VR Sync Charts - sync trend lines

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Published: 11.09.2019

Updated: 14.09.2020

Version: 20.091

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Size: 2Mb

VR Sync Charts - sync trend lines


VR Sync Charts is a program designed as an indicator for the MetaTrader trading terminal. The program solves the problem of synchronization of chart windows by drawing a trend line in one chart window. the program copies and synchronizes the line with another chart in the MetaTrader terminal. Syncing will occur regardless of which period is set in the other chart. In the picture below, you can see how the trader manages the trend line, and the program synchronizes the line in another chart.


  • Syncs any graphic objects
  • Synchronizes charts with different timeframes
  • Suitable for both novice and professional traders
  • There are only a handful of settings that help you to set up selective syncing
  • It works on any financial instruments (Forex, CFD, Crypto, Metalls, Futures)
  • Two versions have been implemented: for MetaTrader 4 and for MetaTrader 5
  • Easy to install and configure, the program is accompanied by text and video instructions

Syncing the trend line

Syncing objects Syncing objects Syncing objects Syncing objects Syncing objects Syncing objects Syncing objects Syncing objects

>Operation algorithm

The indicator scans the charts for new drawings and drawings of the trader, depending on the settings, the indicator synchronizes the graphic objects.

To disable the window from syncing, just click the ♋ button at the bottom right.


The indicator does not trade, does not show trading signals, and is designed to synchronize drawings made by traders.


Install the indicator in all chart windows, so you can change and sync objects from any chart.


  • Settings for syncing
    • The synchronization criteria - properties, which are used to synchronize graphic objects Sync all objects
    • Sync by the same color
    • Sync by the same style
    • Sync by the same thickness
    • Sync only selected objects
  • Objects prefix – Ignore objects names contain the specified characters Settings for new objects
    • Sync color - when creating a new object, it syncs and copies the color of the created object to all cloned objects.
    • Sync style - when creating a new object, it syncs and copies the style of the created object to all cloned objects.
    • Sync thickness - when creating a new object, it syncs and copies the thickness of the created object to all cloned objects.

The indicator is multi-window, so testing in the strategy tester is not possible.



Version 20.091 from 14.09.2020

  • Added a button to disable sync


At the moment all plans and proposals have been implemented You can suggest an idea or revision in the "Reviews and discussions" section.

>What's in the archive

For MetaTrader 4

  • VR-Sync-Chart-RU.ex4 - Russian version program file
  • VR-Sync-Chart-EN.ex4 - English version program file

For MetaTrader 5

  • VR-Sync-Chart-RU.ex5 - Russian version program file
  • VR-Sync-Chart-EN.ex5 - English version program file


  • VR-Sync-Chart-RU.pdf - user's manual in Russian
  • VR-Sync-Chart-EN.pdf - user's manual in English


Question: how do I install the indicator?

Answer:Open the MetaTrader terminal > File at The top left > Open data directory > MQL4 or Mql 5 Folder > Indicators Folder – copy the indicator to this folder and restart the terminal. The indicator will appear in the Navigator of the MetaTrader terminal.

>Reviews and discussions

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