computer resources.
  • The tick chart can be displayed in the same window with the main chart.
  • You can configure the chart window only to monitor the tick chart.
  • The indicator is designed and identical for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced traders.
  • It can show data for any financial instrument (Forex, Metalls, CFD, Futures, Crypto).

Индикатор тиков

Индикатор тиков в графике Индикатор тиков в графике Индикатор тиков в графике

Algorithm of operation

The program code of the indicator builds a tick-by-tick chart in the MetaTrader window.  Depending on the indicator settings, the moments of chart growth can be colored in one color, and the moments of price fall in another. This approach helps the trader to clearly see the change in the current trend. 

The indicator monitors every movement of the price, and all, absolutely all, price movements are displayed on the chart. If there are no changes in the Ask or Bid price, the indicator builds a horizontal chart.


The indicator does not trade automatically, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


  • The indicator is best suited for detecting a change in trend. Use the indicator to find the best market entry and exit points.
  • Set up the indicator as it is convenient for you, you can display the tick chart separately in the window or overlay the ticks on top of the current chart, so you will see two charts at once at the same time.


Main versions of the program:

>>> ===== I ===== <<<
  • Count periods
>>> ===== II ===== <<<
  • Show  Ask tick
  • Show  Ask Label Shift
  • Color Ask tick Up
  • Color Ask tick Down
  • Width Ask tick
  • Style Ask tick
>>> ===== III ===== <<<
  • Show  Bid tick
  • Show  Bid Label Shift
  • Color Bid tick Up
  • Color Bid tick Down
  • Width Bid tick
  • Style Bid tick
>>> ===== IV ===== <<<
  • Show  Last tick
  • Show  Last Label Shift
  • Color Last tick Up
  • Color Last tick Down
  • Width Last tick
  • Style Last tick
>>> ===== V ===== <<<
  • Shift indicator bar
  • Shift indicator price
  • Text Size



Version 20.060 - 14.06.2020

Оптимизация кода под новый билд терминала

Update history - latest 5 versions

Version 20.057 - 27.05.2020

  • Code optimization
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.056 - 26.05.2020

  • Code optimization
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.041 - 27.04.2020

Code optimization

Version 20.040 - 26.04.2020

  • Indicator rewritten
  • The code is optimized
To hide the update history


At the moment, all plans for the indicator have been implemented. you can leave your proposal in the "Reviews and discussions" section.

What's in the archive

For MetaTrader 4

  • VR-Ticks-RU.ex4 - Russian version program file
  • VR-Ticks-EN.ex4 - English version program file

For MetaTrader 5

  • VR-Ticks-RU.ex5 - Russian version program file
  • VR-Ticks-EN.ex5 - English version program file


  • VR-Ticks-RU.pdf - user's manual in Russian
  • VR-Ticks-EN.pdf - user's manual in English


Question: what is a tick and what is it equal to?

Answer:Tick is the movement of price. One tick movement can be one or more points in size.

Question: is the tick volume important and how does the tick volume differ from the real volume?

Answer:Tick volume is the number of ticks per unit of time. the larger the tick volume is, the more deals are made. Every tick is actually a deal. And the real volume is the amount that deals were made for. A large tick volume indicates that there were a lot of deals at current prices, this may be an indicator of a strong level of resistance or support.

Reviews and discussions

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