VR Atr Pro predicts the price of the price


VR Atr pro is an indicator of the average statistical price movement. The indicator actually shows the price strength, calculates by how many points the price moved in all directions in the past and predicts current-period price levels based on this statistical data.

The indicator principle is a bit like the battery on your phone. You know that the battery life on your phone is about 2 days. So, after charging the phone, you expect it to work for about 2 days. The same happens with the price: when a new period opens, the price batteru is charged to move for a certain number of points. The battery on your phone gets low after two days. Similarly, the price becomes weaker after a certain number of points.

The program shows two levels on the chart:

  • The upper level is the predicted level for the upward price movement
  • The lower level is the predicted level for the downward price movement


  • Easy to install
  • Easy-to-read values
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced traders
  • Works on any periods
  • Works with any financial instruments (Forex, CFD, BitCoin, Metals, CryptoCurrency)
  • Has no distracting elements: the indicator does what he is intended for - it shows potential price movement levels
  • Send push notifications, email messages and Alerts


For accurate results it is recommended to use the calculation period of 1 day.

The more periods are used for calculating the average potential price movement, the greater the probability that the price will reach the specified level, while the levels are close to the opening price of the period. As a result, the profit obtained can be minimal while keeping the risk low.

The less periods are used for calculating the average potential price movement, the larger will be the distance till the potential price movement levels, so levels will be far from the opening price of the current period. Such levels may provide higher profit, but risks will also be high.

For most accurate market entries, the indicator is recommended to be used together with your trading strategy.

It is recommended to choose the average number of periods and individually choose values as per the selected trading period and financial symbol.

Note that putting Take Profit and Stop Loss further than these levels might be appropriate.
If there is an uptrend on the chart, it is recommended that the stop loss be set below the lower level by 5-10% for buy orders, and the take profit below the upper level by 5-10%.
So, these levels may help to significantly reduce false triggering of stop loss and to increase the probability of hitting take profit.

price reversal after weakening

the price of the currency weakenedThe strength of the price has declinedeffectiveness of the indicatorpoints of the price turn after weakening

price points for a turnPrice and Attention Monitoringthe price of the currency reached a maximum and unfoldedA detailed example of the work of vr atr

vr atr pro show work

Main Settings

  • Type figure - type of objects shown on the chart:
    • Rectangle + Arrow price - transparent rectangles and price labels in the current period
    • Line + Arrow price - segments of horizontal lines and price labels in the current period
    • Arrow price - only price labels in the current period
  • Time frame - calculation period
  • Period calculation - number of period used for calculations
  • Show periods - number of period to be drawn in the chart
  • Magic prefix - identifier

History data display settings:

  • Figure style - line style for objects
  • Figure border - line width for objects
  • Up color - the color of objects forecasting growth
  • Dw color - the color of objects forecasting fall

Current data display settings:

  • Last figure style - line style for the current object
  • Last figure border - line width for the current object
  • Last up color - the color of objects forecasting growth
  • Last dw color - the color of objects forecasting fall

Notification settings:

  • Alert - show a window with the alert sound and a text
  • Push - send a push notification to a smartphone (your terminal must be properly configured to be able to receive pushes)
  • Mail - send an e-mail (your terminal must be properly configured to be able to receive emails)

Version 18.80 - 2018.08.21

Optimization : 
Fixed an issue with the indicator operation in the strategy tester.

Version 18.60 - 2018.06.25

The indicator has been revised from scratch. 
Unnecessary windows have been removed. 
Indicator operation speed has been increased.

Version 16.1 - 2016.01.22

Fixed spelling errors.

Version 15.111 - 2015.11.24

Fixed display when changing objects by X and Y axes

Version 15.110 - 2015.11.23

Indicator has been rewritten from scratched. Old bugs are fixed, design is improved, new functionality and color setup are added.

Version 15.70 - 2015.06.29

Some minor improvements at users' request!

Version 15.61 - 2015.06.04
Names of the buttons. Names of the buttons are well-arranged now. 
High 10 Days, Low 10 Days, 
ATR High Current, ATR Low Current, 
His ATR High, His ATR Low 

Objects are removed when removing the indicator.

Version 15.6 - 2015.06.01

Displaying stats on history. 
Forecast and result are now displayed for the last 10 days, while previously the readings were shown only for the current day.

Version 15.5 - 2015.04.30

The indicator display in the new builds. 
Operation of the button for enabling/disabling the indicator. 

The ability to import the indicator functions to Expert Advisors and indicators (see the description).

Version 15.3 - 2015.03.25

Deletion of objects during removal of the indicator.

Version 15.2 - 2015.02.05

A button for minimizing the indicator. 

Addition made based on users' request.

Version 14.12 - 2014.12.16

Fixed displaying of information with respect to new terminal builds.

Archive contains files:

VR-Atr Pro-RU.ex4 - Version for MetaTrade 4 in Russian
VR-Atr Pro-EN.ex4 - Version for MetaTrade 4 in English

VR-Atr Pro-RU.ex5 - Version for MetaTrade 5 in Russian
VR-Atr Pro-EN.ex5 - Version for MetaTrade 5 in English

VR-Atr Pro-RU.pdf - Description and instruction in Russian
VR-Atr Pro-EN.pdf - Description and instructions in English

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Main versions of the program:

The versions for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals are absolutely identical and have the same names.
VR-Atr Pro-RU - The Russian version of the program is available for free activation.
VR-Atr Pro-EN - The English version of the program is available for free activation.

Additional versions of the program:
VR Atr Pro - A paid version for the market can be bought through the terminal MetaTrader.
VR Atr Pro Lite - A light version for codobase, there is no basic functionality.

Before buying a paid version, you will get acquainted with the option of free receipt.

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