VR Alert warned means armed

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Published: 22.12.2015

Updated: 09.07.2020

Version: 20.072

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VR Alert warned means armed


VR Alert indicator notifies the trader that the price has reached the specified level. You do not have to sit for hours and days waiting for the price to reach the desired value anymore. The indicator's operation is simple and clear to any user. It is enough to specify the levels on the chart and as soon as the price touches the level, a notification will be sent to the trader. The notification can be sent to a smartphone, email, or displayed in the terminal as a standard alert or as a flashing chart. You can not only set levels, but also you can limit the signals by time, as the indicator will send a notification if the price touches the level you specified. You can set levels at any angle, thus receiving signals when the price moves sharply for a short time. You can set levels using the indicator located in separate sub-windows of the chart. The indicator has a long history of updates and improvements.

It is important to note that the indicator version for MetaTrader 5 has more functionality than the MetaTrader 4 version. Due to the advanced architecture of The MetaTrader 5 terminal, the VR Alert indicator in MetaTrader 5 can control not only the price, but also any other indicators. You simply select the indicator, the values you are interested in, set the levels, and when the indicator reaches the specified level, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone or email. See how it works in the video below.

Alert Signal Indicator

Alert Signal Indicator Alert Signal Indicator Alert Signal Indicator Alert Signal Indicator Alert Signal Indicator Индикатор алертов Сигнал от индикаторов


  • Ability to track the breakout of trend levels, both horizontal and inclined
  • Works with the current updated price
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Levels are moved manually on the chart with the mouse
  • Flexible settings of parameters and colors, there are prepared skins
  • Any trading instruments and any trading periods
  • It is possible to limit the indicator signals by time

>Operation algorithm

The indicator has four notification systems in case the price or indicator reaches the set values:

  • Light notification - the terminal graph will change the background color
  • Sound notification-the terminal will play a short melody, attracting the attention of the trader
  • Smartphone notification-indicator send a Push message to the trader on the smartphone with the name of the trading instrument
  • E-Mail notification-indicator send an e-mail to the trader with the name of the indicator and the trading tool


The indicator does not trade automatically, so the yield depends on the knowledge and skills of the trader.


  1. Drag the indicator from the Market folder in the terminal Navigator to the chart.
  2. Set your indicators according to Your trading system.
  3. To set the breakout level up, click The up button; the breakout level down - Dw; and the time level - Tima button.
  4. After installing all the lines, you can choose the notification methods, sound-ringtone, blinking chart background, Push message, email to mailbox. 

Use the MetaTrader 5 terminal and the version of the VR Alert MT5 indicator You will be able to control not only the price but also any other indicators.


  • Program setting

    • Main settings
      • The interval between messages - sets the interval between notifications.
      • Number of messages - sets the number of notifications.
      • Show Text Price - sets the ability to see prices at levels.
      • Indicator prefix - a unique set of symbols that distinguishes the indicator from other indicators.
    • Interface settings
      • Position along the X-axis - sets the position of the indicator menu along the x-axis.
      • Position along the Y-axis - sets the position of the indicator menu along the y-axis.
      • Buttons width - sets the width of buttons.
      • Buttons height - sets the height of buttons.
      • Text size - sets the font size.
    • Color settings
      • Color scheme - sets the preset color design of the indicator.
      • Background color - sets the background color.
      • Border color - sets the button border color.
      • Text color - sets the text color.
      • Color warning - sets the warning color.
      • Lines color for resistance breakout - sets the level color for the signal when the price increases.
      • Lines color for support breakout - sets the level color for the signal when the price drops.
      • Line color for time alert - sets the line color for the time signal.



Version 20.072  2020.07.09

  • Code optimization.
  • Fixed bugs.


At the moment, there are no plans for further development.
You can suggest an idea or revision in the "Reviews and discussions" section.

>What's in the archive

For MetaTrader 4

  • VR-Alert-RU.ex4 - for MetaTrader 4 in Russian, does not require activation.
  • VR-Alert-EN.ex4 - for MetaTrader 4 in English, activation is not required.

For MetaTrader 5

  • VR-Alert-RU.ex5 - for MetaTrader 5 in Russian, does not require activation.
  • VR-Alert-EN.ex5 - for MetaTrader 5 in English, activation is not required.


  • VR-Alert-RU.pdf - Description and Manual in Russian
  • VR-Alert-EN.pdf - Description and Manual in English


Without question.

>Reviews and discussions

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